Monday, May 6

Our fun with new flannels

 May Day! May Day!
We bring you this post to show you some hot off the press projects that we have been stitching up a storm to get done.
Some of you who have come into the shop have heard about our new little adventure into designing with this new wonderful hand-dyed flannel grouping that Marcus is introducing to the market.
For those of you, who like Lacey, are unable to always work with wool due to either dyes used in the dying process, or just the wool fibers themselves, this new hand-dyed flannel is perfect for you. It will allow you to duplicate the wool look without having to work with wool.
This stuff really stitches up nice, and truly looks like wool.
We are honored to have the opportunity to stitch up some samples for Marcus Brothers, which we will be sending off to them for quilt market in Portland, Oregon next weekend. (Those of you who have chatted in person with us know we are truly excited and very greatful to have this chance to do something like this!!)
But before we ship them off we thought we would give you a quick preview.  So below is preview number one.  We have another grouping being finished as we speak and will show them at the end of the week!!

In case you didn't know...we love to crazy quilt in the shop!
It's been so fun to take a simple, solid piece of fabric and shape it into you own little masterpiece by coloring with thread.  And of course we are spoiled in using the lovely Valdani thread while we stitch to get some great coloration.

This little project fits perfect on a 6" Ackfield table stand, but also has the potential to become part of a crazy quilt.  I'm not sure which direction the wind will take this, but for now it will stand alone.

Sunny Delight

This candle mat shows off some of the lovely textures in the flannels.  It was absolutley perfect for these fun summer/fall sunflowers.

Table Blessings

Those of you who frequent the shop have seen the pattern done in a few different color ways. . .and you will also notice that we did some changing on the shape of our original pattern.

This was the table prayer that we grew up with at home, and extended it over to adorn our table at home.  The fabrics shown above are a few pieces out of the collection by Judie Rothermel called Scarlet Evening.

If you like the idea/concept of this, make sure you check back at the end of the week as Lacey finishes up the catholic table prayer and uses the original, square shape for the sample out of the new Pam Buda collection.

Mary Go-Round

I wanted to do a different take on my original "Victorian Star" pattern using this great new flannel.  I wanted to show off the good coloration in the solid pieces.  (Isn't that green great?!)

This design idea came out of an evening spent at the St. Mary Catholic Church in Willmar, Minnesota one evening.  I really do assure you I enjoy attending a service over there as the message is usually inspiring and the man who plays piano is simply amazing!  But I did happen to notice the unique ceiling forms and kept thinking that they would make a great wool mat.

Above is my take on that celing tile...only mine is out of pretty colored flannel...and theirs out of grey concrete.  If you ever go to a mass over there you'll have to now check out the ceiling tiles and see what you think (haha)

Circle 5

This is a new take on a sample that I did not too long ago.
Truthfully I think this version out of the flannel is much more appealing than my original out of wool.  The big bonus in this is that the cost of working with this flannel is much less than the cost of working with the hand-dyed wools.  Therefore this kit will be a fraction of what it's current cost is! 

Although this size above doesn't look very big this projet would be a great one to set on a square table, joined together to form a circle around a circle table, or simply used a garland over a door way or mantle piece.  It's very adjustable as it's joined together by buttons.

Diamond Charm

Well. . .not everything that we've been working on revolves around Marcus Fabrics and the hand dyed flannels.

Lacey accomplished a pattern that usually gives her fits in our original creation of Diamon Charm.  She chose to use a PB & J charm pack and some coordinates for this fun table topper.

We have had this done for a while, and many of you who have come in the shop have seen it, but we decided it would be fun to share it on here.

The above quilt will be in our Southwest Sector cookbook which will be on sale during the Quilt Minnesota event in August.

The quilt above uses up the bundle of our (12) Tidepool Batik fat quarters by moda fabrics that you will recive for FREE after visiting all 10 participatin Southwest Section shops during the hop from August 2 - 18.

We also have a bus trip planned to visit all ten shops that will board and depart from St. Cloud, Willmar & from the shop here in Clara City.  For more information on that bus trip with dates/prices please visit the Quilt Minnesota website ( or our shop website ( for more details.  OR you can always give us a call (320-847-4040) or email ( to obtain more details.

~More later~

P.S.  More later may mean pictures of the new holiday pre-cuts that shipped out to us last week.  We've had SUCH a heat wave this "spring" that we are quite sure everyone is ready to cool down and work with snowflakes, and mittens....right?!?!

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