Friday, January 11

Fresh & Fun

Happy New Year!!
It only took us eleven days to get with the program this new year and show you what we have been up to.  We thank each and every one of you for hanging with us the past few weeks as we know that there has been lack of effort in posting here and a few days of leaving work early due to some family events.  We hope for smooth sailings now for a while!!
Those who visited the blog hoping for a fun post last week were probably sad to see that we had a notice that we were closing early due to an out of town basketball game.  'Tis the season for barn burner games and we felt we needed to be there to cheer on our family.

Speaking of family. . .it seems as if the longer you spend time following or doing something (be it basketball, racing, quilting, knitting, scrapbooking etc.) the more people you get to know and see on a weekly basis.  And the more they become like little "seasonal" extensions of your family.  The Saturday before Christmas many people in our community traveled down to the U to cheer on the only player so far to have been recruited to play DivisionI basketball.  Seth was very well represented by our little town down at "The Barn" where although we were surrounded by Maroon & Gold we proudly sported Blue & Green and cheered loud when his name was called for the starting players and each time he scored. . .even if it meant he was on the opposing team. 
It was such a fun experience for all of us. . .it's always great to see good things happen to good people!

We have been having some fun working with some fun, fresh fabrics!

You can tell by the wall that we are ready for spring to come. . .and with the rain and warm weather today you'd think it was closer to April than January. . .

There are two samples I want to point out in this photo that are new arrivals in the shop

Little Miss Sun Shine is our newest pattern that features a saw-tooth kind of edge that uses two candy packs.  We chose to use one of our newly arrived favorites Noteworthy fabric by moda's Sweetwater.  This New Year's Eve project was a fun way to kick off a fresh start to a new year.

Traveling Tapestry is our newest hand-sewn project.  We used one candy pack (Tapestry by Fig Tree & Co.) for the project and 1" Hexagon paper pieces.  The whole hexagon idea is a big trend right now and these little guys are a great project to take with while you travel or stitch in the chair at night.  They require little fabric, little thought, and little space to do them.


This is our newest charm pack project that was a lot of fun to work on with it's fun fresh coloring.  We used one charm pack of Honey, Honey by Kate Spain for moda and chose the pattern from our favorite 3 Times the Charm book by Me & My Sister Designs.

This would be really cute sized up a tad so it could be used for a baby quilt!!

Everlasting Table Topper

This is one of our newest creations using the panel fabric from Sandy Gervais' latest fabrics called Everlastings.  There are soo many possibilities with the panel and you'll see what I am talking about below.  This little topper has been really popular this week in the shop and we are in love with the colors in the fabric and how the quilting really popped the flower designs out of the fabric.  This is a really quick little topper to do!!

Our work in progress lap quilt using that same panel you saw above.  If you simply re-cut the panel you can lay the squares out in sooooo many different ways to create beautiful designs.  We have our started as you see above and can't wait to get borders added to see just how much more it will change!  Make sure you check back to see the finished results soon.


We had our month wool gathering this past Wednesday and this was the newly designed project for those gals.  This is a larger sized table topper that although is filled with hearts, would work perfect for a year-round spot on a main dining table or end table spot.


This is another Vanilla Rosa designs quilt that takes about as long to cut as it does to piece together.  I apologize for the poor lighting in the picture...the quilt is much prettier in person!!  We chose to use darker colored batiks for our quilt and love the finished results!  This is a nice lap sized quilt that is fast and fun to assemble.


This is one of our favorite samples that has been done the past few weeks.  We are in love with the colors that the Metropolitan Fair charm pack provided for this project!!  This was a one-pack project that although looks quite pieced, was quick to assemble.  We loved the cotton batting effect on this particular project as after washing it obtains a crumpled/aged look that really fit what our minds saw in the finished project!

Woolies Flannel

We are anxious to start a new woolies flannel quilt that will feature the beautiful panels that are shown in the lower right hand corner.  The quilt we have in mind was absolutely stunning in person and we can't wait to get ours sewn up to share.  This fabric panel has many, many possibilities with it was well.  You really could quilt what you see there, instead of cutting it up like our plan.  You can do some fun beading or embroidery embellishments in the flowers. . .my oh my.  The coordinates are just as lovely.  These little guys are becoming a new favorite of ours!


This little guy is a 6" finished wool mat that was designed by Front Porch Quilts.  This is a great project to use up some of your smaller scraps on and it can also be easily sized up to be a 12" finished mat instead.

Sneek Peek: Ticklish

We dug out our quilting sunglasses and opened up Ticklish by Me & My Sister for moda.  It makes me smile when I read the name, and with colors like those you can't help but to when you see them or work with them.  These are a stretch for us, and those who visit us often know they don't fall in our typical color palate.  We are anxious to do some fun Chenille-It on this quilt. . .make sure you stop back to see how we finish it.

Lastly, we decided to do a re-arrange of the shop this week.  Move the Christmas/Winter stuff to back parts of the shop and start looking at fresh, non-holiday samples.  We have our white cupboard in the back part of the shop filled with reduced price holiday fabric, patterns, books, kits, panels, pre-cuts and more.  Stuff has been leaving fast as people begin to find ideas for next year so check it out before it's gone!


We are in the works of planning THREE bus trips this spring/summer!  We have been getting lots of interest on the details which we hope to have finalized shortly.  Until then if one of the trips below interest you make sure you watch for more information to be posted soon!!

Trip #1:  One-day trip into northern Iowa

Trip #2:  Two-day trip up to the MN State Quilt show in Duluth
(shop hop up there, stay over night, visit show, come home)

Trip #3:  Two-day trip to Primitive Gatherings in Menasha, WI
(shop hop out to Lisa, stay over, visit Primitive Gatherings, shop hop home)

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