Friday, November 23

Turkey Day

We hope that you all had a wonderful time celebrating all of the many things that we can and should be thankful for!!  We most certainly enjoyed our day with our family and of course enjoyed over-eating many delicious foods we only seem to make that one time a year.  One guy in our family was super excited for this day to come as he provided the turkey for the day!!  We decided that this can be his annual job as it was a hit at the table :)

While both of us gals ate at the island we talked about why we only make green bean casserole on Thanksgiving when it's something we really enjoy eating?  Or the homemade dressing?  Sweet Potato Casserole?  Pumpkin pie?  And then laughed at the end of the day when we saw the amount of left overs lining our fridge shelves and decided it must be because we will be eating it for the next week. Super.

 Such a good thing we stocked up on $5.00 Papa Murphy pizzas this black Friday morning!! (ha ha)

We really have not gotten a whole lot accomplished here in the shop this week.  Between getting ready for hosting guests and embracing the warm weather (yep-those who don't live here we enjoyed 70 degrees Wednesday (dug out shorts) and barely 25 degrees (dug out 5 layers of clothes, winter coats, hats & mittens) today. 

 As many of you could probably guess it was Darci who spent the time preparing the house for the guests while Lacey and Joe took to the river boat to fish with Grandpa as their guide--something that just the three of them got to do for the first time ever!!

Because of this, we really don't have a whole lot to show & tell about.  You are again sort of stuck with sneak peeks until we get our wheels rolling the right direction, but until that happens you can enjoy the peeks.
Sadie our faithful canine pal got into the decorating spirit last Sunday while both of us gals dug out our "must keep" collection of Christmas quilts and projects.  Let me tell you by the looks of things we really like our holiday stuff!  As I have been sitting here I've been thinking it might be kind of fun to do a "tour of home" (photo style) to show off projects some of you may have seen decorating our shop walls that are now decorating the home?  Make sure you check back in the next couple of weeks if it's something that interests you. . .


How many of you have ever done a four-patch posy quilt?  Lacey finally got brave and chose some fabrics to start one and we are loving the results we are getting.  It's amazing how many different blocks you can create using one piece of fabric!!  Check back next week for the finished top. . .

Darci was intrigued by the reverse applique quilts she saw at the Threads Across Nebraska quilt show and decided to dig her pattern out and make one for herself.  It's such a different thought process than we typically use for applique, but the project is turning out quite nicely.  We hope to have the finished one to share next week. . .

Holiday Mug Rugs

We were pleasantly surprised by how well you all seemed to like our falling leaves mug rug, and so in spirit of the season we decided to start some Christmas (or winter) ones with Christmas Trees on them.  We are hoping to continue to add some fun rugs as the season goes on.  If you are looking for quick gifts or quick projects these are great!!

This is the quilt from our sneak peek photo from last week's post.  Of course, the week has sort of gotten away from us like you have already read and it isn't bound quite yet.  But you at least can see that this is our newest baby/ little kid quilt.  There are SO many possibilities for this quilt that we both are so in love with!!

You can jazz it up by. . .

Adding a cute ruffle around the edge

Chenille-It in any color you like cuz almost anything goes!!
  We recommend yellow or brown or blue or pink

Add  some fun pink, or blue or whatever color your heart desires to the squares surrounding the alphabet squares

See those blank squares?!?  Grab a pigma pen or embroidery thread and add the kid's name, birthday, birth weight/length, etc.

...ooh but the possibilities are endless!!

Ugly Sweater Event

Everybody has those special sweaters stashed in their closets that at one point you may have found fashionable, but no longer do.  In the spirit of "Ugly Sweater Parties" this holiday season we are having our own little special little event with them!!  We will post details Monday--make sure you don't miss out on one of our events of the season!

Also.....we have decided to create a Pinterest Account for the shop.  For those of you who were followers of us on our separate accounts, as of today they are no longer running. 
We decided it was more fun & convienent to have everything located in one spot. 
SO...make sure if you are into Pinterest you choose to "follow us on Pinterest" and you can see all of our boards which range from things that make us laugh, quotes we like, projects we really like, pins of us!!,  things darci likes, things lacey likes, photography, quilting designs, books/movies to read & see, etc.
Remember you don't have join pinterest to look at our pins!

The link to our page is under our "visit website" photo!

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