Thursday, March 28

Thinking Spring

"Breath in inspiration and trust yourself
that the answer is yes you can!"

I saw that this morning on Pinterest and thought it was a fun thing to share with you all.  The whole month of March has been filled with boxes of inspiration that has shipped into the building.  We have had a lot of fun "oooing" and "aaahing" over the assortments and have spent a lot of time dreaming of projects to sew with them.

Much like you, we find that there is never enough time in the day to get near the stuff accomplished as we hope to.  I am afraid that even if we could add a few extra hours in it would never be enough!! 

But the second part to that little quote states to "trust yourself that the answer is yes you can"  We both have found a lot of joy in plowing down a different path with some pre-cuts and have been quite happy with how things turn out.  Every once in a while it's good to seek out inspiration in fabrics, food, or whatever your heart desires and trust yourself that things will work out just fine.  Sometimes that spark of inspiration creates a wonderful little masterpiece.

So below is some new "inspiration" that has arrived in the shop this week.  We are, like always, anxious to start sewing on something with the new stuff, but one sample at a time!

Glamping by MaryJane for Moda

Bit of a story behind this fabric collection.  The group that was in the shop on Monday got in our little story.  When this was ordered, one of us thought that it was a bit too far out for the shop and the other had visions of having lots of fun with the campers and funky prints.  Can you guess which persons were which??

Needless to say when the box was opened and the fabrics put in the goat cart. . .she who was thinking the other had fallen off her rocker had to agree that it was quite cute, and was more excited to sew with some than she wanted to admit.

This stuff is just plain 'ol fun.  We love the crazy camper print with the funny words and we love the colors and print that came for coordinates.  There are lots of possibilities with this little grouping and it will be fun to see where the sewing machine and designing ideas take us.

Mostly, we hear that people are just ready for spring and ready to take their campers out to use.  Although we don't go camping as a family we can agree that we are ready for spring.   And for those of you wondering about the "MaryJane" part of things you would be correct with your thinking about the MaryJane Farm Magazine.  She is the same lady :)

Dyed Flannels by Marcus Bros.

This stuff has caused quite a stir in the a good way!  We as well as everyone who has seen these fat quarters has been in true love with them.

No picture can do justice to these, they truly are something that can only be fully appreciated in person as they are quite soft to the touch and the coloring is amazing.

These fat quarters are flannel, yes, but look exactly like the pieces of hand dyed wools that we use all the time in our shop.  Both of us gals were totally amazed when the rep showed them to us and are incredibly excited to see the vast potential of these played out in the shop.

They would be amazing to use for wool projects as well as give you some stunning pieced projects as well.  Hopefully soon, (very soon) we can pull some out to play with ourselves!

Above is the box of solids...which of course have the hand-dyed color variations in them.

These are the textured pieces.  They too have wonderful coloring and look exactly like pieces of wool. 

The fat quarters sell for $3.50 a piece.

The rest of our new inspiration as far as samples go are currently sitting at the Busy Binder's house.  She had a nice little stack to bind away on this you'll have to pop back on here next week to see the finished show and tell!! 

We wish you all a very blessed Easter and hope that you all have safe travels to and from any get-together this weekend.

~Until Next Time~

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