Saturday, December 29

Shades of the Past Top 10 of 2012

Welcome to our last post of the year 2012. 
We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family and that Santa was good to you all.
We were certainly were blessed with good travels, health, and family to be with this year and enjoyed every minute of it!  It's hard to believe how quickly Christmas went by. . .


This morning on our way into town we tossed around the idea of doing a "first ever" Top 10 list of the things we loved from 2012.  After all, it's not all much longer before we start a new year!
We also talked about how absolutely gorgeous it was like outside today.
My pictures don't do justice to the beauty of the frost covered land that we enjoyed this morning.
Definitely one of mother natures "good ones"

Our lovely window boxes just look so much better touched by Old Man Frost and we have been lucky enough that this shaded one has looked spectacular most of the day!!!

"TOP 10" FOR THE YEAR 2012

We decided to have some fun reflecting back on what we did last year. . .that is after we got our computer fired up to look briefly over the blog pots from the past year and what we've posted on our facebook page.    We've compiled all of our fun finding, and laughs this morning into our very own "Top 10" list from this past year which appear in no order of importance.  Enjoy!

I always admire the word clouds people put together on the websites and thought it would be cool to try one.  This is just a small smattering of fabrics we worked with. . .while uploading pictures I found more, but this was a fun start.  With all of the ones to choose from we picked  (drum roll)

Woolies Flannel picked by Darci  (Maywood Studios)
Joy picked by Lacey (Moda)

Appearing in no particular order we would have to say that

Little Black Dress
Jackie Paton's Too Many Men
Any Kansas Troubles
Woolies Flannel

seemed to be four of the most favorite collections this year

Bloc-Loc Ruler...hands down...
if you don't have one and work with half-square triangles you should really think about getting one.


Valdani Hand-dyed Pearl Cotton

Snowy Garden Stitchery by Gail Pan was just one of our favorite embroidered additions into the shop. 

Also worth mentioning are the Angels by Wellington House  Snow Happens by Birdbrain Designs and Halloween Boot by Crabapple Hill

We were fortunate to have lots of fun travel adventures this year.  Many of you have read them as they were posted. . .and we could not pick just one so. . .nods to...

New Ulm, MN 
We truly enjoyed the quilt show and the fun gals in charge of it, getting to know our fabulous neighbors Sharon & Becky, meeting Karen McTavish and admiring the amazing bathroom

Kansas City, KS
We didn't necessarily vend this show but took in International Quilt Market.  We loved getting to see all the hot new items, shopping the crazy sample spree, meeting new friends in taxi rides and most importantly getting do our "Market Party" when we got home!!

Rochester, MN
Our first time at setting up at the state quilt show.  We loved the room we were in with the amazingly done quilts, going "out" to celebrate with some of our SW sector gals, meeting many new faces and braving an interesting storm that rolled through town. . .

Omaha, NE
We needed this show to break out of our rut and loved the wonderful quilts that were on display and the over-the-top members that made our stay memorable.  We enjoyed our interstate sights, learning more about our "Fargo" accent and the experience of switching rooms with Hotwire. . .

Kearney, NE
This was the longest trip we've done.  We enjoyed our travels to get to the show, especially our time spent in Lincoln.  We loved the enthusiasm and pride of all the Husker fans and meeting some fun new people, including our neighbor and her dog

**If you missed out on any of those trip and the details above interest you you'll have to look back in our archives.**

"A Little Child will Lead Us"

"Checkerboard Twist" was the winner of the "most popular" sample award.

We truly enjoyed the crazy couple of weeks during the hop and getting to meet soo many new faces from all around the state and country.  We are already gearing up for 2013!!

No we aren't going to go hog wild and crazy with them but we've had fun working more with them and look forward to working a couple groupings this winter/spring.

We are also planning to start a gathering that works with all those fun pre-cuts that Moda has out.  We'll work with jelly-rolls, candy, honey buns, layer cakes and charm packs.  We are thinking a once a month project...we'll show more details as we get a couple more samples done!!

We have truly had a blast this year getting to meet so many wonderful people!!  You all are the reason why we desire to find fun new fabrics and patterns to keep us all inspired and creative and hope that you'll stick with us as we venture into next year!
We hope that you all have a Safe and Happy New Years!
~Blessings to you all~
P.S.  You'll notice that there is tab on the top of the screen now that says "For Sale"  We've decided that instaed of posting cost information about the samples we show from now on we'll put it under "For Sale" instead.  If you happen to see something on the main part of the blog that interests you, you'll be able to see if there is kits/patterns/fabric for sale on that separate page. Anything posted on that page is for sale and can be shipped out to you or can be held for you to come pick up.

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