Saturday, March 16

Weekend Winning

Thank Goodness It's The Weekend!!!

A couple of our family members, a man and his dog, had an interesting start to their Friday morning.  The house did as well as it was quite evident that something or somebody had made the skunk angry and good golly did it smell.

If you follow the blog you'll know that Lacey had a great experience with the very same dog and skunk last July one evening!!  She was a sport and went to the house and hunted for stuff to wash the dog so she could sleep inside.  Fortunately this time Lacey didn't have to deal it. . .the job was passed on to a new lucky winner. . .who won quite a prize.

That prize was that he thought his dog was spared from the lovely fragrance that skunks are known for. . .and that he put her in the truck while he went to eliminate the problem.  (You know where this is going don't you?!)  Yes, well upon hunting the stinker down and getting rid of it he opened up the door of his truck and was hit with the stench of skunk.  Yep-same dog got skunked again. . .obviously the memory had left her curious little head.

They road into town with the windows down until she could get a bath and be welcomed home once again tonight.  Just when you think you had a poor start to the morning, you always seem to learn that it could have been much worse!! haha

At any rate, we are hoping that old mister skunk is onto the fact that spring has sprung and winter is done.  We can only hope, right?

We sill are having winter and decided to work a little with the Snowman Gatherings candy packs.  (These are the kind of snowman we like to build with on days like today!!)  This little project used up two little candy packs and was very quickly and simply quilted on the machine.  This was a great project to work on for an afternoon as it goes quite quickly and was fun and easy to put together.
Days of Togetherness

We have had this lovely little panel in the shop for a while and were waiting for the perfect event and fabrics to speak to us. 

We finally found a winning combination!!  The panel features an inner border, composed of one candy pack (Kansas Troubles new Pheasant Hill) and a bit of coordinating yardage.

If you have weddings to attend this spring, summer, fall or winter or maybe an anniversary celebration, this is a very quick and fun project to piece together!!

Panels are $8.00, the candy pack is $4.00 and the coordinating yardage needed is about 3/4 yard for borders & binding. 

Oink a Doodle Moo by Jenn Ski

This was such a fun fabric shipment to open up the other day.  What perfect pieces to create a fun quilt for a special little kid.  (We think that it would make an adorable boys quilt!!)

Lots of colors in both the large farm/animal scene as well as the tractors print give you all sorts of options for adding in colors to play with.  We also think the large farm scene would be a perfect backing. . .and would make the quilt reversible!!

Our wheels are spinning and we can't wait to dig in to a little quilt using them

Well the winds of March blew in more pre-cuts. 
We really have gotten in quite a collection of new cuts, so if you are pre-cut lover we encourage you to stop in and check out the various array of new arrivals.

The latest to our collection include. . .

Lario charm packs & candy packs
(sweet new 3 sisters grouping)

boho by Urban Chicks charms
(fun and funky retro/mod grouping)

Paint Box Batiks charms & mini-jelly rolls by Laundry Basket
(beautiful grouping of wonderful batik prints)
And of course. . .the weekend wouldn't be complete without a little giveaway either.

This is the last giveaway of candy packs before we announce our fun little challenge that we will have in the shop.  Details will be posted next week. 

Winners will be announced on Monday afternoon.
To be eligible, simply answer the following question

"If you could be a candy bar. . .what kind would you be?"

Good Luck :)

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