Tuesday, April 9


Anchor's Ahoy!
For those of you wondering what we have been doing the past couple of weeks the answer is that we have been floating.
Floating in a sea of new samples and shop arrivals.
I should maybe be honest for a moment and say this would have been a more exciting thing to finish typing had I got it done yesterday like had been planned.  Today....well it's sort of starting to snow.  A sad sight considering we had pretty much gotten rid of all of that, and are now set to get dumped on with more.  There are lots of "wonderful" words that come to mind today as I watch the snow roll off the roof, so I guess thinking about summer and boating might end up being a good thing!!
This whole "floating" topic got brought up Sunday on the trip home from picking up product in the cities.  We happened to notice is the very nice boat along Highway 7 that is for sale.
You will have you use your own creative minds to imagine what this boat looks like as we didn't get a photo to share.  We can tell you that it may need a little TLC before it could make its maiden voyage as the USS Quiltica.
We decided that the sky could really be quite the limit for this new thought of ours.  We are quite sure that there would be many brave souls who would think that a day out on the water, quilting, with us gals would be quite the time.

We can just see it now, doesn't it look like we would have a grand time?!  Think of how relaxing this adventure could be soaking up some rays of sunshine while quilting in the beautiful surroundings of whatever body of water we choose to travel to.


Last week the body of water that happens to split the driveway into two halves decided to flood.  Luckily it only required a day of taking the alternative route.  This little part always keeps life interesting in the spring...would be sad to have any dull moments!
We slowed up to find the phone to take a picture of this rare sight.  It isn't very often that you come across a cop that will pull over semi's.  There are many who blow by the shop that we joking think need to be pulled over, but never see it happen.  Obviously, it didn't take a whole lot to intrigue us Sunday night!

While getting pulled over wouldn't have been real sweet, we have had a sweet time floating in new samples done up using those wonderful little 2 1/2" pre-cut Candy Packs by Moda!
Sweet Sixteen
by Pieced Tree Patterns

This was a very quick little table topper to create that used two candy packs of Pheasant Hill by Kansas Troubles.

We decided to make a minor change to the pattern as we thought trimming a tish off our candy squares wasn't necessary...therefore there was no cutting involved for this project, except for the setting triangles and binding strips!! 
Vintage Love
By: This & That Patterns

Our busy binder was busy embroidering this new arrival that is so sweet for spring.  We were also thrilled that the colors she chose for her embroidery wound up being a perfect match to the new Collections for a Cause- Mill Brook.

Therefore, the outer border of this cute little hanging comes from one Collections for a Cause- Mill Brook candy pack!

One Cute Chick
By: This & That Patterns

I believe that a long, long time ago you saw a sneak peek photo of this little guy.  We had high hopes of having him done by the time that Easter rolled around, but didn't quite make it.

Part of that came from the fact that when Lacey did the embroidery for this, she had a little goof...which required alternative finishing layout.  So for anyone familiar with this pattern you will notice there are a couple minor changes, which we now think are a good thing!!

We also decided to jazz this one up a bit more by coloring in the flowers, butterfly and chick.  We have really enjoyed using the Inktense watersoluble ink pencils by Derwent.  They provide great coloring on projects and really add a little extra pop to things.

Old Glory Gatherings
By: Primitive Gatherings

This cute little guy also was done up using two candy packs from    Old Glory Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings, and of course includes some signature wool applique by Lisa.

Speaking of Primitive Gatherings, there is still room for you to board our bus out to visit her quilt shop, and shops in seven other towns as well.  Our two day trip will leave on Friday July 12 and arrive back home Saturday July 13.  Overnight arrangements have been made in Appleton, WI.  Cost is $175 based on double occupancy.  Sign up deadline is June 12.

(Info or Questions:  (320) 847-4040 OR shadesofpastquilting

Goin' to leave you with a bit of a teaser!  This, as well as a huge stack of quilts and toppers was brought over to our very busy binder last night!  We are very, very anxious to show off the new stuff real soon!!

"It makes me happy to know that none of us get a how-to guide , we're all just kind of winging it."

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