Monday, February 4

A little bit of show & tell

Well, we may not have a large quantity of things to show as far as new samples go but we decided we couldn't wait to show the one we have done, tell about the ones we have going on, and share what we've been up to and what just arrived!!


We had a blast looking at this quilt last week when we went into the freezer for what we hope was the last arctic plunge of the season.  The cold, snowy, winter Thursday got a bit warmer with this cute little kids quilt.

We made the quilt using two charm packs from Me & My Sister called Ticklish.  We started this and did show a sneak peek a while back but decided to make some changes and are glad we did!

We chose to put 5/8" Chenille-It around the outer edge instead of putting down a binding like we usually do.  This turned out to be such a fun effect on the quilt and we are thrilled with it's different feel and appearance.  It totally fits the quilt!

We were excited to see Mr. Brown pull into the lot today and are excited to put aside what we are working on to play with the new Kansas Troubles fabrics that, as you can see, are called Pheasant Hill.  She always does fabric we are excited about!

Speaking of fabric excitement. . .if you have not checked out our website you may want to.  We've added a "Coming Soon" page that is filled all of the fabrics that we ordered for this fall & holiday season with our rep last week.  We were hoping to have taken a picture of the large stack of swatches we look at with her, but didn't give it a thought until we were down to just one. . .maybe next time.
Those of you who know Lacey knows that she loves to fish.
She talked the last time she got home about how she should have taken a picture to share as the scene above is not the norm of the locations many of our followers are located at.

It is true, that the lakes really do freeze enough that you can drive your vehicle on them.  Set up a house and fish.
Some lakes have little "towns" of houses in them.
The one we choose to head to isn't quite like that, although this year there are far more houses than last.  Guess word gets out!

At any rate it's a good way to change up our quilting routine.

We also wanted to share our proud moment with the family dog.
Believe it or not, the feisty little dog gets to come fishing with us and manages to behave herself and not cause any trouble.

After catching a fish that we thought was too small to keep we put it back into the hole to swim away.  The dog loves watching the fish in the hole and so we egged her on a bit to stick her face close to it, thinking she'd jump when it made it's little splash.

She completely shocked us all when she stuck her face, up to her eyes in the water and pulled the fish back out!  It's not very often you render us all speechless, but that truly did!  She can truly add fishing to her resume and became a legend in our house.

Please note that she has a very soft bite on things and although it doesn't look real promising for the fish it wasn't hurt! After she so proudly showed us all her prized catch, it was released back into the hole, where it swam away a bit quicker than it had the first go round.

Aside from the fishing and Ticklish project we have been busy working on a new quilt using the Woolies Flannel fabric, a fun lap quilt out of the fresh Noteworthy fabric, and Darci is scratching an itch to create a quilt that is just pink, cream and brown!  Hopefully by the weekend we'll have some fun stuff to show for the week!

~Until Next Time~

An Optimist: someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster.
It's the cha-cha.   ~Robert Brault

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