Thursday, April 19

Fish Tales

This is one of the newest little woolfelt patterns by Bareroots.
Quite a fitting little candle mat for us in the land of 10,000 lakes.  The little fish on the pattern is suppose to be a lake trout in appearance, but we chose to go a bit more generic as we don't have them in our local lakes!! 


This is one of our newest monthly woolfelt patterns that we debuted on our Woolie Wednesday group. 

Butterflies are Free

This new monthly wool mat, which was also shown for the first time at our Woolie Wednesday group, was inspired by a dear friend of ours who lives in South Dakota.  Mrs. Diane stopped in one fall afternoon to catch up with us and was wearing a sweatshirt with butterflies and swirls, and as you can see the photo we took of Darci and Diane with the inspirational sweatshirt has finally made its way from an idea to reality!!

Circle 5

Also one of Darci's newest wool creations, shown on Woolie Wednesday, is a large wool table runner.  If you like wool penny rugs, this runner is the perfect thing for you to check out as, as you can see, the runner is composed of what appears to be three sized pennies and has a star appliqued on top. 


This little table topper or wall hanging is easily put together with both large nine patches and small, on-point nine-patches.  We chose to do our sample out of Papillion fabric by moda's 3 sisters.  The sample above does a fabulous job utilizing the two charm packs called for and leaves you with very minimal scrap in the end!!  This is a Schnibbles pattern by Miss. Rosie's Quilt Co.


Well. . .this little guy hasn't exactly been named yet as it's hot off the sewing machine.  On Tuesday night both of us gals headed to the Flying Goose Quilt Guild to do a demo/talk on how to do scallop borders.  This is the newest scallop border quilt in our shop, which was sew up out of a 30's Playtime charm pack by moda's Chloe's Closet.  (We also have a couple more fun scallop table toppers out of some of the newest fabric to arrive in the shop, but you'll have to check back next time as they are currently at the Busy Binder's house being finished up!!) 

Cindy Lou Who

This has been one of the most popular projects we've had in the shop the past couple of weeks.  If you google Cindy Lou Who by Miss. Rosie you'll see that our sample is so totally different than the picture on the pattern.  We chose to pick three coordinating colors (black, red & cream) instead of using 3 charm packs so we'd have more of a drastic effect on our quilt top.  It is really much easier to piece than you may think when you first look at it as it's just snowballs and nine-patches!  Isn't it amazing how something with such simple blocks to piece can look so much more complicated!?!  This really was a joy to sew together and quilt and is a nice size for a table or wall.

Close-up of the birds and music blocks. . .if only a picture could do true justice to the fabric. . .


We'll start with the pattern by Mountainpeek Creations-this has been one of the more popular quilt patterns on the market as it is not only quick to sew together but is also nice for featuring nice focal pieces in large 8" blocks.  This fabric is a line by Benertex fabric and is called Nesting Place.  If you have ever wanted to sew something up in lovely pinks and brown, creams and tans this is a perfect piece to dabble with!

The Five Yard Quilt

This quilt is perfect for any fisherman or outdoors person in your family or circle of friends.  This is a very quick and easy lap size quilt to sew up for a nice gift to use for yourself and again is perfect for showing off a larger scale or busy focal scene.
Below is a series of pictures that were taken at our house last Saturday morning.  Our family was planning a trip into the cities but before we left we happened to notice the presence of two large birds on top of one of the machine sheds.  At first we thought they were turkeys, but after closer look (or more like as the bird shook it's feathers) we realized it was a pair of bald eagles!!!  They had found a perfect spot to try and dry off on top of our shed in the direct sunlight.
Sitting and taking in some rays on the top of our building.
It was so cool to stand in the yard and watch them fan their feathers out for a while before returning to the state they were sitting in in the picture above this one. 
We were curious as to how close we could get to the shop before they took off and it was much closer than I would have ever guessed we would have.  As you can see the lead bird is just starting to take off. . .

It was amazing to watch them take off and begin their flight circling close to the ground over the field before they eventually flew further up in the air and glided.  We see them often when we are at "grandma & grandpa" house along the MN River but have never remembered seeing them so close to our house before.  Truly amazing to see the size of grace of an eagle so close!

Well. . .I want to thank you for stopping back to visit our blog.  I know it's been a while since we've taken a few minutes to sit down and fill you in on the newest stuff we've got going on.  I also hope that with more practice I'll get the hang of this great new posting method we now have to use!!
 Next week we are taking our first bus trip from the shop in a couple of years up north and hope to have some wonderful pics to showcase our big day out.  As I talked to one of the shop owners yesterday I was shocked to hear the amount of snow they had on the ground Monday.  For anybody who is not from the state, and I know there are a few of you, our neck of the woods (southwestern part of Minnesota) had tornado warnings (thankfully not to the extend of poor Dallas/Fort Worth and Wichita) much, much needed rain (thank you, thank you, thank you, God!!) and strong wind, (which always makes for good hair days)!  And while northern Minnesota also got some rain, they also ended up with snow.  Yes-enough snow that it cut power in some places and closed school---in mid-April.  Crazy!

Also. . .today is "National Get to Know Your Customer Day" and while we've had the privilege to get to know many of you quite well from your stops in the shop there are many, many who we don't know all that well and who maybe don't know us very well either.   So, in spirit of the day we'll share a little bit about both of us with you!  And if the spirit so moves you, leave a comment answering one of two of your favorite questions we have to share with you!

Q: What is your favorite way to waste time at work without getting caught?
Darci: I never wast time at work (wink, wink)
Lacey:  Pinterest!!  I'll be adding a link so you can follow me soon :)

Q: If you had to be a flower for a day, what would you be?
Both:  Gerber Daisy

Q: If you were stranded on a dessert island, what two "must have" items would you take?
Darci: My i-Phone and Coke (regular, fully leaded cans of coke!)
Lacey: *Beezer (the dog) so we could play Frisbee to pass the time and a book for when the dog was tired of playing

Q: If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?
Darci: Patrick Dempsy  "Doctor McDreamy"  OR  Dermont Mulroney (from the Wedding Date and Griffin & Pheonix)
Lacey: Tim Tebow  OR Luke Bryan

Q: What is the first thing you do after waking up in the morning?
Darci: Pour myself a cold glass of coke
Lacey: See if the dog needs to go outside

Q: What is your favorite kind of cheese?
Darci: Sharp Cheddar
Lacey: String Cheese

Q: If you were a shoe what kind would you be?
Darci: A flip flop
Lacey: A flip flop or tennis shoe

Q: If you could perform in the Olympics, what would you do?
Darci: Ice-Skating 
Lacey: Snowboarding

and lastly,

Q: If you lived on Sesame Street who would you want as your neighbor?
Darci: Kermit the Frog--he makes people smile
Lacey: The Grouch--he'd stay cooped up in his garbage can

Love and Light until next time,