Tuesday, April 23


Welcome to "Sprinter" in Minnesnowta
"Sprinter" you may ask....why?  Well the answer is simple.
It is suppose to be spring....but it looks more like winter.

I think I speak on behalf of most people when I say that I sure hope the last coating of snow yesterday will be it until winter. 

Although I love the peacefulness the fresh fallen snow provides each week this month I am ready to look outside and see lush green grass, and even think the idea of mowing lawn sounds much more appealing that shoveling heavy, sticky, slushy snow.

We both had some interesting moments and commutes the past few weeks, as did many of you who have come into the shop.  And although we have complained feel very blessed that our snow will melt quickly and provide much needed moisture.  Compared to what many people in other areas of the country have faced the past week or two snow is pretty minor. . .



We spent last Friday- Sunday in Mankato at the
Deep Valley Quilt Guild's quilt show. e both enjoyed our time spent in Mankato and loved seeing some familiar faces!!
If you had wondered what had happened to us the past week or two, that would be it.  We made a huge push to get a bunch of new stuff done in time for the show and a couple of other commitments we had going on last week.  It was a total team effort that wouldn't have been possible without the help from our fabulous "Busy Binder" who bound up around eight projects!!

Some of those that have already been photographed will be shown below. . .the other's will later on in the week!!

Boxwood Garden
by: Bonnie Sullivan of All Thru the Night patterns

As usual, the photo of this quilt doesnt' do it one bit of justice.

This quilt is all flannel...front and back.  And was quilted with a wool batting...which we love.  Provided a great drape for the quilt!!

Many people over the weekend thought we'd either painted on the flower motifs...or that they were appliqued on.  Although we'd love to take credit for all that extra work, the truth is they are a cheater panel that has been fussy cut!  Fun quilt pattern that had great finished results!!

We are currently out of kits and panel fabric.  IF you are interested in fabric or a kit please contact us.  We hope that we are still able to get more of the fabrics. . .

Paul Bunyan~ PB & J Style
by: Darci Schipnewski of Pastthyme Patterns

We just love using this pattern in our shop and seem to add little variations to it every time we sew the pattern. 

The fabrics are PB & J by BasicGrey of Moda and provided a much needed color burst during our winter days these weeks.   This quilt used up a whole charm pack and featured that wonderful orange focal piece of fabric.

This quilt is a very quick top to assemble, and requires little cutting.  It's a great one for a beginner, and fun for those who are just looking for a quick, easy change of pace.

Rooster Parade
Pattern is in the Home to Roost book by Whimsicals

This is the large panel picture found on the new Home to Roost panels by Whimsicals for Red Rooster fabrics.

This little pattern is featured in her Home to Roost book, which contains some really fun quilts, sewing caddy & pincushions.

We really like the border effect that this quilt has-a fun way to add an interesting twist on an outer border.

We have a couple more projects in the works with both the panel and a couple other "extras" found in her book that we are anxious to finish and share real soon!!

And for today we'll leave you with some Candy Slices.
Boy have we loved working with those new moda candies!!
This little guy uses up one candy pack and features some raw edge orange peel slices, which of course gave us a reason to dig out our Leaves Galore ruler!

~Until Next Time~


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