Monday, February 17

Going for Gold...eventually

It's so hard to believe that half of February is over and although I think we both wish we could have a "slow" week to catch our breath and re-focus we are glad that we are getting closer and closer to the start of spring. . .and mud. . .and warmth!  But while we wait we watch life in Sochi.  I think our household tends to enjoy the winter sports more than the summer ones (with the exception of men's swimming...who can resist the smile of Ryan Lochte?!?)  We have many favorites and "dream" that we could be as athletic and daring as those athletes.  But what has captured the attention in our household has been Ice Dancing.  Ooh, to be able to skate with such poise and expression and in such close proximity with your partner's skates.  Ooh yes!  We simply loved watching Canada's Virtue/Moir and the United States Davis/White.
We found a good laugh today after reading about how athletic us quilters really are.  As a matter of fact we spent part of today talking about how we could have Olympic trails for speediest needle threading.  And then remembered a few more. Us quilters could medal in "batting" "running" "hooping" "ditching" "rowing" "sashing" you get the idea. We are quite skilled and will begin to look forward to Olympic auditions in towns near us soon!

We don't really have show and tell but a couple of things to bring you into the loop on.  While the needles have been rapidly moving in one chair (and pages moving in books in another) we have some fun spring projects to share, hopefully in our next post.  Ready or not Easter is on it's way and bouquets of spring flowers will be gracing our tables!!

So...we have a project that is in the Bronze Medal stages (stapled together) that we hope to show next time or somewhere soon after our next post as well as a very, very fun Easter candle mat!!  We also have some fun new fabric pre-cuts that should arrive soon (hopefully next week) to share with you all as well.

And lastly. . .
We have tossed around the idea of having a Featherweight fun day in our shop.  We have a gal who would probably be willing to bring in some Featherweight sewing machines for all participants to sew on. We just love them and think getting the chance to sew on them is a fabulous opportunity.   We are thinking about doing a designated project (tossing around Pillowcases...make one for yourself and we will donate a second one to a good cause)  If you think this is something you find interesting we would love to get some feedback.  Comments or just a click by the 'interesting' box would be appreciated!!

Piece and Blessings to you all until next time

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