Tuesday, March 19


Another Monday come and gone and another one that was spent at home.  This is some sort of record for us here at the shop.  Old man winter definitely has not held much favor for our Monday group gatherings, and we hope that someday soon we'll see you all again!!
We made the most of our snow day by working on some new projects. . .of which were a bit more labor intensive than expected.  Ever have those projects??  Hopefully it won't take another snowstorm to get them completed to show and share!!
Last night a friend of ours, who is sick of winter, sent this little guy to us.  We got a good chuckle from it and hope you do as well. . .

So much for thinking March was coming in like a lion and leaving like a lamb....we are trying to be optimistic, but are leaning towards a lion both coming in, and going out!!

The lucky Irish lady in our family celebrated a milestone birthday on Sunday!!  One of the early risers got up and painted green shamrocks randomly along our driveway.  So before the fresh snow fell to cover the birthday art up we spent our day driving up and down Shamrock Lane.

We hope she had a wonderful day, as she truly is a wonderful lady and we wish her many, many more birthday celebrations to come!!

Our Busy Binder traded in her binding needles for an embroidery one and brought in a newly stitched sample.  Isn't this little guy too darn cute?  Hard to imagine that eventually the season of fall will be here, and probably sooner than we think, or care to think.
This pattern is a new one by one of our favorite's- Bird Brain.
I know March Madness is surrounded by basketball, for the most part, but here in the shop we are thinking more along the lines of baseball.  After all in just a couple of weeks the regular season will start here. . .hard to believe with all the cold & snow! Brrr...

But this quilt is a great one for any person in your life that likes, plays or enjoys the game of baseball.  The pattern we used is the ever popular "Yellow Brick Road" pattern by Terri Atkinson.

This pattern is a great one as it utilizes so much of the fabric cuts, shows off the prints well, is non-directional and is not only fast to cut out, but fast to assemble as well.  The quilt shown above is just a tad larger than her lap size given and measures in at around 60" x 75". . .perfect for a nice throw or for a single bed.

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