Wednesday, January 16

Block by Block...a daily dose of quilting (Day 3)

Typically, we spend a few minutes picking out music to jam to while we sew.  We listen to all sorts of stuff ranging from rock to country, christian to piano and other unique stuff in-between.

Today while we loaded up our music mixer we noticed this album, released yesterday.  It peaked our curiosity.  The album review said that these two gentlemen take popular songs, such as "Clocks" and arrange them in a classical song setting, mostly with pretty piano and cello.  Upon doing some research we learned that 2CELLOS is made up of two Croatian men named Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser.

Classical sounding music is typically not in our musical selections. However, we have spent the entire morning enjoying our new favorites by these guys.  If you like music, like piano/violin/cello or just want to try something new we suggest giving it a whirl.

Our favorites. . .Clocks, Candle in the Wind, We Found Love, Use Somebody, Every Breath You Take and Welcome to the Jungle.

Guess one never knows what flavor of music will move ya!

Day Three Show and Tell of the "Live Simply Quilt"
featuring two blue birds.


Our third set of blocks for our block of the month quilt.


We want to share a little tip with all of you today.
Those who are participating in our 2012 BOM program learned at our pick-up day last week that Marti Mitchell has a wonderful little corner trimmer tool that we love.  They sell for around $5.00 in our shop and are so worth the investment.

Here's why. . .
sometimes it's hard to know just exactly where that triangle is suppose to line up.  This little ruler trims your corners perfectly so that you have a straighter edge and can see where your quarter-inch seam allowance is going to fall.

You begin by cutting your triangles as directed in the pattern.
Before sewing, you line your ruler up along the edges and trim.

(Look to the far left corner of the triangle)
You'll see what it is you trim away.

(Look to the far right corner of the triangle)
You'll see what the corner looks like after you have done the trim.
You can also see the top has been slightly trimmed as well.

This eliminates having those "dog ears" floating off your unit and allows you to achieve better accuracy when you piece with triangles.

It also works for trimming up squares as well. . .which can really help with making more perfect square in a square blocks.

It is one of those tools that we both find hard to explain exactly how it works, but it does. Neither one of us would choose to sew triangle units without it. . .so long as we can keep track of our package!  It also worked wonders in doing the charm pack lone star quilt we have in our shop.

If you visit ( you may find more colored references for the corner trimmer.

~Until tomorrow~ 

"Let whatever you do today be enough."

Almost forgot!!
We have three bus trips planned this spring/summer.

Trip #1 is a one-day trip to Iowa
Trip #2 is to the Minnesota State Quilt Show in Duluth
Trip #3 is an over-night trip to Wisconsin.

Please Check the BUS TRIP tab on the top of the page to view all of the information!!

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