Saturday, April 5

Better late than...never?

Welcome to April!  We have had quite a start to this new month in our corner of the world.  We were all celebrating the fact that winter was over, our lawns were starting to show through and thoughts about gardens and coatless days danced around in our head.
Until Mother Nature decided to play her April Fools joke on us. . .a day late.  "Only in Minnesota" can you experience 70 degrees at the bottom of the state, tornadoes in our area and snowstorms up north all in the same day!!  At any rate our ground no longer looks this white and we again are celebrating and dreaming of gardens and flip flops days to come.

 We have been busy working up our own kind of storm here in the shop these past few weeks.  As many of you faithful Facebook followers know we were in New Ulm a couple weeks ago.  We had such a wonderful time and really enjoyed getting to see sooo familiar faces that weekend and catching up with some of our shop owner friends as well.

This Is How We Roll~ we have had SUCH a good time rocking out the new Florida Georiga Line song as we travel.  We love it so much that we are working on putting together a little slideshow set to it to share with all of you about our quilting journey.  We aren't going to promise a watch for a surprise!!
 We are eager to announce that we have a couple more shows that we are excited about.  We will be returning to Omaha, Nebraska again in June and hope to finish up the paperwork for the Fargo, North Dakota show this fall.  Also don't forget about the bus trip to Iowa this July.  The bus is filling up quickly so contact us to book your seat or get more information!!

 But onto quilting again. . .

This was our booth at the New Ulm show.  It is hosted bi-annually on the even years.  It has been at the Hope and Healing New Ulm Event Center, which has a beautiful atmosphere that gets enhanced with the beauty of the quilts that are on display.  Did we mention ever that they have one of the COOLEST bathrooms we've ever seen???!! 
This year we each vendor got a ribbon. It was our (tough) job to pick out our favorite quilt that we at the show and hang on it.  We both accumulated a list of our favorites and got it narrowed it down to two and could not decide which one we liked better. 

 Those of you who know us know we can be a bit indecisive!!  We ended up having our friend Becky flip a coin for us.  We walked to the quilt the coin told us to pick and when we got there decided that we needed to come back to this one.  We just thought it was too cute and thoughtfully done.  Congrats Joleen!!  We love it. . .even though we are anxious for spring to arrive :)

Beautiful Farmer's Star quilt done by Thomas Maidl.
Neither of us are usually real big on Bargello quilts but the colors Rose C. used on this were really quite pretty!!
We always admire quilts that have lots of intricate piecing. . .probably because we wouldn't have the patience to finish them.  Joleen K. did a wonderful job on her "partial" Jane quilt.

Onto our new stuff!
We decided to redo a project that had a lot of interest last year.  We took a charm pack of "BoHo" by Urban Chicks, cut it all up into circles and freely stitched around them.  Threw it into the wash and are loving the final end results of our raggedy pillow.  Pre-cut circles can be found on our Etsy site.

One lazy weekend we dug out the box of our newest fabric arrivals and sewed up a storm.  This is one of our most popular projects from that weekend.  It is called Blue Bayou and uses a charm pack to create these fun little Dresden Plates.  We also were excited to add a little different flare to it by adding the rounded corners. Patterns and kits are found on Etsy.

Let us be Silent is the newest focal point in our traveling quilt shop booth.   It combines a lot of loves for me in the shop.  This is a favorite verse of mine.  I love the wool strips for the letters, the suede flannel for the trees, the appliqued crows and the piecing of quilt blocks.  This finishes about 36" x 36" so it's perfect for a nice focal project on your home's walls.  Pattern is found on Etsy.

My family has a new found obsession with Disney's The Lone Ranger. So much so that it has become a topic of conversation starters for text messages between us and part of the name for our new pattern.  "Tonto" replaced our shooting arrows name for this new table topper project.  This was a fun twist on a floating nine patch and border scheme with only two corners being pieced.  
And last but not least is the baby quilt out of American Jane's new panels.  It's a very vintage or retro look back into those oldie but goodie books that some of us remember as kids.  It was a fun topic of conversation with many at the show.   Isn't it amazing how much has changed since we were growing up?
 Well. . .for right now that is the show and tell we've got.  We have been busy working on some more fun projects this week to hopefully 'save' to show you next week!  We'll leave you with a little recipe for success that we found in some papers last week. 

1 tsp. Ideas
1/2 c. Goodwill
1 pinch of Positivity
3/4 c. Imagination
1 lb. Leadership
2 spoonfuls of Teamwork
1 cup of Vision
3 Tbsp. Challenge
1 bag of Hope

~Piece and Blessings to you All~

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