Saturday, January 26

Block by block (Day??)

Well. . .what a journey this has been!
We have sat and marveled at just how much fabric has been fed thru our sewing machines these past couple of weeks. . .

You'll have to excuse the short, non-edited pictures you will find today.  It is now 7:15pm and we are ready to be done and go home even though we fell short of having all three quilt tops complete.

Forgive us.

We will show better (?) close up pictures on Monday along with giving you all of the pricing information.

"Live Simply"

This is the finished quilt as according to the pattern.
We have not quite decided if there will be borders or not. . .

It will also be quilted in sections, so if this is something you're interested in learning about and like the quilt it may be a good class to think about.

There is still detail work that needs to be done by hand, and of course it needs to be quilted.  So you won't have seen the last of this quilt yet!!

Monday will provide the details about cost, dates, etc. on this particular applique and pieced block of the month pattern.

Block of the Month Quilt #1: Darci

This baby is the reason we are just ready to go home.
We are loving the direction the quilt is taking, but just didn't realize how much piecing was involved with the setting blocks and sashing!!

Above is part of the quilt top...the last two rows are being sewn and added as this gets typed.  It will also have a border.

Monday you can see the finished results!!
Block of the Month Quilt #2: Lacey

Finished Size:
Approx 49" x 64"

This quilt changed so much upon it's finishing.  She has had an itch to work on a "wonky" quilt and when we didn't like our first plan of action for finishing. . .this fit the bill.

This was a different way to set quilt blocks.  The nice part is that if your blocks are not even (not that that ever happens!) you border them off and cut them all to be the same size and nobody will ever know!

It was also amazing how much adding the white changed the blocks and we are happy with the end result.

We again apologize. . .we really had high hopes of getting everything finished to show today and really give it our best effort but. . .you'll have to check back on Monday to learn the cost of the block of the month quilts and see Darci's finished up.

We hope you all have a great weekend!
~Over and Out~

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