Saturday, February 9

Stocking Up

We successfully made it through our first week of
the new changes here at the shop.  What a fast week!!

As we work today, we sit and look out the window and wonder when the "big snow" is going to start to fall. . .
We have had some fun with this particular cartoon on our Facebook page.  We got a good chuckle when we saw it.

I think the showing of hands would be mixed in the shop.
One of us (bet you can't guess which one) is not liking the idea of getting dumped on...she is ready for spring to be here in full force.

The other one of us, although isn't excited about the idea of shoveling likes and enjoys the snow.  (and thinks the thought of fresh "white" snow will look better than the "snirt" we have now!)
We have this tradition here in the shop of deciding to load the car up with projects and all of the "essentials" that we don't have in our home sewing location.

We will have to share a photo on Tuesday of what the car looked like packed up.  There are three main reasons we do this:

1.) When we do it rarely snows/storms like is predicted

2.) It would be a shame to waste a weekend without any projects to work on
(not that we don't both have personal stashes that call our names)

3.) Sewing or cleaning/cooking?  (what a silly question!)

So.  We have bagged up enough stuff to create. . .
a prayer shall quilt, mini-twister mat, new embroidery creation, new wool creation, lap size quilt, scalloped candy quilt, raw edge circle pillow, two wool candle wraps, Easter candle mat, spring wool wall hanging and new pincushion.'ll have to check back on Tuesday (because of course we are planning to be snowed in on Monday according to our weatherman)  to see just how much of that list we get done!


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