Monday, June 23

Fasten those seat belts

 Ladies and Gents. . .fasten those seat belts as we take you for a little quilt shop ride. The green flag dropped on the month of June and it's been full speed ahead.  We are finally making a much needed pit stop to share with our fans all of the behind the scenes events that have fueled this month.

June started off a little "ruff" as we had to put down our family dog.  Those of you with pets know that is a day everyone dreads.  With much thought, Darci decided that she wanted to get a new little addition to fill the hole that was in our hearts.  So with hopeful eyes we all searched the web for a new little dog and came across this little lady. 
 Meet Daisey.  Daisey is part lab, part Austrailian cattle dog and has been a great little fit into our family.  She keeps us entertained and has a fun perspective on life and loves to learn.  Miss Daisey is a new quilter as she spends her days with Darci at the shop.  If she could talk she would tell you that she LOVES to lay on quilts (see above) and take an afternoon snooze and she has a BLAST playing with binding as it gets put down on quilts.  It's such a fun game to play tug of binding war with 'mom' and pick up scraps of fabric that fall on the floor.

While we give those just stopping by a 'heads up' about her, you most likely will not find her greeting you on the days the shop is open.  We know some are not fans of dogs and try to respect that.  She also spends most of her days in our design/class room and does not mosey out into the fabric/quilt area of the shop often so no worries about the bolts of fabric on the shelves :-)

Anybody in the country, maybe especially the Midwest will tell you things are wet. wet. wet.  Here is no different.  We empathize with those of you dealing with flooding, washed out roads and weeds all over the garden.  While we have been quite lucky that our water trouble has consisted of washed out parts of a driveway, almost going to flood creeks, and threats of tornadoes, we know many of you have had water in the basements, tornadoes on the ground and streets that aren't passable.  But no matter how nervous we get we can find reminders like the ones above that everything will be alright. . .and we just might be crying for rain later this summer.  We continue to keep all of the natural disaster areas in our thoughts and hope any blog readers dealing with issues on that order will remain safe and sound.

We packed the jeep to the roof and hit the road for a quilt show in Omaha Nebraska last Wednesday.  It was a trek that we have been so excited to do since agreeing to attend last winter.

We might be a bit partial but Minnesota is just beautiful from top to bottom.  We especially enjoyed our journey through the southern (Pipestone) area with green fields and cattle that reminded us about our dream of taking a trip to Ireland.
We had debated on our route to get to I-29 in South Dakota and decided that when the route gives you an option of stopping in Ruthtown Minnesota....where they have amazing beef is truly destined and obligated to stop and pick up a package.  (Those of you who faithfully read this know we had nothing but good things to say about the jerky that is found in Ruthtown!!  We are jerky connoisseurs...and this ranks at the very top...second only to the homemade stuff we eat in our house every Christmas.)  We have to admit we questioned how long a pound bag would last and we rationed it out to make the trip home...and were even nice enough to share with the guys.  Now they know our madness of this jerky.  I shall now go grab a piece and continue on...BUT if you get through Ruthtown you must stop to try this and you too shall see why we simply love, love, love it.

We had some time before setting up on Thursday night.  We went to Old Market in downtown Omaha.  A part of town we wanted to see the last time we hit the road that way.  Upon parking, we saw this baby.  Beautiful powder puff blue, we are thinking that a quilting limo could be in our future.  Imagine Darci and Lacey dressed for quilting success piloting this rocking hot car down the road!!  Any takers??!
While we appreciate the history of the roads in this town and love how they kept it we are glad our road wasn't paved like this the whole way home.  Speaking of paving....we found road construction once again in Sioux City Iowa.  Ask us some time about that town...we have THE worst luck in that place.  We wished gas wasn't so cheap so we could have avoided the stop, but $3.24 is much more appealing than our current $3.69.  Anybody else have towns like that along their routes??

Old Market has wonderful little shops (that sadly were not open when we were there....who knew that places didn't open until 11 o'clock...we thought 10am was the standard!)  We loved seeing little stairways that led down into places that most likely held lots of treasures.  While I type this I think it was probably good we couldn't shop. . .we had all we could do to get the jeep all packed up to come home, finding treasures could have made that more interesting, but where there is a will there is a way.

We also found quilt inspiration along the door frames.  The 'X' shape might not be all that excited, but that bottom design has lots of potential.
This is what our booth looks like before we started our set-up.  Pretty classy, eh?

This is what hours of "careful" planning...laughing...more more laughing look like.  Let's just say that we can be quite resourceful in getting LOTS of eye candy put up into our booth and hope that we get the feel of what our shop would look like if it were on wheels...after all, isn't that what vendor booths at quilt shows are?

Side Shot

Side shot
This was the quilt guild's mission project. It really touched a soft spot in our hearts.  They are putting together a quilt that is in honor of all the fallen soldiers who courageously fought in Iraq and Afghanistan since the war's start.  It is (sadly) an "in-progress" quilt that does an amazing job at saluting the fallen.  We are so impressed by it and were touched while looking at it.  Inspired enough that we are thinking about how we could do something like that here in Minnesota, but finding we probably have a bigger dream than we do reality point.  Maybe it's just how we are wired, maybe it's because there have been men in our area who have died over there, maybe it's because family served years on back or maybe it's because we live in a small town that has lots of people currently in the service. . .but we were blown away and touched by this quilt.

Back of each block...
front of each block

 More quilts at the show that we enjoyed viewing. . . .

Newbies that have come from our shop. . .and more will follow in a later post. . .

Storm Watcher---yeah we know it's not snow season, but we love this little guy and are excited to share that it, like the pumpkins, will be found in the Keepsake Quilting magazine that comes out this fall.  You can start ordering patterns that will ship out around the first-mid part of July.  Kits will also be available then.

Bird Brain Designs (funny name...amazing embroidery patterns) has started to design cotton.  This runner shows off their new panel (that you can cheat and not embroider!!) with a fun panel.  This is perfect for those of us who love fall and gardens and quilts.  Panels have gone fast and are limited, so check Etsy for further information later this week.

Bonus project from the panel shown above.  This little guy was embroidered and then colored in with colored pencils.  It is 6" in size and is a perfect fit for the adorable little Ackfield stands.

Speaking of adorable little Ackfield stands, this little 6" quilt block, featuring a crocheted flower center would be a perfect little project to swap out with the project above. 

Taylor's Trade shows off the new winter panels by Holly Taylor.  We simply love the panels as they depict life in our area so well with snow covered bridges, fences and barns.  This nice lap size quilt has been quite popular in our shop and at the Omaha show and we invite you to check it out the next time you are in the shop.  Panels, patterns and kits to be posted on Etsy at the end of the week for those interested.

Well, the checkered flag is going to fly over this post and we thank you for buckling in to catch up on this crazy June ride with us.  We are anxious to show off a few more newbies that we got done for the quilt show in the weeks to come, as well as share what we are busy working on.

Until the next time, piece and blessings to you all