Monday, January 21

Block by Block...cold journey on (Day 7)

Welcome to the second half of block of the month preview!
I apologize for those of you who anxiously checked the blog this morning for updates. . .the morning slipped away from both of us and the afternoon busily breezed by.

Thank you to all who braved the arctic blast and came in today be it for the sale or to knit on our open knitting day.
It was great to see warm smiling faces come into the shop on such a cold January day!!

Yesterday we both took a mental health day. (If you have ever seen the movie Catch & Release you'll get that reference)  But basically we took a day to just sit in our comfy pants under a cozy blanket and do nothing for the majority of the day. 

We can count on a couple of fingers the number of days we do that in a year as we always feel the need to do something be it going to town, working around the house, cooking for the busy work week, etc.  But not yesterday!! And we didn't feel one bit guilty.

However, we did do some hand work. Lacey knit on an infinity scarf, Darci finished applique on a new project and we both did a bit of embroidery.  Neither of us could make the whole day without doing something. . .

We mostly Lacey also watched football. We thought it would be cool to see two brothers coach in the big game.  The men in the family. . .didn't share the same enthusiasm.  While we were close on numbers who wanted the 49-ers vs. falcons during the first game, we definitely were divided on the late game with the Ravens vs. Patriots. 

Now we have a family that loves poking fun of one another on days like yesterday when we share different viewpoints on who  should win. No matter what the sport is. We especially have fun with this at the local dirt races in the summer.  Typically this just involves Lacey and the men. . .and she loves it when she wins!  Us gals sat upstairs and cheered on the Ravens (one of us with a bit more gusto than the other) as they worked their way into the game.  On their go-ahead drive, Lacey ran upstairs and grabbed the black vuvuzela that she got for Christmas a few years ago. (One of those annoying horns they use during soccer. . .the picture is above) and let 'er rip each time the Ravens scored. Needless to say it got the men in the basement a bit fired up. . .but hey ya might as well enjoy the ride while it lasts because the shoe will be on the other foot all too soon.

As you can guess, we are (all) looking forward to watching the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks.  This year both for the game and for the commercials.  Can you imagine what it must be like for the parents of those two men?  How exciting!!

But anyway. . .onto some finished and preview show and tell!!

This is the new little project that Darci finished during the game.  The project was designed using one of moda's new candy packs and she chose to use the new Bella Fleur by French General.

We love scallop borders.  It's fun to work on something and see things that aren't finished with our typical mind set of straight edge borders. 

This project also was a great candidate for adding in some applique.  She chose to embroider a fun vine around the outer edge and applique down some wool flowers.  We are loving the finished results!  Those little candy packs have lots of possibilities!
Lacey of course didn't get something finished, rather agitated the basement dwellers with her victory horn.  But when she was being productive she got the vast majority of this new little embroidery pattern done.

Both of us gals worked on the satin stitch.  A stitch we don't like to and typically choose to use.  However, at the end of the night we both felt like our opinion of the stitch was different and we thought it added a lot to our project. 

You'll have to check back soon to see the finished project!!

These are our blocks for day seven.

We are thinking that it was a good thing we started on these a day or two before showing & telling as we've kind of hit a road block. 

We hope that the buzz in the shop this afternoon will help us make the final push to get them finished up tomorrow.  Sometimes leaving something set for a couple of days makes it hard to pick them up again.

We don't have a block preview on the "Live Simply" quilt today.
We'll do one again tomorrow.  The finishing details on the block portions we have to show will change the blocks. . .we hope it'll be worth the wait!

We got these little guys in the shop on Friday afternoon.
We even got to give them a try on Saturday and found that we really liked them and could see why our rep said they caused excitement at market. . .if you could get excited about having to rip a seam out this might be a reason why.

You simply pull the end off and use the seam ripper.  Once you've ripped the seam, put the end back on and using that little white honey comb portion swipe across the line to get ride of those pesky little threads that want to be a reminder that you had to rip.  It whisks them away without you having to pull them with your fingers.  They sell for $6.79 and are called Seam-Fix.

~Until Tomorrow~

"Be who you are and say what you feel. For those who mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind."

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