Thursday, August 23

Murphy's Laws

I found this last night while paging through an old quilting magazine while searching for the inspiration bug to hit to get me back into the quilting groove. 
Murphy's Laws of Quilting by Karen Buck
  1. No matter how much of a particular fabric you have for the quilt you want to make, you will always be a half a yard short.
  2. Even if you own 200 shades of blue thread you will never have the one that matches the project you are starting
  3. If you have a piece of fabric 10" wide and need five 2" wide strips you will cut one of those strips a half-inch too big and will wind up being one strip short
  4. The fabric you need more of to complete the quilt you started in No.1 will be discontinued
  5. You will always run out of bobbin thread 1" before the end of the last border
  6. The scissors and pincushions, even if you have multiples of each, are always on the other side of the room. . .and you won't realize this until you have sat down
  7. You will break your last sewing machine needle at midnight the night before your quilt is due to be shown at the quilt show or given as a gift
  8. The only beverage you will never spill on your project is water.
  9. After completely changing the color scheme and finishing your quilt in No.1 you will realize that the whole time you had just simply miscounted the number of squares and would have been fine the whole time
  10. The only spools of thread your toddler or grandchild will choose to play with as toys will be the expensive metallic thread, which will get wrapped around a car or truck or will be the water soluble thread, which will get dropped into the bathtub.
  11. When you measure twice, and cut once you will still be too short
  12. Your computer will crash just before you get the creation you spent two hours working on saved
  13. The one time you leave home without your camera or notebook you will spot the greatest designs in the carpet or floor tiles
  14. If a pin goes astray on the floor, you will step on it
  15. No matter what happens, despite numbers 1-14 we still just keep stitchin' along!
We are busy getting back in the saddle after our Duluth trip (got some fun pics!!) and got a shipment of new fabrics (BasicGrey goodness) to share with y'all early next week!!!
Happy Stitchin'

Thursday, August 16

Goodness golly but it seems like ages have passes since we've sat down to share shop and life happenings with any of you.  Haven't we changed a lot since the last time you last saw or heard from us?  Can you guess which one is Darci and which one is Lacey?  (we couldn't resist after seeing this funny picture of Pinterest the other evening)

Truthfully I'm sure many of you have given up hope of life here on this blog, and hopefully we'll change that now that the madness of the state shop hop is drawing to a close.  Having been out of the shop more than in it the month of June, we had a lot of catch up work to do in order to be ready.  Consequently the blog was put on the back burner, and for those of you who follow the Facebook page, at least the youngest member of the quilting family was able to keep you in the loop of what we've had going on.  Believe it or not, we actually groaned when the Mr. Brown would arrive by the door. . .but we got a lot done in our short time span and can't wait to start showing it off!! But anyways. what have we been up to?

We had a blast watching the Olympics--and we heard many of you did as well.  It was so nice to be able to sit down in the evening and watch something other than reality TV or sitcom reruns.  It was also quite hard to stay away from the Internet spoiler alerts which "ruined" the intense moments of watching the events happen. 

With the pressure of getting final touches done in the last few days leading up to the state shop hop we were able to find humor in "going for gold" in certain events here in the shop.  We are quite positive we would have swept the podium in the events of procrastination, pattern packing, kitting, binding, shop rearranging and batik bundling.

Our favorite events of the whole Olympics is swimming. . .hands down.  It is so amazing to watch the athletes from all over the world swim. . .wouldn't that be fun?!?  One of our favorites to watch was the heartthrob of Ryan Lochte.  Remember when we said the Olympic swim trial were taking place in Omaha when we were at the quilt show. . .well I can guarantee you that if you just knew how dang cute he was we may have tried to scope the place out for the **sure** chance we'd see him live and in person.  We are just sure he was winking and pointing at us after his gold medal . . .

"That's right ladies. . .this one's for you. . .you are number one in my book!"
(haha-yeah right)

We also (before the hop or the Olympics) took a trip to the Murry County Classic Draft Horse show in Slayton.  It was truly incredible!!  We all sat amazed by how in sync the horses were with each other, how evenly they pulled the cart, and how graceful, powerful and truly beautiful they are.  The team above was a team from Utah and had gorgeous Percheron horses.

All 12 of the six-horse hitch teams lined up in the arena.  What a site to see.
If you like horses and ever have the chance they are well worth going to see!!!

 "Quick Strip" by Pastthyme Patterns

Well. . .back to reality.  We have been quite blessed with visits from the many, many people from all over the country and state who came to visit us during this years' Minnesota State Shop Hop.  It's always an amazing few weeks and we LOVE meeting so many unique and fun individuals and seeing those familiar faces that come to visit once a year during the hop.

The last project sewn up for the hop is out of Darci's favorite moose print.  This is a quick (hence the name "Quick Strip") lap quilt to sew up and is a perfect quilt if you are looking for a more manly style quilt vacant of flowers!!

"Star of the North"

I apologize for the poorly photographed quilts above and below-I guess my picture edits didn't save for the blog post.  But in any light. . this was our main Quilt MN quilt done up using the small scale panels on the front of the quilt.  We also chose to make it reversible. . .
"Star of the North" (back side)

. . .this is the reverse side from the quilt above.  We chose to use the large panels on the back of the quilt and add some of the border strip to obtain the correct size. 
"Laughing Loonie"

This is one of the most popular state shop hop samples that was a really complete joke.
Our little loon panel was texture magic-ed to add some scrunched dimension in the water.
Then the loon was stuffed to make him pop out of the panel. We added some border fabric, and a sleeve in the back and waa-la.  Laughing Loonie.

"Checkerboard Twist"

This was our pattern that used our 9" quilt block pattern for the hop.  We chose to add some gingerbread men to give it a different twist.  Many people have commented on how fun it would be to play checkers on the topper!!
"Checkerboard Twist"

Same pattern as above. . .different colors. 
 Isn't it amazing just how much fabrics make or change the quilt?!

"Pattons Crossing"

This is a sneak peek of our holiday stuff. 

We have quilts done up out of the
"Blitzen" by BasicGrey
"Too Many Men" by Jackie Paton
"Merry Medley" by Sandy Gervais
sew, sew, sew much more new stuff!!!

The Change Your Mind Slipcover Bag by Oliver & S and the straight stitch society

If you haven't seen this bag it's something to certainly check out.
As any bag lover knows--changing out all of your essentials can be a pain, but not with this bag!
Simply make your main bag, and add a slipcover over the top out of your favorite fabric.

Then pick a contrast lining fabric that is different from the main bag to use for a reversible slipcover!!  You can change the outer shell of that bag to match your outfit, mood, or season without having to remove that essential stuff!! Plus the bag has great pocket locations!

Patterns are $9.00 and kits (fabrics like ours) are $41.99

Well we are off to finish the last few days of the hop before we our family flocks to Duluth for a quick family vacation to cap off our summer.
We'll be back in action (fingers crossed) late next week with more show and tell of the newest happenings her in the shop. . .and maybe some giant fish from Duluth :)

"The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt in the heart."  ~Helen Keller