Monday, February 18

Under His Wings

We really enjoy feeding the birds at our house. . .not that we are always there to enjoy them!
As of lately they have really been hitting the food supply quite hard-and today we understand why!  It's too cold & windy to think about little birds trying to fly to a feeder to eat today.

Early every morning, and a bit later once the initial morning rush has ended if you look out our kitchen window you will find a big bird.  We have had the joy of watching the pheasant come to eat food from under the tree.  If you look closely you will see that the small song birds are not scared of his size and continue to eat right along with him.  It's amazing and so much fun to just stand and admire!

We have kind of went on a kick this week with birds. 
(Must be the inspiration found under and on our feeders!)

"Under His Wings"

This is an inspired wool design by those cute little song birds and a verse taken from the book of Psalms that we really like.

"He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge."  ~Psalm 91:4

This little guy is finished just in time for our wool group which due to Ash Wednesday will meet this Wednesday night.

If you are interested in this little guy you can come start stitchin' on him at one of our group times of 1:30pm- 4:30pm
and 5:30pm - 7:45pm Wednesday night.  Or come Wednesday we will have patterns and kits available for sale.

Important Notes. . .

Due to the poor travel conditions and numerous accidents in and around our area we have decided to acknowledge the President's Day sale this Friday as well.  Come in and pick a cherry that has a special savings on it--and hope the weather cooperates!!!

(We laughed yesterday wishing we would have had a camera to have taken a picture of the idiot who thought that it was "okay" to be out on a bicycle on a heavily traveled Highway 23 last night when the roads were not only icy, but drifting and we had drove upon three accidents. . .i guess it takes all kinds!!!!)

We are out the door to hopefully make it home before the conditions worsen and hope that anyone of you out and about make it to and from your destinations safely!!  We have been working on finishing up lots of projects so check back towards the end of the week to see what we've got, or stop in on Friday's sale to see them in person!!!

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