Wednesday, January 23

Block by block...blowing in day number nine

Well it appears that we are headed back into the deep freeze for another night.  We are once again watching the wind whip the fluffy frost all around and are waiting the pending snow.  We liked the January we had before last Saturday. . .

I forgot to mention that among the joking about the road being closed last Saturday night and we'd have to sew up a storm here in the shop, (provided the power stayed on) almost happened.
As we got the the highway 7 we saw the cop parked across the roads with his lights flashing. 

He proceeded to give us a smart reply when asked if the road was closed due to things being white out or if there was an accident in the curves that we couldn't detour around.  We were informed travel wasn't advised and we shouldn't continue on our 13 mile trek home.

However he would "turn his head the other way" and let us go at our own risk so long as we knew nobody would come help if we got stuck. As we started out we snickered that the men we know wouldn't leave us hanging. AND we have been known to get really creative when we get stuck...not that it happens often.

Once we decided we had to get unstuck before someone saw us.  After thinking we were done we got a brainy idea of floor mats.
We unloaded the back floor mats in the car, stuck 'em under our rear tires and gave 'er nuts.  We blew through the snowbank, grabbed the mats and tossed them back inside.  This would have worked wonders, except for the fact the tread marks were still on the floor mats. . .lesson learned carry spare mats.  We laugh every winter in our house and deep down, we know "dad" was really impressed by our clever thinking!!  We also carry spare floor mats.
(This is a true story--and the floor mats will always be in the garage as a friendly reminder that you are never truly stuck)

 Long story short we took off towards home and were pleasantly surprised to find that after a white out for the first half-mile of our trip it was smooth sailing at 60 and we were able to see cross country like always. (Sorta wondered if the people we met questioned why we had our 4-ways flashing when clearly you could see just fine. . .)

Block Number Nine

Getting closer to unveiling the quilt tops!!
We are counting down the days...are you?

Second portion of the bottom half of our "Live Simply" quilt.
The white building will be a church.

We too are quite anxious to share the finished bottom half with you all and are excited to see the borders coming to life!

~Until Tomorrow~

"Don't give up just because of what someone said. Use that as motivation to push harder."

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  1. I love your story of getting stuck and needing to get out before you get 'caught' or have to admit defeat! That is something I would do! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!! Wasn't that weather funny Saturday? My sisters-in-law and I were shopping at the MOA, and everyone back home was calling us to tell us to come home and how bad it was around Sacred and Clara City. We didn't leave the cities until 6:30 and had smooth sailing as well until the first mile west of Olivia where there was no visibility, which my mom called to warn us about, and that was it. Cannot wait to see your finished projects!