Monday, January 28

Finishing it all up

We decided to start our foggy week by taking care of business.
Both business of ours, and some for others.

Most days, when we get asked to do custom work the answer is "no" and comes with a referral to someone who can help out.
However, we on occasion have a weak moment and say "yes" and usually have fun working on whatever project we agree to.
We have talked today about how we may be more willing to say yes a bit more often as the projects were really quite fun.

The first of these finishing it up projects was a sweatshirt quilt.
The colors that the owner chose were a perfect fit and we can't wait to get it quilted and her called so she can make a delivery!!
The second of these projects was an embroidered baby quilt.
Some lucky little one will get to enjoy this beautifully done quilt.

We also found a new breath of fresh foggy air over the weekend.
As you could tell from the previous post, we are humans (even though sometimes we'd like to think we are like "wonder woman" who can do it all) and run out of gas before we get things done.

We also needed the break to hash over the border choice and to collect a few other opinions before sewing it on.

We are thrilled with the results!
So. . .now for the details on the program.

Darci's Quilt (left in picture) is 55" x 72"
Lacey's Quilt (right in picture) is 49" x 64"

We will start the program the second Friday & Saturday of March.  (Pick-up dates will reaming 2nd Fri/Sat of the month)

You will get 2 blocks each month, so the duration of block pick up will last six months.

You can choose either Darci's or Lacey's colorway.
Both are basics, which we are quite pleased about as none of our hands are tied with the fabrics!!

The start up fee is $20.00.
It will then be $2.00 each month.
The costs above include all of the fabrics for your quilt blocks, quilt block patterns, and both sets of finishing directions.

IF you do not come into the shop during the designated weekend it will cost you $5.00 to pick up your fabric & patterns.

*We are going to offer mail orders!! So if you live a distance from the shop you can still participate.

If you have questions or want to sign up you can contact us
Phone (320) 847-4040
E-mail (

Thanks again for following along on the block by block posts.  We really enjoyed it and are thrilled to see two totally different quilts using the same block patterns!!

We got in the new shipment of the Spring
Quilts & More magazine this afternoon.

Quick glance made us think happy thoughts on a gloomy day and hopefully now that we have our quilts about done we can start on some more non-BOM show & tell!!! time~

"It is impossible to live without failing at something,
unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all- in which case, you fail by default."  ~JK Rowling

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