Friday, May 30

Market Party! Market Party!

We have been busy working on some of the projects that will show off some new fabric and some of the newest patterns.  We are really excited about Darci's market finds and can't wait to share in an evening of fun with all of you.  

We really do appreciate the hard work those men and women put in.  We wouldn't enjoy being outside in the blistering summer's just one of those things that seems to be human nature to com complain about :-)
We might be putting the cart before the horse, but want to make sure we give you all a heads up now.  They are working on the road in front of our shop...not Highway 23 but our service road. They are putting in new water lines and we currently do not have water.  We suggest if you need to use the restroom to do so prior to coming to see us or using the gas station up the road.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but we don't have control over not having water at the moment.   Parking will hopefully not be an issue, as of today you can park in front of the shop and the places surrounding it. BUT if for any reason they move down our way Monday night (fingers crossed they won't) you can park across the street.  We certainly are not trying to damper the fun but don't want anyone to pull up to the shop surprised!!  We hope to see lots of smiling faces to share in our market excitement.  

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend with family and friends and were able to take a few moments to remember what that holiday is really all about.  Although we sometimes forget about it, we are truly blessed to have had many courageous men and women, both past and present, who put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms we have today.

~Piece and Blessings to you all~


Sunday, May 4

May the fourth be with you. . .

May the fourth be with you!!

It's not that we are StarWars junkies or anything. . .come to mention that I don't think either of us have actually ever sat down and watched any of those movies, but it's just a phrase too much fun to miss out on saying today!!  We also hope you enjoyed your May day celebrations a few days ago and will enjoy Cindo de Mayo tomorrow.  Isn't May such a fun month?!

I'm sure some of you have worried a flying saucer floated over the shop and sucked us up into the space craft carrying us off to lands far away.  It has truly been way too long since we have found a moment to sit down and chat.  We hope that as the semester comes to an end for one of the shop members we will have a more regular post schedule, but until then we may continue to travel with the aliens and appreciate you patience until we land back by the computer once again. 

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 Friday night us gals headed up to the park to watch the grand march for prom.  I think everyone was grateful that after a whole week of nothing but grey clouds, rain and strong wind we were able to sit outside in the park and soak up some much needed Vitamin D while we watched couples walk through the march.

Prom always brings back memories doesn't it?  It's one of those things that draws the town together after a cold winter.  Us women gush about dresses, shoes, flowers, hair and jewelry and the men check out the cars.  It was fun to see this year that some of the prom goers really had a lot of fun with their cars.  

Some spiffied up their normal rides (we live in farm land so most were trucks) and some had throw-back cars of days gone by (such as those big long white boats none of us would ever in a million years attempt to parallel park!!) and a group chose the 'famous' limo and even one couple who sported a which she was driving!!  (That's our kind of gal!)  

But as far as the "best car" award for the night went, we give nods to the guys who took their date in a car that looks like the one we found above.  I believe they had the whole park laughing as we watched the driver "rock the car or bounce the car up and down" while they waited in line.  As if that wasn't funny enough, we watched the first couple get out of the front seat.  And roared as the second couple crawled out of the 'luggage area' of the back of the car.  And finally the third couple leave the standard back seat of the car.  

They no doubt found a lot of enjoyment and fun in their car of choice.  It's stuff like that and the couple that had a fancy dress and suit sport high-top red tennis shoes that make going a lot of fun!!  We certainly hope that all of you who have kids, friends and family going this year enjoy your town's prom festivities.

We have also been having a wonderful time getting "Wild" in our household.  Our family always enjoys a good sporting event and the first series of the Stanley cup play-offs certainly did not disappoint.  It had the whole state hyped up for hockey.  Some of you have known us as the shop that has had state high school wrestling broadcasted in our building...and state basketball...and football.  I would say to not be shocked come Wednesday night if the hockey game is on, but we all know our younger Pastthyme gal will be out in Watertown listening and rooting for us all.  At any rate it's always fun to see people come together and celebrate.  We all know that we don't do that often enough these days it seems. . .
 Speaking of coming together. . .we all know that quilting draws us all together and after a lot of requests we have started ironing out details for a retreat this summer.  I believe we have our locations narrowed down and are waiting on some final details form both respective places before we make our choice and release the information to you all.  We are very excited and can't wait to start a new retreat journey with those of you brave enough to spend a few days sewing and creating with us gals!!  Details to follow later on this month.

Our newest version of Ginger and Spice has been finished.  It uses Marcus primo plaid grouping that is more Christmas/winter themed in color hue and nature.  This is a perfect table topper size that really isn't all that seasonal!!  It's a quick project to put together as well, which is quite fun!!  We all need those kinds of projects every now and again.  Those of you who visited us during the 2012 Quilt MN event will remember this pattern which was done up out of shop hop fabric. . .and a secondary version with just hearts.

Harvest Thyme is also a new pattern that would be awesome on the table during Thanksgiving or the whole fall season.  We had a lot of fun going through our old pattern files and finding a couple of our very first patterns we ever designed.  We combined the ideas into this new runner and are really happy with the outcome.  This too is a simple project to assemble and also uses MarcusBrother's primo plaid flannel.

Storm Watcher meets our request for a lap size quilt using those fun flannel projects.  "Elmer" the snowman will watch over you when the flakes start to fall again outside.  We certainly hope that he won't be watching over us anytime soon. . .he was actually assembled during our last dumping of snow and now that the calendar says 'May' it's time for the white fluff to stay away!!   This is a super simple and easy quilt to put together as there isn't seam matching!!!!

Please note that we will not have the flannel samples shown above back into our shop until after Quilt Market is done!

Indian Summer is one of our newest wool creations.  It is something that we will be teaching in September at the Sioux Falls quilter's guild in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  For those looking for a bigger mat to don on your table during the fall this will be up your alley!!

Wedgie has been revised!!  This project is perfect for those wonderful little candy packs by Moda!!  Tabe the tumble into love with the fun new "holiday" grouping by Kansas Troubles (Holly Wishes) in the quick table runner.  Patterns can be found on our Etsy site.

Little Miss Sunshine. . .sunshine is a word I think most of us in Minnesota are hoping to see more of!!  This project is also perfect for those candy pack pre-cuts by Moda.  And when that Kansas Troubles bug bites it bites hard...this too uses the new Holly Wishes!!

Point of Interest is found a new home to roost at.  We have had so much fun going back and redoing patterns of ours in new colorways. . .and this was no different.  If you have beautiful focal fabric this is a runner to consider as it's quick, fun and easy to assemble and shows off larger scaled prints well.  The rick rack was a fun touch and added a missing punch to the project.
Twofold is our newest creation with those addicting hexagon paper pieces!!  Lacey had the itch to do a reversible project using them and come up with this.  The fun side shows off a bright pop of color to cheer up any table or kitchen island. . .
. . .and the back shows off warm and more neutral red, tan and creams for an every-day fit.  We think this would look great with a lace table cloth underneath of it. . .or on a beautiful dark table!!  Patterns for this can be found on our Etsy site!

This was a spin-off on last month's block for block of the month called Millennium. This project finishes 25" square and would be a great addition to any end table or kitchen table!

Some exciting news!!  Well first of all we are always excited to see the UPS man drop off our box of Primitive Quilts. This issue again doesn't not disappoint!!  But our exciting news is that we will have another project in the Spring 2015 issue!!!  We are so excited to work with those ladies again at the magazine and hope you will enjoy the new offering!!  You'll also notice that cute little scissor...if you are looking for a gift for a special friend who loves doing handwork these little scissors by Sullivan's are only $7.99.

Shades of the Past is open this Wednesday from 10am - 7pm.  (May 7th) 

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