Friday, February 1

Sale & Letter from Darci

"Here's the Thing" is my favorite page in the Mary Jane Farm Magazine - if you have never ready this magazine I highly recommend it!! It seems there is always something both Lacey and I can relate to in that final article of the magazine which is always on the last page. The Feb/March issue really hit home for me as Lacey read it to me, one of the lines in it asked this question "How did I get to this place to live my dream?" The answer listed the following things: faith, hope, luck, and guts. It took these four things when I decided to open Shades of the Past in 2002. At that time I had no idea what direction the business would take and I also had no idea what a road I would walk the next 10 years with Lacey. I wish everyone could have the experience I have had with her working by my side these past years!! It is now time for her to spread her wings and I cannot tell all of you how happy I am that she is going to be attending college in Watertown, SD beginning the end of August to finish her career path in the Physical Therapy Assistant program. Things are finally coming together for her and Watertown will be an excellent fit for her. As we waited for things to fall into place for her with finishing her education, it continued to be very apparent to me that Shades of the Past will not be the same without her. I also did not like the idea that I would not have weekends free to visit her or enjoy her when she comes home so I began to pray to God for the sign that he lead me in the direction I needed. There was a part-time job opening at St Joseph's Catholic Church in Montevideo so with much thought and prayer, I decided to once again take a leap of faith and pursue this. My thought was that if this is meant to be, it will be. Lacey and I had discussed this extensively and decided if I was offered the position, it would allow me to make sure this is right for me without closing our shop. I applied, interviewed, prayed, and was offered the position. I have taken the leap of faith and accepted the position. Because it is a part time position, I will be able to continue to design, sew, sell, etc. The shop WILL REMAIN OPEN as it always has. Lacey will be here Monday - Saturdays and I will be here Mondays, Friday afternoons, and Saturdays. Shop hours will remain the same as they always are - Monday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm and Saturday 10 - 3 pm. We have a new Block of the Month program beginning in March, we have a applique block program/quilting in sections beginning in March, we have bus trips planned for the spring and summer and a whole new page of spring/summer fabrics posted on our "Coming Soon" page of our website WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE - WE ARE STILL GOING STRONG!!!! I just want you all to know the truth about the changes at the shop and WE WILL BE STAYING OPEN AS WE ALWAYS HAVE before the rumor mill starts to churn!!
February is Women's Health/Heart month, so if you where red on Monday, February 4th, and come into the shop, you will receive 25% off your total purchase (excludes classes/bus trips and no punch cards on this sale day). We hope to see you!!
~Darci :)

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