Friday, May 24

Greetings once again!
As I sit here this evening and type I am watching many campers go by my window.  With this weekend being Memorial weekend it seems like this is the "official" kick-off of summer, which doesn't seem possible!  We hope all you travelers have a safe and enjoyable weekend.
Last weekend our family took our annual trip to Target field to watch our beloved Twins play the Boston Red Sox.   We were fortunate to get tickets from a good friend of ours who happens to have his season tickets about 10 rows off the field!!

We were treated to watching the player come and warm up before the game started right in front of us.  AND for the sports nuts in our family, they were also treated to getting to see three of the Minnesota Wild (hockey team) players hit some softballs before the games' start. 
The four of us traveled around the field before the start of the game and took in the chance to maybe catch some home run balls from batting practice.  (And for the record-we were close to time we shall be successful!!)

We were thrilled to be sitting about 10 rows off of the field and happened to be right in front of the area where the home team came out to do some warm ups before the game started.  For those of you who don't follow, this still won't mean much, but the above player is Justin Morneau...our great first baseman.
As I mentioned, the players were super close to where we sat...and of course seen the sea of kids lined up with baseballs, and markers and of course had to make a trip over to say hello and sign some autographs. 

One of us "big girls" was thinking she wished she was that small to feel justified in anxiously running down to join that group of kids in hopes of getting a close up picture of Mr. Josh Willingham.  But no such luck, she just admired being that close from her seat. . .maybe next time  :D

Ho Ho come the holidays

It's May--who is ready for Santa to come??!!

We have had some good laughs with many of you the past few weeks that have saw our stack of holiday in the works projects.

Yes.  If we are being totally honest it has been harder than usual given that we just rid our snow a month ago...but now that we are working with this bright, cheery, beautiful stuff we have to admit that we are having a ball.
Aspen Frost
by BasicGrey of Moda

For those of you who know Lacey, you'll know this is some of her most favorite fabric for the year...just because it's cheery and fun!
 (That and the fact she may have a slight obsession with BasicGrey fabric...but those of you who know her already knew that!!!)

This is our "color pop" more trendy holiday stuff this year as it does feature a more bright color red and some fun greens and the pre-cuts have that fun aqua coloring as well. . . 

Lacey of course dived into the Aspen Frost project that we chose to create using a layer cake.  As you can see, we are just showing you a quick peek at what is in progress, and can tell you that if you are thinking these look like Christmas balls you are correct.

The quilt will be a nice lap size quilt, and she has thought it has not only been a fun one to work on, but has been surprised at how simple the assembly has been!

Look for the finished project real soon!!

On a more traditional colored grouping that we don't think says "Christmas" at all is some stuff by Buggy Barn.  This little assortment has gotten really good feedback from those of you who have saw it in person.  The tones of gold and red are wonderful.

We are eager to find the perfect project to showcase the prints above off...if only we just had more time!!
Beings the shot of the group above wasn't a real success, this is the top print that has a bad glare on it.  We love the music notes that are printed on here.  So cute.  It seems as if music driven fabrics are a bit of a "thing" as not only are they featured above, but also in a couple other holiday prints we have as well!!

Hopping off of our sleigh and back into spring. . .

by: Miss Rosie's Quilt Company

We have done this pattern a couple times and love the scallop edge...however we decided to change things up and go with the straight sides this time instead and love how it framed everything off.  This is a great charm pack pattern by Carrie Nelson that we chose to do up out of BoHo by Urban Chicks.

This is a great table topper or would make a funky wall quilt.  It would also be a fun retro baby quilt as well...

Grandma's Chocolate Squares

This is a super quick project to put together using up those fun candy packs.  We chose to use Double Chocolate by 3 sisters for our project and are absolutely in love with the colors of this.
It is a great sized project for a table...or would make a really pretty wall quilt.

With this being Memorial Day Weekend we wish you all a safe and happy weekend with family and friends.  We hope that you all take a moment to stop this weekend and remember all of those who have so bravely fought to protect our freedoms. 
We really truly do have a lot to be thankful for!

~Until Next Time~

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