Tuesday, October 29

Shop us Online

Well...we finally got 'er done!  

We finally launched our online shopping site so you call can shop our newest products from the comforts of your very own home.  

Currently the site has our Pastthyme Patterns, kits a few pre-cuts and some flannel kits listed.  We do plan to add more to the site in the next few weeks and months so keep checking back.  Anything that you find on the blog from here on out (as in kits/new patterns/ pre-cuts) will be on there to purchase.

You can find our shopping location at:

Hopefully next week we will be able to share the projects that went to market last week with you all.  We are also excited about having another project on the moda bake shop. . .not sure when the publish date will be, but keep posted for more info on that as well.

Just a reminder:
We are having our 'Crazy little thing called Love' party this Friday- November 1st at the shop from 5:30pm - 8:00pm.  Fabric and books will be 25% off that evening as well.

Wednesday, October 23

Out and About

Last weekend we ventured out and about to check out some fun new antique and occasional shops around the Hutchinson and Carver areas.  If we gals are being honest we are enjoying this new found freedom in our weekends.  We have taken up the "fried mush" breakfast offer we get every year to see family that comes up to go hunting. . .that we often don't feel like we can make AND we have gone out goofing around with dear friends!! 
Isn't the enterance into Pines-N-Tiques (located near Plato) cute? As you can see this particular antique place is located in an old restored barn.  As well as the cute little chicken coop and parlor area...all plump full of fun treasures to hunt for.
It was fun to see each nook and cranny filled with pieces to admire.  There was a very nice variety of things to see and truly something for just about everybody.  Nobody in our group of four were out to find specifics but most of us found a treasure or two to take home.
Lacey smiled when she saw this.  Isn't it funny how we often think we have to put so much work into extragavent fabric choices, block design and matching of points.  This quilt was beautiful in its simplicity.  Two colors of fabric.  Points that didn't always match.  And best of all you can see that it was used and loved and appreciated back in is day.

Darci spotted this quilt as well.  We admired the tiny, tiny hand quilting stitches on the quilt as well as the unique design this quilt had when it was fully opened.  It is always fun to see different takes on quilting and we always scope out the quilts antique shops have for inspiration.

We stashed our goodies in the big wooden box and hit the road for more fun in Carver.

Well...before we hit the road we at least had to admire the fun outdoor stuff that was close to the barn.  The fall flowers were fun, and the decorations would have worked really well for displaying cute quilts.  (See ladder & paint chipped hen house...we notice the most bizarre things sometimes)

If you haven't ever been to Carver, Minnesota it is located along the river.  We think.  We didn't actually see a river, but the drive to get into the main street was really pretty.  We imagine that this week it would have been full of beautiful fall colored leaves instead of the green ones we saw.  (Most trees have hit their peek around us. . .)

There were about seven shops or so for us to snoop in along main street Carver.  The shops are only open the third weekend of each month and each offer a unique variety of items. 
Then on Sunday us "Pastthyme Gals" took a trip up to St. Cloud to do some shopping. . .again.  This is what we usually do when the men are out hunting...only we got to do it two days in a row instead of a quick rush trip Sunday afternoon!!!!

Of course those of you who live in the Upper Midwest know that there was a snow band that moved through certain parts of the state---real minor snow that is.  When we left home both of us gals had on a sweatshirt and sunglasses because it was sunny...and about 40 degrees.  By the time we got to St. Cloud...it was 32 degrees, windy and snowy.  This photo was taken on Sunday--it ain't from last year.  It of course doesn't take much to amuse us gals, and so we laughed at this, and how it was probably sunny most of the day at home.  But what we really laughed about was this:
Again, please keep in mind it doesn't take much to amuse us.  We noticed this truck we were going to come upon and pass.  When we got closer Lacey blurted out "Look how dirty this thing looks" and was. it. ever.  We first admired how well he got everything packed in there.  People think we pack amazingly getting all of our quilt show samples, props and chairs packed into the back of a jeep...this guy might have us beat.  He had is 4-wheeler (with tracks), a cooler, bottles of water, and a deer wedged in the back of his regular boxed pick-up.  And things weren't moving around.  We laughed at this and thought we, of course, could have managed that as well. . .then we passed him.

Can you imagine getting this much mud on your vehicle?  We hooted, and hooted over this thinking that if that were us we would have been stuck.  His truck is suppose to be white, but the whole thing, hood, front windshield (minus where the wipers swipe) and roof were mud.  We laughed about the men in the family's phiolosphy..."White vehicles don't show mud. . ." yeah...right.

But, at any rate we have enjoyed our past few free weekends.  For those of you who were hoping for some quilting show and tell we are sorry to disappoint. Check back next week to see what was all sent to Quilt Market this weekend that is being held in Houston, Texas.  As well as some other projects that we have been working on, and some ideas for a possible "sew-along" here on our blog.  We promise we haven't quit working on projects!!  We just took some time off.

There will also be details next week on our online Etsy shop.

Tuesday, October 15

Back in the saddle...

Fall greetings to all of you who still visit our blog in hopes of finding a new post!  I want to begin by introducing ourselves to you.  We are Darci & Lacey and we are still the Pastthyme Gals who continue to live out a life filled with quilting advenutres.      
Many of you are aware that our retail shop as we once knew it is now closed.  While we do miss the familiarity of what that chapter in our quilting adventure was like we both have really settled into our new roles and are enjoying the change. 
We have been quite busy trying to wrap up the loose ends at the shop before we transition everything over to an online shopping site.  During that process...we visited the Ukraine.  Although we can laugh about it now, we really do want to again apologize for those of you who received that scam e-mail.  Fortunately you all knew that isn't a place either us care to visit...brought it to our attention as the timing of that all was so poor and we truthfully wouldn't have caught it.  It amazes us that people get their kicks off of doing stuff like that and want to assure you we have more security measures than we ever thought we needed in place to avoid future issues.  Thank you for your patience in that process and for your humor in the midst of our problem. 

A few new projects that adorn our shop walls. . .
I ask that you excuse the poor photography.  I know this just a poor excuse, but the computer in use doesn't have the best photo editing on it...and well one of us lost our iphone cord to transfer pictures and the other one left theirs at home. . .so for today we will celebrate a new blog post after a month hiatus and keep our fingers crossed for photo improvements next time!!!!
 This is our Kansas Troubles version of the Atkinson Designs pattern.  This pattern is a little gem if you are into the look of the hexagons...it has a really nifty way to cut those without needing a template.  Terri's directions are also great...most of us know they are ready to rock patterns that are quick and easy to assemble and this one is no different!!

 We are ready for the holidays...and today it feels like winter is here. Although this pattern is very versatile with fabrics and wouldn't feel like the holidays if we would have grabbed some Fig Tree fabric or Kansas Troubles fabric, the one above using Sandy Gervais Nature's Holiday is perfect for winter.  We wanted to do a project that was a reasonable price, easy to create and fast to assemble and got that with this.  It is a candy-pack, or scrap friendly project that gets jazzed up with some Chenille-It strips.

Candied Ringlets
 Lacey decided to put a new spin on one of our previous projects.  Candied Ringlets is a pieced project that is charm pack friendly and is perfect for a table as it is about 28" x 28" in size.  

She brought her favorite Leaves Galore ruler to Watertown with her and cut away to create a project that sort of takes on the look of a Double Wedding Ring project with a fraction of the work.  Although it was very time efficient the Leaves Galore ruler is not needed to create the top!!

We of course just wanted to have a fun project that required little thought and revolved around some fun, fresh, funky colors.  We used the new Bobbins & Bits charm packs by Pat Sloan for moda for our quilt top and the bright new Tangerine Chenille-It for some added seam fun.  It's a quick and colorful lap quilt that is fast to create.
       Mini Peaks & Valleys  Those of you who know Lacey know that she probably said at one time or another she wasn't going to hop the chevron train...and yet she did.  This little guy is created with a candy pack...just one...and is super quick to assemble.  It is a cute little project that finishes around 9" x 14 1/2".  Kits of this are limited so if you are interested you can send us an e-mail and still get it (and get it done!) by Halloween

Dovetail Batiks
 Jo Morton, who we typically think of when we think darker more civil war fabrics has come out with a wonderful new grouping of batiks.  The prints of just wonderful and the color tones are gorgeous.  We are very anxious to create our planned project with them, so stay tuned for more!!
We both are still busy working on new projects to add to our Pastthyme Pattern collection.  Lacey has been busy working more with cotton stuff.  Darci has been doing more with flannels projects to send to the Marcus booth for market next week.  We will show you the new grouping of suede flannel projects once the group has been photographed and ready to ship.  If you like snowmen you will want to make sure you check back as the larger project may be right up your alley!!

It's Here!!!!!  We are super excited about this magazine.  Our shipment of the winter 2013 edition of Primitive Quilts should arrive in our shop any day this week.  "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" can be found on page 82 of the magazine and is our first project to be published in a magazine.  While we weren't real sure about doing this event or not, we decided that upon all of the feedback and suggestions we had and have been getting to host a little celebration party.  If you weren't able to join us on our Sample Sale weekend for the Art Meander this is your last chance to come in and shop.    We are having our open house/party on Friday November 1st---starting at 5:30pm at Shades of the Past Quilt Shop.  Those of you who pre-ordered your magazine you can pick them up that evening.  We will also have kits of our project available that night as well.  The shop will be open that evening and both of us gals will be there to help you with questions or projects you are working on.  We hope you'll be able to come celebrate with us!
Well...it's time for the sun to set on our post.  You have probably heard this from us before, but we really do mean this when we say "thank you" from the bottom of our hearts.  We vended the Willmar quilt show a few weeks ago and were so humbled by the kind words and hugs and cares and concerns from so many smiling faces.  Neither of us knew that eleven years ago when the shop opened and that the simple sign of "Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends" would be so true.  We have grown so much the past few years and become friends with so many of you and we will always be truly blessed to met each and every one of you.  Thank you for sticking with us through this new transition.  We have lots of fun things planned to keep up to date with everyone and hope to have some time to actually sit down and not only spend with family and friends we put off seeing, but also projects that we are anxious to finish and share with all of you soon.

 "Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go"

~Until next time~