Monday, February 13

Hello again! Boy its hard to believe how quickly a couple of weeks can get away from you.

You've probably been wondering what we've been up to and the answer seems to be that we've been up to a lot but don't feel like we have a lot to show for it. . .

We've continued to enjoy this fabulous **new** Minnesota winter!! It is so nice not having to scoop snow every day, let your car run for 30 minutes before leaving, and bundle up with clothing so just your eyes are showing.

We've also had a fun new shipment with the new spring edition of Quilts & More arrive. The magazine has some fun project ideas in it, including patterns to use up those scrappy strips we all "have" to keep in a fun basket. On a fun side note, depending upon where you live you may see a different magazine cover! Some of you will see, I believe the bag featured in the upper right hand corner of our cover as for the first time ever there was a tie for the cover shot!

In the last issue of the Quilts & More magazine there was a fun little purse, perfect for carrying only the essentials while out and about. The pattern is called Pocket Posy by Maggie Bonanomi.

We've also had a lot of fun with our Generation gals who meet the first Thursday of the month and are in the middle of their row quilt. . .

Susan brought us show and tell of a little 30s project she had been busy working on. She is currently working on her "Generations" quilt with 30s fabrics too. . .

Betty also brought along show and tell of her second completed row.

Sharon and her two completed rows of her quilt. Sharon has decided to add some sashing strips to separate her quilt rows.

Generations is a class that will be offered in the shop. Details can be found by visiting our website. This is the quilt that those gals above (and a few more) are busy working on. The original quilt, which was shown in a previous post, is inspired by Darci's grandmother Harriet who has claimed the first quilt Darci sewed up for class.

While the gals meet, they work on English paper piecing (hexagons). This we have seen on many other blogs and magazine must be the new wave people are jumping on.
Sharon, as well as a couple other gals, have had so much fun working on making and assembling the little hexagons and came back with some fun show and tell.

This is the project most of them are busy creating. There are so many options when it comes to finishing the little mat so we'll have to do more show and tell as the ladies get their projects (and quilts!) done!!

We've also been busy knitting. . .

Darci finished her first (and maybe only) knitted scarf. The color and yarn she loves, the curling not so much, however once it's blocked it might be better. She has decided she gave it an honest and good effort, but crocheting is much more her style and is working on a gorgeous scarf.

Lacey finished her first scarf as well, doing all knit stitches. The scarf turned out a lot smaller than she expected and would fit a toddler or tiny teenager than it does on her coat. She found it much easier to knit with "Bling-Bling" yarn more than it was to crochet.

Lacey also did some knitting and pearling on a little wash cloth and will journey on to mixing stitches before starting her sampler quilt. . .
We've also been finishing up projects we started on a long time ago. . .

Late Bloomers by Sandy Gervais is a quilt that was just in need of the borders and is now ready for quilting. One of the many quilts now in a stack waiting for quilting. We'd show you our lovely stack of pieced backings but that isn't real interesting for any of you!!

We also had so much interest in the large Ladyslipper pattern that we had done up a few years ago that Darci decided to shrink it down into a small mat form. For whatever reason, our state flower is quite popular among people and both of us gals hope someday to see one of these beauties in person!

We've also had some fun new arrivals!

Reunion by Sweetwater has come into the shop. We've started out with charm packs for now and will see how working with it goes as to whether or not we do a lot of yardage with it or wait for their up and coming stuff. . .either way this is filled with wonderful and cherry reds, yellows, greens, blues and whites and has the subtle gray to go with it.
We have also had some fun new fun wool felt colors in vibrant blues, greens, pinks (and yellows, orange & purple at home) come into the shop. If you are looking for some great bright colors for spring and summer projects these may be up your alley. And for those of you who don't have the luxury of making a quick trip into the shop is that we are currently setting up an Etsy shop to make buying something you see on here a bit easier. . .

We've also been busy attending basketball games. . .

'Tis the season before tournaments and a busy time of the year. We've had such a fantastic time watching every game the group of young men have played and have enjoyed seeing their progress as the games have gone by. This is a contributor, along with classes in the shop as to why our posts and new sample turn around rate have not been real great. That and maybe spending a little bit too much time dreaming of vacation destinations, crafting ideas, jewelry, decorating and eats on Pinterest. . .

Until next time,

~Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs and it's your choice to put your hands up, scream, and enjoy the ride.~


  1. So happy to see my favorite Auntie twice in one post. What fun you're all having!

  2. Seeing the hexagon pictures in this post are making me want to start working on a project with them, which I'm thinking a large quilt for a bed, so I may be up to buy more hexagons one of these days :)

  3. love to see your work, very encouraging

  4. Fun to read your blog and see what others are working on! LOVE the Late Bloomers quilt! Also glad to see you have Reunion by Sweetwater-I really like all their fabric lines!

  5. Your blog is always so much fun to read. Your projects always inspire me! Thanks for a chance to win a charm pack.