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Holidazzle Gathering

Holidazzle Gathering

November 10, 2012

Regular shop hours: 10am – 3pm
(Serving: hot apple cider & cookies)

Candle-light hours: 5pm – 7pm
(Serving: wine & cheese)
*Choose a free cotton or wool felt wine coaster kit*
(while supplies last)

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$4.00 off selected fall fabrics
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For every $50 spent you’ll receive $10 in Pastthyme Bucks to be redeemed December 1 -21.
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Our holidazzle gathering will feature. . .

Quick Christmas Gift Giving Ideas

Looking to make holiday gifts that are quick and easy?! Let us help you!
Below you’ll find many quick, easy and cost friendly projects
that will be featured in the shop to help inspire holiday gift giving cheer

** Folded Coasters (demos every hour on the hour)

**Bloc-Loc ruler (demos every hour on the hour)

**Frame-Up Table Runner (quick holiday gift)

**Holiday mug rug collection (wool & wool felt project!)

*No-Sew Holiday Wreath (2012 Quilts & More feature project)

**3-Hour Gift Tote (2012 Quilts & More feature project)

**Store it in Style I-pad cover (2012 Quilts & More feature project)

**Microwaveable bowl holders (no more burnt fingers!)

**Seashell lap quilt (1 charm pack + yardage=quick lap quilt!)

**Chalkboard fabric wall-hanging quilt

. . .and more to come.
Check out our blog & Facebook page for photos which will be added
randomly leading up to the event!

Giving Drive

In the spirit of making the holidays bright for children we are asking that you bring in pillowcases and/or pairs of mittens into our shop which will be donated to family services in Chippewa and Kandiyohi counties. For every item you bring into the shop you will receive one ticket in our drawing for a $50.00 gift certificate.

Donations will be accepted until December 14, 2012.

Items may be bought or hand-made.
If you are looking for fun, free pillowcase patterns please check (

Receive an extra ticket for “giving drive” supplies bought at Shades of the Past


211 SE 1STAVE. PO BOX765


TELEPHONE: (320) 847-4040


Thursday, October 18

Pastthyme Travels

I noticed after sitting down today that October is already half over and the only thing that has changed on this blog has been the font color--Pink--in honor of October being breast cancer awareness month.  But today, we'll do better with a post...a LONG post.  So, before I begin I found a recipe that sounded quite delicious on a chilly, drizzly Minnesota day.  You may just want to whip up a cup and sip it while you read our most recent travels from Clara City to Rochester & Nebraska!
Pumpkin Spice Latte
found on the Tasty Kitchen from the Pioneer Woman Website

1/2 c. Milk (2%, whole, or skim)                                
1 Tbsp. Pumpkin Puree
1 tsp. Light brown sugar                                             
1/4 tsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice
2 tsp. Vanilla Extract                                                  
1/2 c. espresso or 1 c. brewed coffee
Sugar to taste                                                              
Whipped cream & nutmeg (optional garnish)
In the microwave-pour the milk, pumpkin puree, brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla into a microwave-safe bowl.  Cook for 1 minute 30 seconds, or until the milk starts to rise up and is frothy.  Pour into mug, add the coffee, garnish with whipped cream and nutmeg.  Enjoy :)
As some of you may have heard while in our quilt shop we planned ourselves into a busy late September and early to mid October with quilt shows and shop events.  We started by taking a girls week (after the fun we had last year) to Rochester...just Darci, Lacey & Phyllis.  When we returned we got ready for the Art Meander/Sample sale and concluded by taking a trip to Nebraska last weekend to cap it all off.  So naturally we've been a bit distracted from sitting down here to blog and our apologies for that absence. . .

Well, truthfully we've had more distractions from getting work done than just the shows and events we had coming up this fall.  We had the lovely distraction of the man we gave a clever nickname to. Anybody who came through our town this summer knows that we've been putting in a natural gas pipeline and have had various crews working on getting us all hooked up to be warm this winter.  When they came to hook us up, we enjoyed watching them dig the hole and what not to get the connections hooked up...
Darci was sooo distracted by the digger man that she cut the corner of her stitching off!!   With the group of ladies meeting to work on this particular project the following morning we could really do nothing more than laugh until we cried and dig out the heat-press batting. The moral of this whole story is that when you get side-tracked by something it is probably a good idea to set the rotary cutter down or make darn sure you collected everything out of its' path.  And if, you, like us don't follow that good rule of thumb above, remember that heat-press batting can "tape" anything together!!
But now, what you really came to see--what we have been doing this past month. . .
Part 1: Rochester, Minnesota
Our 2nd annual girls weekend 
We began our journey at the Rusty Truck which is a cool old barn that has been turned into a fabulous little stop along Highway 7 near Mayer, Minnesota.  (If you travel this road often, look for this "must stop" destination to be on your right hand side of the road-if you are headed into the cities-shortly after the first round-a-bout)  And truthfully, this was the second stop of our day, the first was an "estate" sale, which was pretty much just motorized scooters, wheel chairs and commodes---yea-we didn't think a picture was a necessity.. .but back to the Rusty Truck.
This hidden gem along the road is an occasional shop that is open the last Wednesday - Sunday of the month.  It is (in our opinion) well worth the trip to shop and look around.  There is so much to take in, from junk and antiques to re purposed pieces of art, clothing, and some cowgirl inspired items.  As Lacey says--it's sort of "pinteresty" and those who like Pinterest would surly love this!!
The displays were so cute and there was so much to see!!  Lacey loved the table above. . .
If you want to see more you can check out their Facebook page or website.
Our next stop was to Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee.
We have taken numerous bus trips out of our shop, and this is always one of our favorite stops.  We enjoy the shop owners and like the flavor of things we find.  While there, we were asked if we were planning to travel to the Chaska Quilt Show. . .and beings we weren't stuck into a tight schedule of events we decided to pay the show a visit.
Quilt shows are always a fun stop as they typically leave you inspired and ready to go home and create.  This was true yet again after we got back into the jeep to continue our trek south to Rochester.  We did find a few things that we of which was the uniqueness of rick-rack placement in this reproduction quilt, and the way the 30s fabrics were used in the quilt top.

These quilts, in which we don't have all the info to share more of, are the same!
If you look at the quilt of the right--you'll notice the patched block on point and if you look at the quilt on the left, the patched blocks are set straight on, and have applique around the patched blocks instead of the setting triangles.  We did find a lot more quilts we enjoyed (thanks Chaska quilters!) but the post is already going to be quite long, so we'll continue on. . .

We enjoyed beautiful fall colors the whole trip from home to the cities, and from the cities to Rochester.  We enjoyed the lush red vines on the side of this building in Cannon Falls.  We made a quick stop in Cannon Falls to check out main street.  Lacey headed over to the quilt shop (which she proceeded to get stuck in--those that know her won't be surprised to hear that she couldn't get the door open!!) and Darci & Phyllis headed to the antique store, and then picked up some delicious apple bars before we headed out of town.
We enjoyed a wonderful time in Rochester.  So much so, none of us remembered to dig out our cameras to take pictures of the Plummer House or Sisters of Assisi Heights.  We can tell you we enjoyed the views of both.  We even took in the Pine Needles Quilt Shop in Rochester, which was one of our favorite stops of the day.  We settled in for the evening, ready to head out of view more the following day.  We attended the final flea market of the season at the Olmstead County Fairgrounds where Phyllis & Darci found lots of sweet deals on must-have treasures.
While we getting in our car to leave, we found humor in seeing this cute little older gentleman in his flaming ford pickup.  Sometimes it doesn't take much to crack the three of us up
Part 2: Art Meander Weekend / Annual Sample Sale
The week leading up to the Meander was a bit of a stressful one for us.  We typically have more fun photos to show of us going through our collection of boxes in the back room from all of the things we've sewn over the past year, but by 7pm on Thursday night we really were just wanting to get it unpacked, marked, and head home.  We did, however still have fun reminiscing about the quilts we've done the past year, and of course at the stack of "must keep" quilts we hauled home.

We were glad to see some familiar faces on the Meander again this year and hope that those of you who ventured out and about in the cold windy weather (no samples outside this year!!) enjoyed your travels.  And those those who took quilts home--we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them :)
Part 3: Nebraska Road Trip
Our trip to Threads across Nebraska in Kearney
 Last weekend we headed to Kearney, Nebraska.
(Pronounced car-knee...not keer-nee like we were saying!)
Those follow us on the blog know that we really enjoyed our time spent in Omaha earlier this spring.  We were very excited about this trip, which was about two or so hours further west into Nebraska.  We left a day early to do some sight-seeing and while we didn't get much of that in we did have a lot of fun with what we saw. . .
Coming into Lincoln, NE stands this beautiful (much more so than in my sad drive-by photo) stadium home to Nebraska's beloved Huskers football team.  We were both absolutely AMAZED at how much pride and support that is behind the Husker sports teams.  It's nothing like anything we see around here and we chatted about that between us in the car and with people at the show.  It is awesome to see the support--absolutely awesome.  We don't see that extend of things here in Minnesota because of the variety of sporting teams we both in collegiate events & professional events.  But at any rate we enjoyed their pride and support for their Huskers and even learned that on game day, that place you see above holds so many people it's population becomes the size of the 3rd largest town in Nebraska!!
While in Lincoln we took in the International Quilt Study Center & Museum.  We had been told by many people during the state hop, and while we were in Omaha, that we needed to take it in.  And Wow!  Absolutely amazing.  If you are ever in Lincoln make sure you go check it out! The gallery was showing quilts done out of Indygo fabric.  As you can see the gorgeous indygo hue in the quilt above.
It is incredibly amazing to see the intricate patterns and quilting that those ladies did back in the 1800's.  Not that we don't do some of that now, but when you think about life for those gals then compared to our modern quilting technology today-it is really quite amazing.
Of course, we have LOTS more pictures but we'll share just a couple of more. . .
This particular one was done by a featured artist, who as you can see was very contemporary. What was so unique about her big focal quilt shown above is that this is drawn & painted and if you could zoom in like on our camera there are words and phrases written in every nook and cranny! It was truly quite amazing! 
The third part of the gallery was the "What's in a Name" section.  This was chuck full of quilts done back in the early 1800s to the early 1900s and contained family heirloom kind of quilts done in a range from quilts above to a quilt a little child had drawn.  What caught our attention was the quilt above. . .we have one very similar to this one here in our shop.  Only that ours in all pink instead of blue.  We now have the bug to do more research into the history and story of our quilt as the one above was a quilt to be used as a fundraiser.
The final stop, upstairs, was doll bed quilts.  There were two cases full of little tiny quilts done for doll beds like the one above.  Save those scraps ladies...and make some doll quilts!  Who knows, maybe someday in the year of 2100 your quilts will be featured in this particular place!

Our next visit was the Wuyka Cemetary in Lincoln.  This was an unexpected stop and I believe that we at this point probably have some of you creeped out by our side trip here.   So we'll make this brief.  We know a man here in town, a very fun individual, who tell us he and his wife always check the cemetery out in town as you can learn the history of the town by its' cemetery.  The one above is the only stone we'll show from a young 21 year old pilot who was friends with Charles Lindbergh.  His plane went down, and fittingly enough the stone is of a broken plane wing.
This cemetery was HUGE and so peaceful with lots of squirrels running around and beautiful trees and shrubs all over the place.  This particular statue, as you can see, was dedicated to all of the fallen Nebraska Firefighters.

Another very touching memorial sight was that of the Holocaust.
This was a giant 3D statue with black and white holographic looking photos all around it.  All around it was a rock garden type setting and to close to it stood the Memorial wall.

The Wall of Remembrance was a tribute to those who lost their lives in this tragic event in history.  The thing that took us both by surprise was the bottom phrase: If we took the time to have one minute of silence for every death victim of the Holocaust there would be silence for 11 years and 5 months.  We also left and headed to the Haystreet Market and picked up some delicious licorice before heading off to Kearney.

This beautiful bridge welcomed us into our destination of Kearney.
The picture does no justice to this beauty in person.  Kearney is considered to be almost the center bulls-eye of the United States. 

We decided to take a picture of our booth before we set everything up in it.  This is what we start with when we arrive to a show.  We haul along all of the draping and props that we think we will want to use in our booth to make it look more like home here in the shop.  After a couple hours of unpacking and arranging we wind up with something that looks like this

Our neighbor was Janet (and Lucy Lou) who were from the Rabbit's Liar in Arkansas!! 
We enjoyed getting to see Lucy Lou each day and getting to meet Janet.  If we are ever in
Rogers Arkansas in the future her store is certainly one we'd want to stop and visit.
As you can see Lucy Lou was a very photogenic dog--we never get to see those melt you heart eyes and long droopy ear dogs around our neck of the woods!

There were also a lot of beautiful quilts that were on display.  One of the articles that captured our attention upon driving in to unload was the Turkey quilt called "Bernet's Backyard".  This was an original design by Gwen Stengal who created this based upon a picture she took!  The thought into the quilting process and the applique/piecing process was unbelievable and nothing like we'd ever seen before!
Alpine Wonder was done by Esther Kleinkauf.  The coloration in her fabrics for the background and tree were perfect.  The shading really made this quilt.  And the neat part about the ornaments is that they were embroidered on her machine and then attached to the quilt and the snowflakes are those plastic snowflakes with a pearl in the center of them.  Very clever and different.

This was a block of the month wool quilt designed by Lisa Bongean.  It was fun to see all of the wool applique that was done on this quilt...very fun, but of course those that know us know we love wool!

And our last piece of show and tell (among the many more we have on our camera) is this block of the month quilt from a shop in Nebraska.  It wasn't the piecing so much we saw on the quilt that was like "oh my goodness" but it was the border.

It is a printed piece of fabric and quilted just perfectly!! It's amazing what quilting can do to a finished project. . .

On Saturday we packed up the booth, hopped into the car and made the 8 1/2 hour journey back home.  We loved our time in Nebraska and are so blessed to have met so many wonderful people!!
 Part 4: Back Home Show & Tell!!
probably what you have been so patiently waiting for

Two quilts, both done up out of Coquette by Chez Moi.

Quilt one is the scallop quilt which out of the Little Quilts 4 Little Kids by Heather Mulder-Peterson.  It is called "Cutie Pie" and features just the scallops on the top & bottom of the quilt.

The second is the one tied to the side that you saw before in a photo called Truffels which is in our Southwest Sector cookbook.  The quilt is a nice lap size or perfect for a crib quilt. It uses up one jelly roll, with very little left overs.

Sugar & Spice
by Farmhouse Threads

This is a fun little quilt that is perfect for using up scraps!!  It is very quick to put together and can be finished off with either wool (or cotton) gingerbread men in a cute little bowl.
Patterns are $9.00 and the kits are $21.99.

by Buttermilk Basin

This little mat is perfect for the season we are currently in--fall.  It's been a while since we've done a wool mat with pennies so this was a fun change.  Two things to look for in the near future. . .the same sample done up out with a cream background (yes-the one above was done by Phyllis while we were in Nebraska, and Darci just so happened to have the same pattern done up out of cream in her bag while in Nebraska.    The crazy thing, is that neither of them knew the other was stitching on the same sample. . .and they managed to grab the same exact piece of wool to use in the same exact spots in a few of the locations on their samples!!  Guess great minds really do think alike!)  The second thing to look for, if you like this one, is the rest of the seasons: Winter, Spring & Summer.

Candy Dish
by: This & That Patterns

This little project is perfect for a table topper.  We have just LOVED working with the Little Black Dress fabric line by BasicGrey of Moda.  (We finally have charms in as well.  They have been going quick so speak for one if you want or they'll be gone soon!) 
Patterns are $5.00 and the kits are $21.99.

Heartstrings Lap Quilt with Chenille.

Looking for a really quick quilt to make for a friend or yourself?  Simply grab some of the Heartstrings panel by Whimsicals, add a couple of borders and quilt with chenille.  Wash and Enjoy.  We are currently working on the new fabrics by Whimsicals called "Simply Imagine" which is a panel with a wonderful little saying and gorgeous colors!  Show and tell soon

Which Witch's Boot
by Crabapple Hill

Remember in our last post the sneak peek of this draped over our new antique trunk? Well this was the finished result.  If you google the pattern name you'll find we did some major changes to the finishing part of this pattern are very, very happy with the results.  We added prairie points around the embroidered motif and had a lot of fun coloring in the design with colored pencils.  Those that have seen this in person will agree I can't take a photo to do justice to this sample.
Patterns are $9.00

Country Days

This is one of Darci's new wool patterns that is a simple reminder of her love of our life in the country and her love of barns.

Patterns are $5.00 and kits are $12.99

Butterscotch Harvest
by Pastthyme Patterns

This is the spin off of our October block for Block of the Month.  We have been in love with that outer border piece of fabric ever since it came into the shop and finally found the perfect project for it.  The flowers that are appliqued on there come from one of the floral designs in the border.
The finished size is 38" x 38"

Patterns are $5.00 and the kit is $39.99

Cardinals in the Silence
by Pastthyme Patterns

This is a pattern that we revamped out of new fabrics.  The phrase "I will come to you in the Silence" is a lyric line out of one of Darci's favorite songs that is sung in our church.  This is a quick quilt top to sew up and features some minor applique for the cardinals and some embroidery.

Pattern: $5.00 and kits $21.99

Petite Crazy Pumpkin
by Pastthyme Patterns

We are still having so much fun with crazy quilt stitches on wool applique.  Watch for another group to start meeting in our shop real soon!  This little guy has been a hit since its debut at our wool group meeting and quilt show in Nebraska.

Pattern: $5.00 and kits $12.99
Our sneak peek into one of our fun finds in Kearney are these folded coasters.  We are in the planning stage of putting together a list of holiday items to make for quick gifts and having some sewing days in November/December.  These will more than likely be a fun little class.  Stay posted for details (and our finished samples) real soon. . .
Well I want to thank you for rolling through this long post until the very end.  We have had a lot of fun outside of our shop and have collected some fun ideas that we are currently sewing on.  We hope to have a fun stack of show and tell for you all in the next week or two, and promise a post that is shorter than this windy one!

Until next time. . .