Monday, January 28

Finishing it all up

We decided to start our foggy week by taking care of business.
Both business of ours, and some for others.

Most days, when we get asked to do custom work the answer is "no" and comes with a referral to someone who can help out.
However, we on occasion have a weak moment and say "yes" and usually have fun working on whatever project we agree to.
We have talked today about how we may be more willing to say yes a bit more often as the projects were really quite fun.

The first of these finishing it up projects was a sweatshirt quilt.
The colors that the owner chose were a perfect fit and we can't wait to get it quilted and her called so she can make a delivery!!
The second of these projects was an embroidered baby quilt.
Some lucky little one will get to enjoy this beautifully done quilt.

We also found a new breath of fresh foggy air over the weekend.
As you could tell from the previous post, we are humans (even though sometimes we'd like to think we are like "wonder woman" who can do it all) and run out of gas before we get things done.

We also needed the break to hash over the border choice and to collect a few other opinions before sewing it on.

We are thrilled with the results!
So. . .now for the details on the program.

Darci's Quilt (left in picture) is 55" x 72"
Lacey's Quilt (right in picture) is 49" x 64"

We will start the program the second Friday & Saturday of March.  (Pick-up dates will reaming 2nd Fri/Sat of the month)

You will get 2 blocks each month, so the duration of block pick up will last six months.

You can choose either Darci's or Lacey's colorway.
Both are basics, which we are quite pleased about as none of our hands are tied with the fabrics!!

The start up fee is $20.00.
It will then be $2.00 each month.
The costs above include all of the fabrics for your quilt blocks, quilt block patterns, and both sets of finishing directions.

IF you do not come into the shop during the designated weekend it will cost you $5.00 to pick up your fabric & patterns.

*We are going to offer mail orders!! So if you live a distance from the shop you can still participate.

If you have questions or want to sign up you can contact us
Phone (320) 847-4040
E-mail (

Thanks again for following along on the block by block posts.  We really enjoyed it and are thrilled to see two totally different quilts using the same block patterns!!

We got in the new shipment of the Spring
Quilts & More magazine this afternoon.

Quick glance made us think happy thoughts on a gloomy day and hopefully now that we have our quilts about done we can start on some more non-BOM show & tell!!! time~

"It is impossible to live without failing at something,
unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all- in which case, you fail by default."  ~JK Rowling

Saturday, January 26

Block by block (Day??)

Well. . .what a journey this has been!
We have sat and marveled at just how much fabric has been fed thru our sewing machines these past couple of weeks. . .

You'll have to excuse the short, non-edited pictures you will find today.  It is now 7:15pm and we are ready to be done and go home even though we fell short of having all three quilt tops complete.

Forgive us.

We will show better (?) close up pictures on Monday along with giving you all of the pricing information.

"Live Simply"

This is the finished quilt as according to the pattern.
We have not quite decided if there will be borders or not. . .

It will also be quilted in sections, so if this is something you're interested in learning about and like the quilt it may be a good class to think about.

There is still detail work that needs to be done by hand, and of course it needs to be quilted.  So you won't have seen the last of this quilt yet!!

Monday will provide the details about cost, dates, etc. on this particular applique and pieced block of the month pattern.

Block of the Month Quilt #1: Darci

This baby is the reason we are just ready to go home.
We are loving the direction the quilt is taking, but just didn't realize how much piecing was involved with the setting blocks and sashing!!

Above is part of the quilt top...the last two rows are being sewn and added as this gets typed.  It will also have a border.

Monday you can see the finished results!!
Block of the Month Quilt #2: Lacey

Finished Size:
Approx 49" x 64"

This quilt changed so much upon it's finishing.  She has had an itch to work on a "wonky" quilt and when we didn't like our first plan of action for finishing. . .this fit the bill.

This was a different way to set quilt blocks.  The nice part is that if your blocks are not even (not that that ever happens!) you border them off and cut them all to be the same size and nobody will ever know!

It was also amazing how much adding the white changed the blocks and we are happy with the end result.

We again apologize. . .we really had high hopes of getting everything finished to show today and really give it our best effort but. . .you'll have to check back on Monday to learn the cost of the block of the month quilts and see Darci's finished up.

We hope you all have a great weekend!
~Over and Out~

Friday, January 25

Block by block...two days into one (Day 10 & 11)

Well. . .we almost had the streak perfect until life got in the way yesterday. With the day and age of smart phones we really have excuse, but still it happened.  But to account for our mishap we can tell you we were really busy yesterday.

We had our Crazy Wool gals in to work on another page in their book of stitches.  We always enjoy the company of the groups that gather here in the shop, and yesterday was a blast!

Lacey skipped out of the shop to head over to the VFW in Monte. (No it wasn't a rough day--she went to scope out some baseball men)  The Minnesota Twins winter caravan rolled through the area yesterday.  Typically we enjoy the meeting in Willmar but due to a basketball conflict it wasn't possible to attend.  If she would have known they were going to be whisked away without being able to sign any autographs or take pictures she would have moved closer than she was.. .

(From left to right: Liam Hendricks, Kyle Gibson, Aaron Hicks, Cory Provus the announcer, Rod Carew and Tony Oliva)

Meanwhile, we quickly tied up some loose ends when she returned so we could head out to Canby for a basketball game.

We enjoyed supper at P.K Eagens before the game.  Deep fried pickles were fabulous :)  It was a fun hour of reminiscing before heading to the gym.

I have to say that that was one of the more fun games we have been to.  The coaches really had the kids fired up with spirit and it carried over both on the floor in and in the stands.  It's fun when everyone cheers together...and we won.  Sports aren't always about winning that that was a big win against a great team!

Now we wait for next weeks schedule. . .

Above is a variation of the Churn Dash block.  Not sure about the "churn" part of the name but we've done a lot of "dashing" to various events this past week and are looking forward to the weekend!
Our block for today...two blocks in one day!
Block number eleven!!

We are super excited to share the finished quilt tops.
We for sure have Lacey's color version finished (not quilted and bound but we figure we were doing good all things considering) to share tomorrow and Darci is busy working on her sashing as we type this.  You'll also see the whole "Live Simply" laid out tomorrow.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and if you are in our neck of the woods-don't blow away!

~Until tomorrow~

"Live has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all, or everything happen at once."

Wednesday, January 23

Block by block...blowing in day number nine

Well it appears that we are headed back into the deep freeze for another night.  We are once again watching the wind whip the fluffy frost all around and are waiting the pending snow.  We liked the January we had before last Saturday. . .

I forgot to mention that among the joking about the road being closed last Saturday night and we'd have to sew up a storm here in the shop, (provided the power stayed on) almost happened.
As we got the the highway 7 we saw the cop parked across the roads with his lights flashing. 

He proceeded to give us a smart reply when asked if the road was closed due to things being white out or if there was an accident in the curves that we couldn't detour around.  We were informed travel wasn't advised and we shouldn't continue on our 13 mile trek home.

However he would "turn his head the other way" and let us go at our own risk so long as we knew nobody would come help if we got stuck. As we started out we snickered that the men we know wouldn't leave us hanging. AND we have been known to get really creative when we get stuck...not that it happens often.

Once we decided we had to get unstuck before someone saw us.  After thinking we were done we got a brainy idea of floor mats.
We unloaded the back floor mats in the car, stuck 'em under our rear tires and gave 'er nuts.  We blew through the snowbank, grabbed the mats and tossed them back inside.  This would have worked wonders, except for the fact the tread marks were still on the floor mats. . .lesson learned carry spare mats.  We laugh every winter in our house and deep down, we know "dad" was really impressed by our clever thinking!!  We also carry spare floor mats.
(This is a true story--and the floor mats will always be in the garage as a friendly reminder that you are never truly stuck)

 Long story short we took off towards home and were pleasantly surprised to find that after a white out for the first half-mile of our trip it was smooth sailing at 60 and we were able to see cross country like always. (Sorta wondered if the people we met questioned why we had our 4-ways flashing when clearly you could see just fine. . .)

Block Number Nine

Getting closer to unveiling the quilt tops!!
We are counting down the days...are you?

Second portion of the bottom half of our "Live Simply" quilt.
The white building will be a church.

We too are quite anxious to share the finished bottom half with you all and are excited to see the borders coming to life!

~Until Tomorrow~

"Don't give up just because of what someone said. Use that as motivation to push harder."

Tuesday, January 22

Block by block....quilting on day 8

Mr. Brown brought in another box of sunshine today!
Audra's Iris Garden
came into the shop today.

We are absolutely in love with the shades of red, brown, green, gold, cream & purple.

Our plans for this include a prayer shall lap quilt.  We can't wait to finish a block of the month project so we can begin sewing on the list of accumulating projects we are itching to get at!!

The bottom corner from the "Live Simply" quilt.

As I type this now, the whole bottom half has been joined together!  I cannot wait to share it tomorrow.  It is so much fun to see each piece bring the quilt to life.

There is a lot of finishing details, embroidery details, that too will really change the final look of the quilt.
Blocks 8.

We finally have our block sets complete and have begun to sash one of the quilt tops.  It's a good thing we started when we did as our original "Plan A" wasn't as fitting as we thought it would be.

For those of you who stopped in the shop and seen our plans for the green, brown & red quilt you will be totally surprised to see what the sashing ended up being. . .as it's not close to what you saw!!  (Hopefully the vision for the red, black & cream one works a bit better or we may not make our Saturday deadline!)

We just want to say Thank You to all you followers here and on Facebook who have followed our block by block journey.  The likes, comments, shares, and things you have said to us in person have really kept us moving along on both of the projects.  Your excitement has kept us excited about the finished results, and for that we thank you.  Means more than you know and we can't wait to share the finished results :)

~Until Tomorrow~

"Be so happy that when others look at you,
they become happy, too."

Monday, January 21

Block by Block...cold journey on (Day 7)

Welcome to the second half of block of the month preview!
I apologize for those of you who anxiously checked the blog this morning for updates. . .the morning slipped away from both of us and the afternoon busily breezed by.

Thank you to all who braved the arctic blast and came in today be it for the sale or to knit on our open knitting day.
It was great to see warm smiling faces come into the shop on such a cold January day!!

Yesterday we both took a mental health day. (If you have ever seen the movie Catch & Release you'll get that reference)  But basically we took a day to just sit in our comfy pants under a cozy blanket and do nothing for the majority of the day. 

We can count on a couple of fingers the number of days we do that in a year as we always feel the need to do something be it going to town, working around the house, cooking for the busy work week, etc.  But not yesterday!! And we didn't feel one bit guilty.

However, we did do some hand work. Lacey knit on an infinity scarf, Darci finished applique on a new project and we both did a bit of embroidery.  Neither of us could make the whole day without doing something. . .

We mostly Lacey also watched football. We thought it would be cool to see two brothers coach in the big game.  The men in the family. . .didn't share the same enthusiasm.  While we were close on numbers who wanted the 49-ers vs. falcons during the first game, we definitely were divided on the late game with the Ravens vs. Patriots. 

Now we have a family that loves poking fun of one another on days like yesterday when we share different viewpoints on who  should win. No matter what the sport is. We especially have fun with this at the local dirt races in the summer.  Typically this just involves Lacey and the men. . .and she loves it when she wins!  Us gals sat upstairs and cheered on the Ravens (one of us with a bit more gusto than the other) as they worked their way into the game.  On their go-ahead drive, Lacey ran upstairs and grabbed the black vuvuzela that she got for Christmas a few years ago. (One of those annoying horns they use during soccer. . .the picture is above) and let 'er rip each time the Ravens scored. Needless to say it got the men in the basement a bit fired up. . .but hey ya might as well enjoy the ride while it lasts because the shoe will be on the other foot all too soon.

As you can guess, we are (all) looking forward to watching the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks.  This year both for the game and for the commercials.  Can you imagine what it must be like for the parents of those two men?  How exciting!!

But anyway. . .onto some finished and preview show and tell!!

This is the new little project that Darci finished during the game.  The project was designed using one of moda's new candy packs and she chose to use the new Bella Fleur by French General.

We love scallop borders.  It's fun to work on something and see things that aren't finished with our typical mind set of straight edge borders. 

This project also was a great candidate for adding in some applique.  She chose to embroider a fun vine around the outer edge and applique down some wool flowers.  We are loving the finished results!  Those little candy packs have lots of possibilities!
Lacey of course didn't get something finished, rather agitated the basement dwellers with her victory horn.  But when she was being productive she got the vast majority of this new little embroidery pattern done.

Both of us gals worked on the satin stitch.  A stitch we don't like to and typically choose to use.  However, at the end of the night we both felt like our opinion of the stitch was different and we thought it added a lot to our project. 

You'll have to check back soon to see the finished project!!

These are our blocks for day seven.

We are thinking that it was a good thing we started on these a day or two before showing & telling as we've kind of hit a road block. 

We hope that the buzz in the shop this afternoon will help us make the final push to get them finished up tomorrow.  Sometimes leaving something set for a couple of days makes it hard to pick them up again.

We don't have a block preview on the "Live Simply" quilt today.
We'll do one again tomorrow.  The finishing details on the block portions we have to show will change the blocks. . .we hope it'll be worth the wait!

We got these little guys in the shop on Friday afternoon.
We even got to give them a try on Saturday and found that we really liked them and could see why our rep said they caused excitement at market. . .if you could get excited about having to rip a seam out this might be a reason why.

You simply pull the end off and use the seam ripper.  Once you've ripped the seam, put the end back on and using that little white honey comb portion swipe across the line to get ride of those pesky little threads that want to be a reminder that you had to rip.  It whisks them away without you having to pull them with your fingers.  They sell for $6.79 and are called Seam-Fix.

~Until Tomorrow~

"Be who you are and say what you feel. For those who mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind."

Saturday, January 19

Block by Block...(Day 6)

Welcome to our half-way post!

Well. . .we, or more like Lacey, loves spending time on Pinterest.  You know-that place we crazies inspiration seekers go to find new ideas for eating, sewing, knitting, decorating, diy-ing and organizing and pin them to drool over and never act on!

Us gals also enjoy finding inspiring quotes and funny ones.
This one struck our funny bone yesterday.
I cannot find the original pinner of this one but you can check our pinboard "Laughter is good medicine" for more details.

That little saying is so darn true...

Speaking of having not enough fabric we are anxious to get in a new shipment of fabric next week.  I am thinking that while I type this seeing beautiful shades of green, yellow, brown, red, purple and cream will be truly welcome and refreshing with the arctic temps we are suppose to have.  Look for Audra's Iris Garden!

Speaking of Arctic Temperatures. . .we are going to try a cool new sale for us Hardy Minnesotans.  Beings this is the first sub-zero blast of 2013 (and the first one we've had in a year or two) we are going to welcome it in with a sale.

On Monday (Jan. 21) we will start with $2.13 off regular priced fabrics.  (min. 1 yard cut)  We will listen to the early morning weather report and add on the savings based upon the temp.

(Example:  If the temp is -20 degrees the sale price of fabric will then be $2.33 off.)

We will post the official sale amount on both the Facebook page and here on the blog for Monday only.

If it's going to be cold, we might as well have a little fun with it!  So bundle up and come on out to stock up on some fabric to warm up your day.  

Well, as said on the top of the post, today marks Day 6.
We are half-way!!

It's been fun getting some feedback from you followers about the color way you are liking the most. . .

We are also back to just a little snippet of the "Live Simply" block.
But I decided to add in a partial sector of the quilt instead of just one block. . .and was even talented enough to drop the applique paper on the quilt when I took the picture!!  (Guess if you hadn't realized by now we aren't the most professional photographers!!)

Well. . .we are off to skate home in the blizzard-ish weather.
I guess if we can't make it home-we at least will be snowed in with our sewing machines and an ample supply of fabric & patterns so long as the power stays on!

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and that
those of you who can will brave the cold for some savings on

Friday, January 18

Block by Block (Day 5)

Blocks for day five.

We are anxious to figure out how we will sash these little quilt blocks!!  We are quite pleased to see that we will have two very different looking quilts using the same block patterns.

Well. . .I told you yesterday I thought we'd have to cheat a bit and show the top half of the quilt so you could visualize how this quilt was going to look based upon the blocks you've saw.

Here it is!  This is the top half (plus a few blocks you didn't preview)  It's been so much fun to see this quilt take shape as it's been sewn together.  It always looks better in person than it does on a pattern cover!!

Tomorrow makes half way!
Hip-hip hooray!

~Until next time~

Thursday, January 17

Block by Block (Day 4)

Welcome back for some more quilt block show and tell.

We apologize that there isn't much more to this post besides the two block of the month blocks for today...hopefully after this weekend we will have some finished photos of a couple projects we have been hauling around in our work bags the past few weeks!  It seems as if time has not been on many of our sides when it comes to finding some extra to use for working on and finishing up works in progress!!

Block number four of twelve

Three of the finished word blocks in the
"Live Simply" quilt.

We chose to use wool applique for our wording
but cotton could be used also!

We are getting anxious to show how the blocks you have saw the past few days all fit together. . .and the top half of the quilt is nearly complete.  We may have to "cheat" and show the top half before doing more block preview of the bottom part of the quilt!!

~Until tomorrow~

"Live is about using the whole box of crayons"

Wednesday, January 16

Block by Block...a daily dose of quilting (Day 3)

Typically, we spend a few minutes picking out music to jam to while we sew.  We listen to all sorts of stuff ranging from rock to country, christian to piano and other unique stuff in-between.

Today while we loaded up our music mixer we noticed this album, released yesterday.  It peaked our curiosity.  The album review said that these two gentlemen take popular songs, such as "Clocks" and arrange them in a classical song setting, mostly with pretty piano and cello.  Upon doing some research we learned that 2CELLOS is made up of two Croatian men named Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser.

Classical sounding music is typically not in our musical selections. However, we have spent the entire morning enjoying our new favorites by these guys.  If you like music, like piano/violin/cello or just want to try something new we suggest giving it a whirl.

Our favorites. . .Clocks, Candle in the Wind, We Found Love, Use Somebody, Every Breath You Take and Welcome to the Jungle.

Guess one never knows what flavor of music will move ya!

Day Three Show and Tell of the "Live Simply Quilt"
featuring two blue birds.


Our third set of blocks for our block of the month quilt.


We want to share a little tip with all of you today.
Those who are participating in our 2012 BOM program learned at our pick-up day last week that Marti Mitchell has a wonderful little corner trimmer tool that we love.  They sell for around $5.00 in our shop and are so worth the investment.

Here's why. . .
sometimes it's hard to know just exactly where that triangle is suppose to line up.  This little ruler trims your corners perfectly so that you have a straighter edge and can see where your quarter-inch seam allowance is going to fall.

You begin by cutting your triangles as directed in the pattern.
Before sewing, you line your ruler up along the edges and trim.

(Look to the far left corner of the triangle)
You'll see what it is you trim away.

(Look to the far right corner of the triangle)
You'll see what the corner looks like after you have done the trim.
You can also see the top has been slightly trimmed as well.

This eliminates having those "dog ears" floating off your unit and allows you to achieve better accuracy when you piece with triangles.

It also works for trimming up squares as well. . .which can really help with making more perfect square in a square blocks.

It is one of those tools that we both find hard to explain exactly how it works, but it does. Neither one of us would choose to sew triangle units without it. . .so long as we can keep track of our package!  It also worked wonders in doing the charm pack lone star quilt we have in our shop.

If you visit ( you may find more colored references for the corner trimmer.

~Until tomorrow~ 

"Let whatever you do today be enough."

Almost forgot!!
We have three bus trips planned this spring/summer.

Trip #1 is a one-day trip to Iowa
Trip #2 is to the Minnesota State Quilt Show in Duluth
Trip #3 is an over-night trip to Wisconsin.

Please Check the BUS TRIP tab on the top of the page to view all of the information!!

Tuesday, January 15

Block by Block. . .a quilting journey (Day 2)

How about that. . .two posts in two days!  I think this might be some kind of record for us. . .

Block 2

We smiled again today when we compared these blocks.
It truly shows just how differently blocks look based upon color choices.

We are so excited to see such a drastic difference in our blocks as we plan to offer two different sashing methods at the end of the block by block journey!

Our pieced & appliqued portion of the
"Live Simply" block of the month quilt

We are putting ads together with all of the finalized information in regards to THREE bus trips that we have planned starting in April and ending in July.  Make sure you check back tomorrow to see the new sets of blocks and bus trip information!

~Until Tomorrow~

"Always remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."

Monday, January 14

Block by Block...a daily dose of quilting

We have been searching for the "perfect" block of the month quilt for quite some time, tossing around various ideas of block choices, layouts and fabrics.  We decided that now that we are into January we need to kick 'er in gear and pick something as we were really beginning to the the 'PRO' in Procrastinate. 

After spending a night (or two) trying to iron out the details from quilts we liked, to layouts we thought were different, we finally settled on a project we both liked.  Saturday afternoon we both chose three fabrics that we thought we wanted to play with and decided to sew up a storm. . .

However, before we went great balls of fire on the new quilt we remembered that we have a group of gals interested in a block of the month/applique quilt.  The group is about ready to start something new, and we needed to start our sample.  

So Darci began the applique quilt, and Lacey the pieced quilt.

 We began to feel a bit confident after seeing our progress at the end of the day and decided to share our quilting journey with you all on a daily basis.  

With a deadline we can't continue to put the 'pro' in that procrastination word. . .right?

So starting today you will get to see our two quilts-block by block.
Make sure you check back each day to see the new groupings!

Block of the Month:  Quilt Block One
The two blocks above show the first block in our quilt.  As you can see we are offering the quilt in two colorways.

The one on the left shows fabrics from Primitive Gatherings and all blocks will be done in Black, Red and Cream.

The one on the right shows fabrics from BasicGrey's grunge fabrics and all blocks will be done in Green, Brown and Red.

It's always amazing to see how different the same block looks just by switching up the color of the fabric!!

Section one in the "Live Simply Quilt"

This quilt will have our Kansas Troubles feel to it and has both pieced blocks and applique.

If you like what you see and are wanting to join the group of gals who are anxious to start this quilt, you can note that they meet the first Thursday of each month at 1:30pm.

We will post the cost of both projects, dates/times, etc. at the very end of our block by block show and tell.
Our "great balls of fire" progress came to a sudden halt when we opened up a box Mr. Brown delivered today which suddenly looked more appealing than our BOM's did. . .

What a Noteworthy box of sunshine to open up on this chilly winter day!!

Until tomorrow. . . .
"Life should not be journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but to rather skid in sideways, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out screaming 'Whoo Hooo' What a Ride!"

Friday, January 11

Fresh & Fun

Happy New Year!!
It only took us eleven days to get with the program this new year and show you what we have been up to.  We thank each and every one of you for hanging with us the past few weeks as we know that there has been lack of effort in posting here and a few days of leaving work early due to some family events.  We hope for smooth sailings now for a while!!
Those who visited the blog hoping for a fun post last week were probably sad to see that we had a notice that we were closing early due to an out of town basketball game.  'Tis the season for barn burner games and we felt we needed to be there to cheer on our family.

Speaking of family. . .it seems as if the longer you spend time following or doing something (be it basketball, racing, quilting, knitting, scrapbooking etc.) the more people you get to know and see on a weekly basis.  And the more they become like little "seasonal" extensions of your family.  The Saturday before Christmas many people in our community traveled down to the U to cheer on the only player so far to have been recruited to play DivisionI basketball.  Seth was very well represented by our little town down at "The Barn" where although we were surrounded by Maroon & Gold we proudly sported Blue & Green and cheered loud when his name was called for the starting players and each time he scored. . .even if it meant he was on the opposing team. 
It was such a fun experience for all of us. . .it's always great to see good things happen to good people!

We have been having some fun working with some fun, fresh fabrics!

You can tell by the wall that we are ready for spring to come. . .and with the rain and warm weather today you'd think it was closer to April than January. . .

There are two samples I want to point out in this photo that are new arrivals in the shop

Little Miss Sun Shine is our newest pattern that features a saw-tooth kind of edge that uses two candy packs.  We chose to use one of our newly arrived favorites Noteworthy fabric by moda's Sweetwater.  This New Year's Eve project was a fun way to kick off a fresh start to a new year.

Traveling Tapestry is our newest hand-sewn project.  We used one candy pack (Tapestry by Fig Tree & Co.) for the project and 1" Hexagon paper pieces.  The whole hexagon idea is a big trend right now and these little guys are a great project to take with while you travel or stitch in the chair at night.  They require little fabric, little thought, and little space to do them.


This is our newest charm pack project that was a lot of fun to work on with it's fun fresh coloring.  We used one charm pack of Honey, Honey by Kate Spain for moda and chose the pattern from our favorite 3 Times the Charm book by Me & My Sister Designs.

This would be really cute sized up a tad so it could be used for a baby quilt!!

Everlasting Table Topper

This is one of our newest creations using the panel fabric from Sandy Gervais' latest fabrics called Everlastings.  There are soo many possibilities with the panel and you'll see what I am talking about below.  This little topper has been really popular this week in the shop and we are in love with the colors in the fabric and how the quilting really popped the flower designs out of the fabric.  This is a really quick little topper to do!!

Our work in progress lap quilt using that same panel you saw above.  If you simply re-cut the panel you can lay the squares out in sooooo many different ways to create beautiful designs.  We have our started as you see above and can't wait to get borders added to see just how much more it will change!  Make sure you check back to see the finished results soon.


We had our month wool gathering this past Wednesday and this was the newly designed project for those gals.  This is a larger sized table topper that although is filled with hearts, would work perfect for a year-round spot on a main dining table or end table spot.


This is another Vanilla Rosa designs quilt that takes about as long to cut as it does to piece together.  I apologize for the poor lighting in the picture...the quilt is much prettier in person!!  We chose to use darker colored batiks for our quilt and love the finished results!  This is a nice lap sized quilt that is fast and fun to assemble.


This is one of our favorite samples that has been done the past few weeks.  We are in love with the colors that the Metropolitan Fair charm pack provided for this project!!  This was a one-pack project that although looks quite pieced, was quick to assemble.  We loved the cotton batting effect on this particular project as after washing it obtains a crumpled/aged look that really fit what our minds saw in the finished project!

Woolies Flannel

We are anxious to start a new woolies flannel quilt that will feature the beautiful panels that are shown in the lower right hand corner.  The quilt we have in mind was absolutely stunning in person and we can't wait to get ours sewn up to share.  This fabric panel has many, many possibilities with it was well.  You really could quilt what you see there, instead of cutting it up like our plan.  You can do some fun beading or embroidery embellishments in the flowers. . .my oh my.  The coordinates are just as lovely.  These little guys are becoming a new favorite of ours!


This little guy is a 6" finished wool mat that was designed by Front Porch Quilts.  This is a great project to use up some of your smaller scraps on and it can also be easily sized up to be a 12" finished mat instead.

Sneek Peek: Ticklish

We dug out our quilting sunglasses and opened up Ticklish by Me & My Sister for moda.  It makes me smile when I read the name, and with colors like those you can't help but to when you see them or work with them.  These are a stretch for us, and those who visit us often know they don't fall in our typical color palate.  We are anxious to do some fun Chenille-It on this quilt. . .make sure you stop back to see how we finish it.

Lastly, we decided to do a re-arrange of the shop this week.  Move the Christmas/Winter stuff to back parts of the shop and start looking at fresh, non-holiday samples.  We have our white cupboard in the back part of the shop filled with reduced price holiday fabric, patterns, books, kits, panels, pre-cuts and more.  Stuff has been leaving fast as people begin to find ideas for next year so check it out before it's gone!


We are in the works of planning THREE bus trips this spring/summer!  We have been getting lots of interest on the details which we hope to have finalized shortly.  Until then if one of the trips below interest you make sure you watch for more information to be posted soon!!

Trip #1:  One-day trip into northern Iowa

Trip #2:  Two-day trip up to the MN State Quilt show in Duluth
(shop hop up there, stay over night, visit show, come home)

Trip #3:  Two-day trip to Primitive Gatherings in Menasha, WI
(shop hop out to Lisa, stay over, visit Primitive Gatherings, shop hop home)