Saturday, August 31

Simply Imagine

A long time coming, but we finally have some fun stuff to share!!
We were hoping that Lacey was going to be able to do a bit more of this from her new location, but being without a computer until September has sort of limited that just a bit.  But now that we are both in the same spot and have a pile of pictures to share, we'll get right down to what we've been doing the past couple of weeks :)
Lacey brought with her the Whimsical wall hanging with one of our favorite sayings on it:
Simply imagine your life as a journey, as an adventure to live, create, and be inspired.
To seek wisdom, daydream, and live in peace without fear.
It's great isn't it? 
We think so...and are going to use that inspiration to drive this post.
Because you can't all come visit Lacey's new little place, we decided to share a few "set-up" locations.  Of course you never have everything you need, and she is still getting everything settled in and hung up on her walls.  But a little at a time. . .
We are thinking that this pattern is going to get a re-vamp in the near future.  We both enjoy the size this one is but have some wild hairs to change things up a bit...look for some fun show and tell in the **hopefully** near future.

We both smiled at how "cozy" quilts make a place become in a short amount of time.
It may be fun for some of you to see some of these guys as they once graced our shop walls!!


It was fun to pick out projects from our large stack of quilts and haul out to Watertown.  We of course have a nice accumulation of them, and think she'll have fun getting to use them a bit more than she has (or that either of us has) in the past few years now that we have the time to change up our d├ęcor a bit!!

In case you were wondering--she does really like it there.  We both are enjoying our new adventures!  She smiles daily at scenes like this.  Not every day that you see main transportation as an ATV.  She would like to haul our ATV out there and use...the men think otherwise.  Bet some of you are sure thinking about this...Lacey, zooming to school on our ATV--  Trust me-it's fitting :)  At any rate, she is enjoying her time there and after spending the night out scoping the town during "Ladies Night Out" has some fun shopping finds for anyone who ventures out to H2O town!

Another "big" adventure that we took was a camping trip last weekend.
Before arriving to our camping destination we came across a flock of wild turkeys in a roadside filed.  There around eight of them...and obviously they were not as excited to see us gals pop out of the car to take their picture as we were to see them!

We took a trip to the Badlands of Lac Qui Parle County.
Ever heard of those?  Bet not...truthfully, we'll let you in a little secret.
You can find these "badlands" all over our state during the summer....they are construction sites.  And while most people detour around them, we gals decided to just drive thru 'em.

To any of you wondering just whose idea this was both.  Honest truth.
And as long as we are being honest-we really didn't know we were going to drive into this.  We did make one attempt at taking a detour....but it only lead to the middle of a field.  After a few colorful words about the "lovely" detour we just took we decided to go for it. 


I'm just kidding.  About the Badlands of Lac Qui Parle county part anyways. 
We really did drive thru the rutty detour.  Our location was at The River.

Grandma/Mom has the most beautiful flowers planted all around the farm this year and they were in their full glory in the light of the sun.  The colors were breathtaking, both in this little area, around the house, shed and other flower beds.  We smiled at their greeting as we arrived to "camp" each day.
We are lucky to "go home" to the peace and serenity of the Minnesota River--a perfect campground for our family to join together for a fun weekend of fishing, tubing, archery shooting, and campfires.  The best part was inclement weather meant comforts of heading to the house.  The other best part is it is just us.  Just family.  No other boats, people.  Just us...and nature.
We of course had the river to ourselves...which I think I noted.  And fish were biting.
Norhterns to be exact...and a few walleye...and a snapping turtle.
The best part was the warm weather...which gave everyone the prime time to ditch the shoes, feel the mud squish up between our toes, plant a chair in the cold, natural spring that feed this part of the river and sit.  And fish.  And wait for the big one to bite...which they did.

Typically you read reports of Lacey fishing.  But we need to add this time that Miss Darci sat down and fished as well.  And had a lunker that came completely out of the water (which typically does not happen) so she could see how big it was...and then snapped the line.  It was exciting.  She was excited.  Hubster was excited.  Daughter was excited. 

We all had a wonderful time spending time catching up, enjoying the younger kids running around, taking a pontoon ride in the river and hooking the sharkie tube behind the boat and going for rides.  (Even Miss Darci hopped onto the tube at went for a ride!!) 
It was truly a fun, and relaxing weekend.  One where we all spent time just enjoying the weather, our surrounds and spending time away from computers and phones and news and sewing.  It was simply a weekend to daydream, and to live in peace.  To refuel and recharge.  A weekend we all so desperately seem to be in need of every now and again!

 But before, we totally call it quits on this post we should share some shop happenings!!
Remember that for the month of September we are going to be open on Mondays.
September Schedule
September 2- 
Closed to enjoy a hast hurray with the family on Labor Day
September 9-
Open 10am - 5pm
September 16-
Open 10am - 5pm
September 20-22-
Come see us at the Country Quilter's Quilt show at the Willmar Civic Center
September 23-
Open 10am - 5pm

September 20-
Open 10am - 5pm
*Open stitching from 1:30 - 5pm--embroider/knit/woolfelt/whatever you bring to work on*

Lacey brought with her some goodies to work on and brought this home with her this weekend.  It is a fun quilt block shown off in the center of a table that uses the "Round Robin" fabric by Kathy Schmitz as the border piece.  Runner pattern and kit info will be shown soon!

She also began working on a project using a candy pack of "Honeysweet" by Fig Tree & Co and some grey as her background piece.  We are anxious to get the blocks sewn together to share soon so keep checking back for it's progress!!!

We also had "Historical Blenders" by Howard Marcus come into the shop.
Charms are available and are $9.50 each.
They features some fun civil war-ish prints and colors and are perfect pieces to blend into that stash you have of them at home!

The Fall Quilts and more is also in the shop.  It too has some fun projects ranging from quilts to wool projects, fun pumpkins and embroidery.  They are $6.99 each.

Darci is also busy creating with her box of Marcus flannels.  After a fun river weekend and a couple new projects that Lacey has brought back home she is rejuvenated and inspired and ready to sew!
Simply Imagine what you will see with this fun stack in the future. . .

We again thank you all for your kind words during our new journey and adventure.
We hope that you all enjoy your wonderful weekend...we hope to share our time spent racing and eating this weekend with you all soon.  (Aka: We are hittin' up the Great MN get together...who knows maybe you'll see a "post on a stick"!!)

Blessings to you all,
Darci & Lacey

Simply imagine your life as a journey, as an adventure to live, create, and be inspired.
To seek wisdom, daydream, and live in peace without fear.

Tuesday, August 20

Good Evening!
Well I am going to try to be faithful to keep you all posted on what is happening here at Shades of the Past with designing and with the changes that are taking place in our lives!!  Lacey and I drove west yesterday morning to set up her new residence in South Dakota.  I have to admit I love the scenery that between home and Watertown!  Growing up on a dairy farm, the sight of cows always brings me back to those very fond memories of home on the farm.  It is such a part of who I am today and I just love seeing those cattle grazing in the hills in South Dakota.  This town is a much much better fit for her than the city of St Paul would have been.  I felt right at home walking around in the stores with guys and gals in their cowboy boots and blue jeans and knew Lacey would be okay in this town.  It just fits her!!  We worked getting her apartment set up until about 8 pm last night.  It was funny how the quilts made that apartment atmosphere very warm and inviting and when she gets things hung up on the walls it will become her home away from home quickly!!  She has her sewing machine set up and supplies in the closet and will be sewing before her Mom gets her sewing machine set up again.  She had orientation today and seemed very bubbly and positive about the class so I feel much much better tonight.  For many of you, you don't know my Joe, but he is helping me get packages ready for mailing and we are trying to get the answering machine set up.  Please bear with me as I am going to need a week or so to get into this new routine!!!  It will come, but it will take patience on my part and our customers part as well!!  I hope you stayed cool today and I will post again soon.  Blessings to each and everyone of you!!  Darci

Friday, August 16

So here’s the scoop….  Last January I sat down and wrote that I had taken a job away from the quilt shop and I would let everyone know what would happen as time went on and we approached August.  Well, August is half gone now, and as I have prayed, God has continued to show me the way on my new path.  Over the past couple of weeks, it has been very disappointing to both Lacey and I as we listen to people tell us they have heard this, that, and the other thing about our shop!!  Human nature is for people to talk, even though they really don’t know the true story – I guess that is called fiction in the book world!! 

So, the reality of what is happening at our shop is this, we will be closing on Sunday, August 18th at 5:00 pm and will be closed the remainder of August.  We will be open on Mondays in September, excluding Labor Day, from 10 am to 5 pm.   We will no longer have our Wool on Wednesday group as we have had in the past, but invite you all to join us on Monday, September 30th for open stitching from 1:30 pm – 5 pm.   (We will post at the end of September what our hours will be the month of October and into the month of November)

We will be open for the Art Meander on Friday, October 4th from 12 noon – 6 pm, Saturday, October 5 from 9 am – 6 pm, and Sunday, October 6 from 9 am – 4 pm. (Remember this is the one time event when we sell samples that we can no longer use in our shop!) We will also be vending at the Willmar Quilt Show September 20, 21, & 22nd.  The quilt show will be held at the Willmar Civic Center.  (Look for our quilt show vending locations to expand into surrounding states in 2014)  We are also continuing to do guild presentations, teaching and trunk shows. 

We are NOT quitting as we have both have a passion for the quilting industry.  After nearly 11 years of working as a retail shop, we are moving away from the commitment of the long hours 6 days a week.   I have found that the design portion of my quilt shop is what I love to do and what we want to concentrate on.  We have an amazing opportunity to design patterns with Marcus Brothers and are excited to have our Pumpkin Pie pattern in the large edition of the Fall Keepsake Quilting catalog.  This pattern uses the suede solids by Marcus Brothers and we are eager to begin designing with the latest shipment they have sent us.  We are also very excited about our “Crazy Little Thing called Love” which will be in the winter issue of Primitive Quilts coming out later this fall.  We may even have a little party when the magazine arrives at the shop so watch for that on our website and blog!

We are also working on our 2014 bus trip which will take us to the Amana Colonies in Iowa.  We are planning to do this trip during the later part of June 2014.  Mark your calendars and watch for further information to follow after the 1st of the year!!!

  We plan to work towards setting up an online shop so that you can continue to buy our patterns/kits/fabrics, etc on the internet.  You can stay connected to us through our blog and facebook page for the shop and hope that we will be able to keep this more current once again as we settle into our new chapter.   Our monthly hours and events will be posted on our website, so use that for a reference for our availability and schedule. 

So, there is the real scoop about the next chapter in our journey of life.  We have enjoyed getting to know all of you as we journeyed down our retail quilt shop road.  We look forward to our new path and hope you will continue to journey along that path with us!!  May your ears and eyes be open to the path of life that our God has in place for you!!  There is great peace to be found when you are walking that path!!  Darci

Wednesday, August 14

Shop Hoppin' has once again rolled around to that time of year.
The state shop hop.  It has been so great these past twelve days getting to see many familiar faces come into our shop doors and to meet many new ones.  We have enjoyed it a lot...and still have a few days left to go!

If you are wanting to get into the Quilt Minnesota spirit there is still time.  The shop hop continues on until 5:00pm this Sunday (Aug. 18)  We still have panels and fabric coordinates from the collection this year so stop on in and check them, and our samples out!

Something else that has been exciting in our doors the past couple of weeks is this little guy.

The positive comments have truly been amazing to us and will give us that little boost that has been needed to pull out our box and start to design some more new stuff with this lovely suede flannel by MarcusBros.

If you get Keepsake Quilting magazine you can look for this
PUMPKIN PIE project in the magazine! (I believe those of you who get the large size catalog you can find it on page 5)

Kits and patterns are also available in our shop :)

Hope you all have been able to enjoy this beautiful August weather!  We'll be in touch to share more soon. . .