Tuesday, March 12

Hints of Spring

What a weekend!! 
We are happy to report that the flood that we had in front of our shop is taken care of (for now!!) and we actually do have a nice clean parking pad to show for it!  Anybody who drove by over the weekend would truly be amazed :)

Both of us gals have been busy creating...with more spring colors than the darker earth tones.  To say that we are ready for a weather change is quite an understatement.  I think we are both anxious to whip out those flip flops!  And now that basketball is over, one of us is counting the day until her summer evening events start. . .yes, spring must be near.
But until we have our quilting projects done to show, we'll share some new wool projects. . .


Darci's newest wool creation features some crazy quilted Easter eggs and a rabbit.  Perfect for spring and for Easter.  We have really had a lot of fun working on various crazy quilted projects in the shop. . .that is truly a perfect way to use up some of the smaller wool pieces that none of us can part with!

This mat fits quite nicely on the 'Penny Around' mat that was started last year, or can stand alone as shown quite just fine as well.


This is one of the monthly mats that Stacey at Buttermilk Basin designed.  It features some cute little chicks and sweet tulips.  This one stitches up quite quickly, and is perfect for spring!

Enchanted Pond Batiks

We have to admit that when we saw this order had shipped, we wondered what it was we ordered, and if we would still like it. . .

Needless to say, upon opening up the box we were both pleasantly surprised by what we found.  We just love the coloring that the bolts shown have.  The picture really doesn't do the yardage justice.  We are both eager to work a quilt with the stack and incorporate the lovely charms as well.  The sweet color tones and fun prints in the fabrics will be a treat to sew with!

We are still trying to put some final touches on a March Madness sale so stay posted for details.  Hopefully we'll have them all set around Friday. . .

~Until Next Time~

"Around here we don't look backwards very for very long. . .
we keep moving forward, opening up new doors, and doing new things because we are curious. . .and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."  ~Walt Disney 

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