Thursday, August 23

Murphy's Laws

I found this last night while paging through an old quilting magazine while searching for the inspiration bug to hit to get me back into the quilting groove. 
Murphy's Laws of Quilting by Karen Buck
  1. No matter how much of a particular fabric you have for the quilt you want to make, you will always be a half a yard short.
  2. Even if you own 200 shades of blue thread you will never have the one that matches the project you are starting
  3. If you have a piece of fabric 10" wide and need five 2" wide strips you will cut one of those strips a half-inch too big and will wind up being one strip short
  4. The fabric you need more of to complete the quilt you started in No.1 will be discontinued
  5. You will always run out of bobbin thread 1" before the end of the last border
  6. The scissors and pincushions, even if you have multiples of each, are always on the other side of the room. . .and you won't realize this until you have sat down
  7. You will break your last sewing machine needle at midnight the night before your quilt is due to be shown at the quilt show or given as a gift
  8. The only beverage you will never spill on your project is water.
  9. After completely changing the color scheme and finishing your quilt in No.1 you will realize that the whole time you had just simply miscounted the number of squares and would have been fine the whole time
  10. The only spools of thread your toddler or grandchild will choose to play with as toys will be the expensive metallic thread, which will get wrapped around a car or truck or will be the water soluble thread, which will get dropped into the bathtub.
  11. When you measure twice, and cut once you will still be too short
  12. Your computer will crash just before you get the creation you spent two hours working on saved
  13. The one time you leave home without your camera or notebook you will spot the greatest designs in the carpet or floor tiles
  14. If a pin goes astray on the floor, you will step on it
  15. No matter what happens, despite numbers 1-14 we still just keep stitchin' along!
We are busy getting back in the saddle after our Duluth trip (got some fun pics!!) and got a shipment of new fabrics (BasicGrey goodness) to share with y'all early next week!!!
Happy Stitchin'

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