Tuesday, January 31

Sewing up a Storm

(Thank you Charmaine Zoe (dailymail.co.uk) who posted a pic of the northern Lights on Pinterest)

This past week was suppose to let us see an absolutely incredible display of the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, our part of the state saw cloud cover on the "best" nights to check them out so we settled for the spectacular pictures and videos we'd see on the news. . . and those that people who were lucky enough to see them in person posted on Pinterest. It's truly amazing at some of the things Mother Nature puts on display for us!!

Darci finished her version of our Block of the Month. She used a fat eighth bundle of her favorite designers (Kansas Troubles) newest fabric line Sandhill Plums. This quilt (compared to the one Lacey did out of green, cream & black) features 13 quilt blocks and a courthouse steps setting block. It also finishes to be about 80" x 80" but as Lacey showed in hers, this can easily be sized up to a queen with some extra blocks and borders.

Our block of the month program starts in March and all of the details can be found on our website under the "classes" page.

We've also had some requests for a revamp of our "Beginners Basic" table runner.

The runner above features the fabrics "Blueberry Crumb Cake" by Blackbird Designs of moda.

and this beginners basic features Urban Cowgirl fabric by Urban Chicks of Moda.

(This just so happens to the fabric we have LOVED sewing with the past week or so!!)

We had this beautiful border print arrive and have wondered what to do with it. We decided to give the ever popular 60 degree table runner a try with it and absolutely love it. This runner is perfect for fall as it's rich in gorgeous golds, rusts, browns and blacks, and even features a metallic-like brushing on the brown basket weaved border and some berries.

Just Can't Cut it by All Washed up was perfect for the Persia fabrics that arrived in the shop. This quilt (much more beautiful in person than in the photo) is quick and fun to sew up.

Back to Urban Cowgirl. Kind of a step out of the Kansas Troubles box but perfect fabric to make you smile!! This quilt is out of the 10-minute Quilt Block 2 book. This is a great quilt for anyone looking to try out a new quilting method with the dimensional blocks in the center of the quilt. And for an added effect you can simply fold the edges (gently) and stitch into place to give your center block a great curved look.

This big runner is out of the Quilt & More winter magazine and was designed by Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries. This is a great runner for people who have a nice wide, and long table. It would also look nice put at the foot of a bed!

Winter Bliss by This & That patterns.

Our busy binder has been busy embroidering. Isn't this little guy cute?

We have also been pluggin' away with our knitting skills-remember we made learning to knit a new years "resolution" . As you can see, one of us found the attempt a bit frustrating (hint...it wasn't Lacey) We have still kept at it, and yesterday Lacey finished her first scarf, Darci is close to getting her first one done so we'll be modeling show and tell next time :)

We'll leave you with this. . .

Friends are like Underpants. . .

Some crawl up your butt

Some snap under pressure

Some don't have the strength to hold you up

Some get a little twisted

Some support you

Some of your favorite

Some of them are cheap and just get bent out of shape

and some of them actually DO cover your butt when you need them too!!

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