Monday, February 17

Going for Gold...eventually

It's so hard to believe that half of February is over and although I think we both wish we could have a "slow" week to catch our breath and re-focus we are glad that we are getting closer and closer to the start of spring. . .and mud. . .and warmth!  But while we wait we watch life in Sochi.  I think our household tends to enjoy the winter sports more than the summer ones (with the exception of men's swimming...who can resist the smile of Ryan Lochte?!?)  We have many favorites and "dream" that we could be as athletic and daring as those athletes.  But what has captured the attention in our household has been Ice Dancing.  Ooh, to be able to skate with such poise and expression and in such close proximity with your partner's skates.  Ooh yes!  We simply loved watching Canada's Virtue/Moir and the United States Davis/White.
We found a good laugh today after reading about how athletic us quilters really are.  As a matter of fact we spent part of today talking about how we could have Olympic trails for speediest needle threading.  And then remembered a few more. Us quilters could medal in "batting" "running" "hooping" "ditching" "rowing" "sashing" you get the idea. We are quite skilled and will begin to look forward to Olympic auditions in towns near us soon!

We don't really have show and tell but a couple of things to bring you into the loop on.  While the needles have been rapidly moving in one chair (and pages moving in books in another) we have some fun spring projects to share, hopefully in our next post.  Ready or not Easter is on it's way and bouquets of spring flowers will be gracing our tables!!

So...we have a project that is in the Bronze Medal stages (stapled together) that we hope to show next time or somewhere soon after our next post as well as a very, very fun Easter candle mat!!  We also have some fun new fabric pre-cuts that should arrive soon (hopefully next week) to share with you all as well.

And lastly. . .
We have tossed around the idea of having a Featherweight fun day in our shop.  We have a gal who would probably be willing to bring in some Featherweight sewing machines for all participants to sew on. We just love them and think getting the chance to sew on them is a fabulous opportunity.   We are thinking about doing a designated project (tossing around Pillowcases...make one for yourself and we will donate a second one to a good cause)  If you think this is something you find interesting we would love to get some feedback.  Comments or just a click by the 'interesting' box would be appreciated!!

Piece and Blessings to you all until next time

Saturday, February 8

Touchdown! (hopefully a post more exciting that last week's superbowl!)

 Well. . .once again it seems like father time escapes us and the weeks just fly right on by!
 We decided that it has worked to our advantage to have the fabrics hauled home to sew and have taken full advantage of the super cold winter to sew where it's warm.  We laughed on our way home last week that it would have been better to have sewed than watch the sad Superbowl game.  For the first time ever neither of us were real sad we missed all but the 4th quarter.  We got in on the cute Bud commercial with the man and his little dog and horse, which sounds like was the highlight extent of commercials, and called it a game.

In-between posts we had ourselves a good "old fashioned" snow storm part of a Sunday afternoon a couple weeks ago.  It was so lovely being snowed in the house, with family safe beside us just chillin' in the chairs.  We even had fun digging out the old kerosine lantern when the power went out and sitting around the table playing board games to pass the time.  We also had a good laugh about that fact life as a quilter suddenly becomes a huge perk.  We all have quilts to keep us and our families warm with when/if the power goes out.  Remember that the next time your signifigant other or friends give you a hard time about all that fabric.  If it weren't for you and your creative juices---they'd freeze when the power goes out!  We also enjoyed a new favorite show. . .If anyone is a fan of HGTV we highly encourage you to check out the Junk Gypsy show!  Oh. My. Goodness.
 There are three ladies (Amie, Janie & Jolie Skies) call themselves the Junk GYpSy Co. (click here for the website)  They travel around (in the pickup) and go junkin'.  They collect an array of fabulous "junk" (which is really wonderful treasures and antiques) and then go in and re-decorate houses.  They also sell their treasures at one of the biggest antique shows (flea markets) in Texas.  This show is now on our bucket list. 

 The wheels started turning in the brains of Darci and Lacey.  We are thinking that we should start another adventure and call ourselves the Pastthyme Junkers.  We have a pickup that attaches to a trailer, a jeep that can be packed chuck full of stuff and the brain power combination of mother (Phyllis) daughter (Darci) and granddaughter/daughter (Lacey) could be lethal.  We have always thought that doing interior decorating would be SUCH a fun adventure and now have junk bug bite to think about that dream again. . .
  Even having a booth full of some of the treasures we find (and are willing to part from) and selling them at something such as Junk Bonanza in the cities would just be wonderful.  Look out world-here we come!

Okay-back to quilting.  That is what you are here for anyways, correct?! ha.

Last weekend us gals hit the road to Red Wing, Minnesota.  (Yes, for those wondering the Red Wing pottery you have in your homes did originate in this beautiful southern Minnesota town)  We were super excited to have the chance to join this quilt guild for their bi-annual show, which is held in the wonderful Sergent's Nursery. 

We were very fortunate that the weather cooperated on the weekend, for a change, and travels were smooth.  Even the darn old wind gave up for a couple of days.  We thought we had lots of snow piled up in the roads, but it was nothing compared the drive down there.  It was like driving in a snow tunnel.  
  There are some beautiful buildings, such as this church, and a monastery and houses along the road.  *We are sort of architecture nerds now that we quilt.  You just never know when you'll find a inspirational spark!!*
And sometimes the inspirational spark will be located right next to your hotel room.  Red Wing sits along the mighty Mississippi river so there are lots of BIG boats that in winter storage right now.  We thought this was a great boat option.  We actually think that we should consider purchasing one of these bad boys.  We could load it into Lac Qui Parle lake (or the Minnesota River) and do quilting cruises.  We could spend the day on our double-decked boat and soak up some sun rays, enjoy the sound of the water, and do what we all do best-sew!  We will even go so far as to say that you can hop on our Pastthyme Quilting Cruise ship worry free about contracting food illness or whatever else people are getting sick from these days!!  Sounds good, right?  Anybody on board with the idea??!
The quilt show was just what we all needed.  A great pop of cheerful color and interesting designs to get us all fired up for spring and hitting the sewing machines again.  Below are a few shots of some quilts we really enjoyed looking at. . .

CeCe's quilt was totally reversible for her little grand-daughter.  We were amazed by the unique backing of the quilt.  GREAT way to use up those left-over pieces of fabric.
Embroidery and machine quilting
Fun play on colors and a unique quilting design in the block centers. Batiks are always interesting, aren't they?
 Wishing we had BEFORE/AFTER photos of our booth but you just get the afters:

 We loved standing back to admire our booth filled with all of our own designs.  We have come such a long way since we first opened up our doors eleven years ago!  I think we both would have right out laughed at this idea waaay back when. . .

 Now. . .the pieces that are hot off the press, freshly bound and embellished

CAKE WALK by: Pastthyme Patterns
 This is a charm pack pattern or a good one for scraps of fabric.  We have a soft spot for scalloped borders and found it a perfect fit for this particular project.  We chose to use some springy and fresh Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille of moda.  The yo-yo's also add a fun little touch to the finished project.

WITHERSPOON By: Pastthyme Patterns
This project was inspired by the Round Robin fabric grouping (border) by Kathy Schmitz.  We cut a random amount of fabric off the bolt of coordinating colors and worked with what we had.  Just like you would do if you were doing a true round robin.  This is what we came up with from our stack of fabric.  This would be a wonderful project to use on a big harvest table (as it's a pretty wide/long runner) or over the foot of a bed.

We love out pets, and they love to help.  Some of you may really wonder about us as in the last post you saw a white lab laying on a finished quilt of ours.  And now this little black one is on our work in progress.  Like I said, they love to help and find that snow days at home are great days!!
The quilt our little dog (who really ain't so little!) was helping with evolved into this.  The is our version of the famous Five-Yard Quilt.  It is showing off the Sweet Serenade quilting fabric by BasicGrey.  We can all just about guess who has their name wrote on the back of it. . .and it isn't the dog ;)  As always, the five-yard quilt is a fun one to sew because it goes together quick and is nice, usable lap size.
We also have a goat cart plump full of candy bars!!  That is right, candy bars of washed woolfelt.  We are hoping to eventually get some of these on Etsy, but if anybody is interested in woolfelt you can check the bottom of this post for our shop hours schedule OR shoot us an e-mail.  The colors should hit everyone from those that like the bright and bold to those who like the more subdued.

SWEET FLEURS By: Pastthyme Patterns
 We have had such a huge response from the original that we decided to do it up in a more Shades of the Past, Kansas Troubles style kind of way and are loving the results.  This is a wonderful little candy pack project and also combines our love of stitching with wool applique and of course hits the soft spot for those cute scallop borders. . .which are cute left straight as well!

And of course, last, but not least is a batik quilt using our FROSTBITE FALLS pattern.  This quilt is lovely in person but photographed kind of poor today!!  This is a great lap size quilt that is super easy to piece and utilizes your fabric cuts well.  We decided to add the fun, soft, snuggley minke on the back to cozy us up on those chilly fall nights.  

 Now. . .for a bit of shop business and bus trip info!!

HOURS: 10:00am - 7:00pm

**With the exception of March. Due to Ash Wednesday we will only be open 10am - 5:30pm**



All Aboard the Amana Bound Bus
We are excited about our upcoming bus trip to Iowa in July!!
Shops we will be visiting are as follows:

Old Alley Quilt Shop, Sherburn, MN

The Quilted Forest, Forest City, IA
(home to Pieced Tree Patterns)

Mary’s Stitches, Jessup, IA
(home to Patchabilites)

Pine Needles, Cedar Rapids, IA

Fern Hill Quilts, South Amana, IA
(home to Stephanie Brandenburg fabrics)

Heritage Designs, Amana, IA
(featured shop in Quilt Sampler)

Woolen Needle, Wlliamsburg, IA
(featured shop in Quilt Sampler)

Block Party Studios, Nevada IA
(home to hand printed fabric)

Country Threads, Garner IA
(home to Country Threads)

Bus will depart on Friday, July 18th and return on Saturday, July 19th

Cost per person $185.00/double occupancy
Friday supper is on your own – Saturday supper is included