Tuesday, January 7

2014 Block of the Month Program

We are welcoming in 2014 with a new Block of the Month Program
Block of the Months can be fun for a lot of different reasons.  In the world we live in it's hard to find time to sit down and do a bigger quilt in a short amount of time.  Block of the month breaks it up and has you do one (or in our case two) blocks each month. . .which seems managable for most.
They are also a great way to expand your horizons by learning to sew on different blocks you typically don't choose to do or see very often.  We had a lot of fun working on them and both learned a lot while putting them together.
We have decided to offer this in a whole new way this year, so if you like the quilts shown below read on towards the end for our set-up information.
Queen Size Quilt: finished size is approx 85" x 108"

Wall Size Quilt: size approx. 42 1/2" x 52 1/2"    
So he is how it works:
Our quilts are done using 18 of the exact same quilt blocks.  (If you want to see our blocks check out our Facebook page to see them individually)  The queen size quilt is done with 12" blocks and the wall quilt is done with 6" blocks.
Starting in February you will receive 2 blocks per month until October.  You'll get your finishing directions at that final month.
New! We decided to give this a try if you are interested in doing the quilt but want to use your own fabric you can purchase the pattern for $10.00.  You will get 2 blocks per month thru email or mail.
If you would like to make the quilts like you see them above you have the option to purchase the block and/or finishing kits for them.
The queen size quilt:
-Block kit (for 18 quilt blocks) is $45.00
-Finishing kit (sashing/borders/binding) is $83.99
The lap size quilt:
-Block kit (for 18 quilt blocks) is $25.00
-Finishing kit (sashing/borders/binding) is $32.99
Blocks can be picked up in the shop on the second Wednesday  of each month starting in February from 1:30pm - 7:00pm.  They will also be mailed out or e-mailed.  
For those interested in sewing their blocks right in the shop we will offer time slots to do so at 1:30pm and 5:30pm.  The cost will be $5.00 for each time you want to sew them in the shop.  That way if there is a month in which you think you need/want the help you can choose to get it and if you feel comfortable to do them at home you can do that as well.
To sign up or to obtain more information please let us know!
E-mail: shadesofpastquitling@yahoo.com
Phone: (320) 847-4040 (leave a message if we don't pick up)

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