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Birds of  Feather, Flock Together     
 Quilters are sort of like this, aren't they?  We flock to quilt stores to purchase fabric to make things, we flock to shows to admire the works of others and seek inspiration and we flock to quilting friends to share our enthusiasm and laughter of making new things together.  Something else we are all good about doing is flocking together when "stuff" happens. We are all truly blessed to have found a home in a wonderful flock.  

Last weekend, we heard that Lisa Bongean's  (Primitive Gatherings patterns, wool, quilts, fabric, shop in Wisconsin that we visited last July) son passed away.  We both felt pretty bad for her, her staff and entire family.  There are so many people we know that are going through some pretty rough stuff so early in this new year.  But I bring this up because had a beautiful post about the support she had received.  She shared a great poem she had put on the back of one of his quilts and shared something that hasn't left me since I read about it.  She states that "Quilts are love you can touch. . .it takes a lot of time to stitch a quilt. . .and time is one of our most precious assets......."  (to read her whole post you can click here)  She really hit the nail on the head.  Sometimes we wonder why we spend the time and money on doing stuff for people who may, or may not, appreciate the gift you are giving.  But what it comes down to is love.  We spend our precious time pouring our love into a project that will keep us (or others) warm, brighten their spirits, and/or be passed down for future generations to love.  Quilts are love you can touch.  Why yes in deed they are.

Well, off my little soap box and making an abrupt change into shop stuff!! We learned something new last weekend.  We make more progress when we run around the shop grabbing bolts of fabric and pile them in the car.  Load up the "good" machines.  Stuff a suitcase bulging full of "stuff" and head home to sew.  What started as a way to beat the frozen elements has turned into a weekend norm.  We have decided that our A.D.D is curbed due to the lack of temptation around us at the shop and we have a whole wall of new stuff at the shop to show for our weekend (two weekend) efforts!!  So let's get to some of the good stuff. 

Well. . .the A.D.D kicked back in after leaving home.  My new photo software gave me too many options to play with and so you will get most of our new stuff in a good old fashioned Polaroid snapshot.  (only we are advanced and have color!!)  We got a new batch of wool felt in last week.  Brought it home and clogged our drains so you can go home and work without the wait.  (Just kidding on the drain plugging...tho our plumber may disagree.  We wash A LOT wool and wool felt so our plumber has had to come out, *once* and de-hair us.  Good thing he understands!)  But there are some great spring colors to cheer your frozen spirits up.  Bright yellow, lime green and aqua to boot as well as some great hues of aged/mottled tan, rosy pink and subdued blue.    I suspect you will find the colors on our Etsy shop after the weekend.  We aren't quite sure how we will do that yet so if interested and want it now you can contact us, otherwise watch for it's addition in the near future.
Hexagons are still the craze for us.  We laughed many times this weekend at our slight obsession with them.  We seem to have this huge attraction to things that are eight-sided.   So while Lacey worked on her reversible octagon runner, Darci stitched on new wool felt one.  This little guy is put together in a crazy quilted manor and you really have the freedom to add in as many stitches on the seams as you want.  We chose to stay with the feather.  It is a great candle mat project and perfect for Valentine's Day or any other day of the year.  (I do have to admit that as I finished that last sentence it dawned on me that there are only six sides to the pieces above.  I bet you just counted, didn't you?! Oh well, it's the Tuesday after a long weekend.  What does one expect?? haha)
People really seem to like our little Christmas and fall mug rugs so we carried on with Valentine's Day.  If you have wool scraps at home these are perfect projects for you to whip up for yourself or for a gift.  You could also place a bottle of Coke (Darci) or can of Sundrop (Lacey) on them if coffee isn't your thing.  Candles would be cute, too.
Waffle Weave.  This is one of our newest candy projects.  This is one of those projects that would have never gotten done if we hadn't hauled it home. . .as it had been an on-going thing since late August/early September.  See, don't feel bad...we don't always finish what we start right away.  We just went through bags (yes-bags, plural) of UFO's that we aren't sure we'll ever finish.  This project, however, uses ONE candy pack (not many left-overs either-hooray) and really takes on a woven look when you put multiple blocks together.  This is a cute, quick pointy table runner.  It would also work great for those of you who have lots of little scrap pieces!!
Keys of Life.  We have a couple new embroidery projects.  This is the one that is quilted, bound and has the directions typed.  The other you will have to wait for.  We both decided to print off a phrase we found that we loved about faith. Faith is something important to us both.  Darci's will be a surprise in a later post once the Busy Binder gets hold of it!! "Faith is the key to the doorway of fear.  Courage enables the walk into darkness, and our companion, Trust, illuminates our footsteps." is what this one says.  We tried a new shape (octagon...yep eight sides!!) and placed slight emphasis on "faith" "trust" and "courage" by doing them in red instead of brown.

Saturday January 25, 2014
Shades of the Past will be open from 10am - 2pm.  
Come on in and pick up new projects, check out the ones shown above, and the additional ones that are being bound and embellished as we speak. 

That day will feature:
50% off of Christmas Fabric
25% off of Regular Priced Fabric
B.O.G.O (buy one/get one) Books (free books must be of equal/lesser value)

You can also check out our 2014 Block of the Month quilts in person!!

Lap Quilt featuring (18) 6" quilt blocks
Queen Quilt: featuring (18) 12" quilt blocks

Details on how the program will run for those who missed it in our previous post

Our quilts are done using 18 of the exact same quilt blocks.  (If you want to see our blocks check out our Facebook page to see them individually)  The queen size quilt is done with 12" blocks and the wall quilt is done with 6" blocks.
Starting in February you will receive 2 blocks per month until October.  You'll get your finishing directions at that final month.
New! We decided to give this a try if you are interested in doing the quilt but want to use your own fabric you can purchase the pattern for $10.00.  You will get 2 blocks per month thru email or mail.
If you would like to make the quilts like you see them above you have the option to purchase the block and/or finishing kits for them.
The queen size quilt:
-Block kit (for 18 quilt blocks) is $45.00
-Finishing kit (sashing/borders/binding) is $83.99
The lap size quilt:
-Block kit (for 18 quilt blocks) is $25.00
-Finishing kit (sashing/borders/binding) is $32.99
Blocks can be picked up in the shop on the second Wednesday  of each month starting in February from 1:30pm - 7:00pm.  They will also be mailed out or e-mailed.  
For those interested in sewing their blocks right in the shop we will offer time slots to do so at 1:30pm and 5:30pm.  The cost will be $5.00 for each time you want to sew them in the shop.  That way if there is a month in which you think you need/want the help you can choose to get it and if you feel comfortable to do them at home you can do that as well.
Some of you may have noticed that the quilt that is part of the details portion is the same quilt as the first photo of the lap quilt WITH THE EXCEPTION of embroidery in the sashing.  It was decided that it could be left as is (shown first) or embellished (shown in the close-up above). For those who like embroidery and wool applique you will want to watch for the completion of Darci's quilt.  It will look totally different with the added embroidery and applique!!
Now the teaser!!  We have a fabulous post planned for the project shown above.  This quilt has quite the story.  But because we want to do it right, we decided to wait and give it proper nods.  We promise (hold us to it) it will be done-probably next weekend when Lacey is home.  We are excited about it and hope that you will enjoy what we have in store for it.

 We hope you all have a wonderful week and will hopefully get a chance to see some warm, smiling faces in the shop on Saturday morning/afternoon.  ~Piece and Blessings until next time~

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are charming gardens who make our souls bloom."  ~Marcel Proust

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