Thursday, July 31

Leading Light Finale & Sizzling Summer Samples

 It's so hard to believe that we are a few hours away from bringing July to a close.

The past week, we have had the machines a running, computer keys a typing, and the binding needles stitching.  We are so excited to end July on a high point and are excited to share the additions to our family. 

Meet Persnickety
 Persnickety joined our family with the addition of Persimmon fabric by BasicGrey.  
She shows off a lovely aged color palate with blues, orange, rust, gold and marshmallow.

If you would have been sewing with us you would have known this was a laughing project of us gals.  See, we sometimes are persnickety when it comes to a creation turns out.  This project? Not what we had in mind.  So we did what all quilters do, we laughed through it.

If you ask Lacey, she would tell you she could have put it under her tires and ran it over due to the frustration.  But now?  Now we both like it, so it's a good thing we didn't give up on it.

That's our tip today. . .never give up. It might not be what you were expecting, but if you stick it out, good things will come in a differently wrapped package.

Meet Flight of the Honeycomb
 The honeycomb (hexagons) flew around in our shop for a while before landing themselves into this new project.

These hexagons are huge and just fit onto a charm square.

We think the addition of silhouette dragonflies added such a fun element into the project and while most of you know this to not be our 'norm' we are both just in love with it.

Lacey also notes that she fell in love with her Sew-line glue pen with this project.  We learned that fusible batting works awesome for this project as well.  The glue pen tho, it does a fantastic job at holding those backing edges into place when they are turned over.  It also does wonders at holding the quilt top in perfect alignment while finishing off the edge of the project and eliminates the need for pinning every two inches.  

The whole top was sewn together with the machine, only the individual hexagons were done by hand.  Better yet?  Check out the moda honeycomb pre-cut hexies. . .you can cheat and eliminate that hand work should you choose.  

Meet Little Miss Sunshine
 Little Miss Sunshine joined our family a little over a year ago.  Normally she has sashing between the squares, but we decided we wanted a simple variation and chose to leave it out.

She showcases the new fabric arrival of Fancy by Lily Ashbury of moda.

The fabric fits the name of the pattern. . .with a name like Little Miss Sunshine, one can't be dull.  Fancy adds a perfect pop of color to any dull day and would be adorable with a bouquet of freshly picked daisies on it's center.

Little Miss takes (2) candy packs or works good with scraps. . .should you have any of them in your piles at home.  (Not that quilters have piles of fabric. . .or scraps. . .)

Meet Centerfold
 Centerfold is the only non-Pastthyme pattern shown today.  We don't hold it against him.

This Pieced Tree Pattern is a good one for showing off a nice focal piece of fabric.  If you have paid attention to our posts you would have seen it done in a snowman color scheme a few weeks back.

Centerfold is quick to assemble and doesn't require a boat load of fabric.

Meet Compass
 Compass was taken hot off the machine last night before we called it quits for the day. 

Compass uses that fun 60-degree triangle ruler and we promise that despite what you may be thinking or saying when you read the next line. . .is quite easy to assemble.  Trust us, we wouldn't have continued on if it sucked to sew.

We did (to be honest) scrap the start of the first attempt before getting those outer triangles cut perfect.  There is not trimming, it is an exact fit.  We are so eager to quilt this table topper and work on another.

Watch for more to come of Compass in the next few posts.

Compass (and Centerfold) show off some fabric by Katie & Birdie of moda. We are just in love with the 'clean' look these projects have.  There is something so refreshing about a orange sherbet color with white and soft grey that has us wrapped around their finger.  The tones in this gals' fabric are just sweet.

Meet Daisey.  AND Diamond Charm
 Little Miss Daisey thought she needed to get in on the photography session today.  Jokingly we asked her if she would be willing to sit pretty with this project. . .and she did.

It was a eureka moment.  She looks proud.  We were proud.  And she was rewarded with food. She seems to fit right in with us Pastthyme Gals as she enjoys eating potato chips, cheese curls, candy, trail mix and anything else we want to share.  (She also to Darci's dismay likes to eat wool, rocks and cardboard boxes.  Hey. . .not everyone can be perfect!)

Diamond Charm was one of our first charm patterns.  We have done it numerous times and seem to say upon completion "This is the best one".  

But seriously.  This one might take the cake.  We both love the color tones that Sandy Gervais presents in her Pine Fresh collection.

Diamond Charm looks good on a table and cute on a wall.  It requires one charm pack and some coordinating yardage for borders.  It's fun to piece a bonus we 'accidentally' found a source for the remaining pieces of charm square left after cutting out the diamonds.

This new project is under secret wraps.  
FYI #1: It just isn't done.  And we aren't decided on it's destination of appearance.
FYI #2: It may take some time before you see it.  Aren't you glad we teased about it?
FYI #3: It's uses a new ruler that Darci found at market. . .
Ok...we'll stop now.  Stay tuned for more at a later time.

New Members to the Pre-Cut House
 As you know. . .we LOVE our moda pre-cuts.  We have added the following to our shop

Fancy by Lily Ashbury ~ candy packs
(see Little Miss above)

Persimmon by BasicGrey ~ candy packs
(see Persnickey above)

Atlier by 3 Sisters
(charm packs. . .showing a new tone of grey)

Patchwork Garden by Kathy Schmitz 
(charm packs. . .reds and creams)

Rambling Rose by Sandy Gervais
(new look!!  charm packs)

Richmond Reds by Barbara Brackman
(candy & charm packs. . .gorgeous colors)

Paisley Park by Kansas Troubles
(candy & charm packs. . .classic KT)
**Did anyone happen to read about Lynne in the newest copy of American Patchwork and Quilting?! What a fun article into the look of how she started Kansas Troubles!!

Heavy Snow Happens
 BirdBrain Designs has started to design fabric. This is scary as we all know just how darn cute their embroidery patterns are.  Now. . .well now they are in cloth!

These little snowmen are simply irresistible.  We LOVE them.  They are just too cute.

PLUS...the panel can pass for embroidery, just frame it and hang it and call it good.
There is an adorable border stripe that arrived with these cute panels and we have two bolts of really cute red that match them as well.

We can't wait to work with it. . .even if it is snowmen!!

Lastly. . .here are the last two steps you need for our quilt along!  Thank you to all who have been participating.  We'd LOVE some show and tell.  Leave us a comment, e-mail a picture, tag us in a Facebook photo or post it on our facebook wall.  Show and tell is always fun :-)


Friday, July 25

Ride of a Lifetime

We are the kind of gals who will randomly bust out laughing at a random event that happened yesterday.

Well, the dust has settled on a memorable trip to our sister state of Iowa last weekend.  The "Pastthyme Bus" departed from our shop bright and early Friday morning with thirty of our quilting friends for what was a very memorable trip.

Have any of your readers ever seen the movie RV with Robin Williams? If you have you may choose to skip the YouTube clip, (tho we still find it quite funny) but for those who haven't we strongly encourage you to take a moment before you continue.  We hope you find some humor in this and believe those on the bus with us will. Laughter, after all is the best medicine.

Funny, isn't it?  We were so incredibly fortunate to have with us thirty ladies whom all have a fantastic sense of humor.  This was not the smoothest trip that Shades of the Past has ever taken, though most of the incidents were out of our control, but it was truly a memorable one.  Regardless of the fact that we took the longest way possible to get to a couple places, literally had more dust shooting into our bus than my kids sometimes experience at the racetrack, and a toilet that wasn't recycling its waste content, all of our passengers kept a smile on their face and had a good time.

The first stop of our trip was to Old Alley Quilt shop in Sherburn.  Sharon and Becky have become good friends of ours during our quilt show vending experiences and Quilt Minnesota.  Both of us gals were stoked that we got to see them and catch up on life a bit.  It was also a treat to see some Quilt MN quilts up in their shop. 

Both of us gals have been talking this week about how different this week has been for us.  No longer are we burning the midnight oil trying to get quilts bound, directions typed and the shop rearranged for us quilter's "two best weeks of summer".  We will truly miss seeing so many smiling faces come into our shop this year as THAT truly was the best part about Quilt Minnesota, but hope to see familiar faces out and about on our random travels during the hop this year.

We also visited the quilt shops of Merry's Stitches in Jessup, which was a wonderful little shop off of a gravel road.  We may have been a bit too flustered to remember to take photos after our first stop.  If you are ever in the Jessup area, this was a bus favorite and truly had a wonderful variety of fabrics and woolens.  It's also home to Patchability patterns.  We also visited The Quilted Forest in Forest City which was home to those little Pieced Tree patterns the first day and ended at Fern Hill Quilts in South Amana.  Fern Hill was part quilt shop, part gift shop, part antique shop as it was three stories.  It is home to Stephanie Brandenburg fabrics, which are fun and bright and filled with flowers.  Stephanie, from our understanding, paints her images for fabric design. 

We started our second day off in Amana at Heritage Designs.  Amana looked to be a fun town and one that a person could easily spend a good portion of the day at.  This shop was also a fun one as it had a large variety of cottons, embroidery, punch-needle and cross-stitching.  Most of us ventured over the bakery or coffee shop and enjoyed fabulous home baked pastries.  Us Pastthyme Gals walked down to the woolen mill and checked out the looms making wool blankets and picked up some wool yarn to play with back at home.
Our second shop was the Woolen Needle in Williamsburg. All lovers of civil war, primitives, wool and punch-needle would absolutely love this shop.  Both of us gals commented on the fact that their shop was "picture perfect" in regards to the spread that was done with them in the Quilt Sampler magazine last year.  We were a bit envious about the washer and dryer they had right on site to felt wool, and were shocked to see that they die their own wool right on site.
Lacey enjoyed chatting with two little kids on bikes that watched all of our gals unload from the bus.  The children were probably around ten and twelve.  The kids asked her where she was from when she got off the bus and when she told them the little boy replied "Minnesota?!!!  (giggles) that sounds like a small can of pop!"  Sometimes it's the simple things in life like the funny one liners from a kid that can make a person's day.  Again, laughter is always good for the soul.

To anyone who likes jerky...yep, here we go again.  There is a locker plant conveniently located right next to the quilt shop.  Can it get much better than that?!  Lacey didn't think so.  She (and a few others) took in the place with a big "Jerky" phrase painted in the window and enjoyed a wonderful treat to eat the remainder of the day.

Our third stop was at Block Party Studios in Nevada.  (Correctly pronounced Na-veigh-da...not like the state that Vegas is located in!!)  This is home to the hand printed fabric panels. We were soo excited as the owner was home printing fabrics and let us crazy gals come back and watch him.  Super fascinating to see, especially considering we work with that fabric a lot in our shop.  We were excited to bring home some new panels to play with and can't wait for a quiet day to sit and sew some.  They also had some very unique plants out front of their shop.  One never knows what will peek their curiosity when out quilt hopping.

The last stop of the day was at Country Threads in Garner.  We had toured this place before and found it unique that they have three buildings with quilts to check out.  Animals also have free reign at this place and Lacey spent most of her time "drooling" over a HUGE dog named Moses.  Moses was a moose (tho she thought he would look great riding shotgun in her truck) and was part black lab, part golden retriver, and quite possibly part moose as he was one year old and a miniature horse.  Lacey tried to convince his owner who had been out fishing, to let her take him home, but the gentleman wasn't willing to part with his dog. 
We all arrived home safe and sound on Saturday with laughs about the memories that had taken place.  We again just want to thank all of the gals on our bus for allowing us to have such a fun weekend.  We both truly, truly enjoy getting to take quilting trips with each of you and are thrilled that you allow us to let our hair down and have fun with all of you.  Thanks once again for the fond memories.

The UPS man delivered a fun package to us this week containing "Sample Spree" stuff.  This means that you can work with fabric groups that will ship out yardage to us this fall.  We are thrilled to bring in the following stuff to offer:
Fancy by Lily Ashbury (candy packs) 
Persimmon by BasicGrey (candy packs)
Richmond Reds (candy and charm packs)
Rambling Rose by Sandy Gervais (charm packs)
Redwork Garden by Kathy Schmitz (charm packs)
Paisley Park by Kansas Troubles (charm packs and candy packs)

A sneak peek of our "Little Miss Sunshine" table runner using (2) Fancy candy packs.

After getting home from Iowa, we began the process of cleaning up our back room.  Those who come into the shop are told to steer clear of the back room.  One may wander into that dreaded room and not make it out alive!  Both of us gals worked hard Monday and called in trooper Phyllis to assist in getting the remainder of the room done.  We bagged up LOTS of wool, fabric and kits and had us a garage sale.  Nothing on our sale was over $10 and we were blessed with an absolutely beautiful day.  Our back room still isn't all cleaned up, but we can at least enter without a helmet and emergency call button in hand. We had so much fun laughing at projects we found and are looking to do a fun post showing off just how far we have come in our pattern writing days.  You ought to see the progress we've made in our covers!  Thanks to all who came out to our sale-we hope you enjoy your goodies.
We ended our work week out in Wisconsin.  Us gals crashed a racing parts drop-off trip to Ladysmith and Rice Lake and brought with all of the shop staff (aka: Daisey). 
While the mechanics had a meeting of the racing minds, us gals deliberated what to do. One cannot bring a dog into a quilt shop that is not yours and it was hotter than we thought to stay in the truck.  Lacey noticed a younger gentleman walking quickly and waited for him to pass before opening up the door with Daisey.  And wouldn't you know, she no more than got the truck door open and he was running backwards (literally backwards) faster than either of us had ever seen a human run backwards to ask if she had a cigar for him to borrow. (haha--Lacey dumbfoundly replied no and we sat sort of dazed before she shut the door and we laughed about how random that was)  Don't you all think we look like cigar smokers?! ha.  We were thrilled when Jerry came out and asked if we cared to join the racing group in the air conditioned shop.  We quickly went and checked out the quilt shop across the street and then sat and stitched.  Memorable trips follow us no matter where we go, I guess.

We also want to mention that we are in the planning phase of a quilting cruise through out shop.  We look to cruise around Lake Minnetonka and do a hand sewing project while on board.  We decided that once the dust settles on this trip we want to give water a try! (haha)  Watch for details on a trip that we think will be great fun.

We are off to go Beachin' with Jake Owen up at the Firefest concert in Cold Spring tomorrow.  We hope to share some pictures of our adventure there with you all next time.  We wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Piece and Blessings to you all until next time

Tuesday, July 22

Sizzling Summer Garage Sale


Outdoor Garage Sale Items:
Bulging wool/woolfelt bags....$3-5
Cotton chunks/scrap bags....$5-10
Misc. bags (kits/patterns/floss/etc.) $5
Fat Quarters....$1.00
(NO garage items are over $10! Vast majority is $5)

Indoor Regular Inventory (excludes garage sale items)
$1.00 off regular priced bolted fabrics (min. 1 yard cut)
50% off regular priced books
50% off patterns (excludes pastthyme patterns)

Doors open at 10am and close at 6:30pm.

Thursday, July 17

Sizzling Summer

 Greeting yet again for another edition of the Pastthyme Blog.
Hard to believe that the last time we sat down to visit we were about to celebrate the 4th of July.

Us Pastthyme glas hit the road with the whole family to take a trip up to a relative's antique store that was hosting a flea market in Battle Lake.  It was a trip that has been talked about since "Katie's New 2U" opened up a few years ago.
 Keith and his wife Kate have a fun flea market called Barter Town that is open on certain weekends and we all seemed to have found a treasure or two that we couldn't live without.  It's always a good time when the Baldwin and Schipnewski clans clash together for an outing and the most 'memorable' part of the day may have come from the laughs about a wild goose chase to a horribly poor garage sale in the middle of nowhere being tended to by three grown men who evidently had nothing better to do that laugh at those of us dumb enough to wander out to them.  We may have gotten the last laugh as far as all of that was concerned...but that's a story for another day :-)

Our little Miss Daisey has sure been keeping us entertained in the shop.  We just love the fun comments people have had on our little addition to our shop staff that we just had to share a photo of her sitting outside of the french door leading out to the porch.  Apparently she has realized that her name is that of a flower and flowers need to be planted.  She has taken a new found love to digging holes in the whiskey barrels and is always so happy and proud to show off her gardening skills.  Typical puppy is she, and there is never much of a dull moment.

 In light of a 'busy' life with the puppy we have been 'busy' adding samples in the shop.  With Lacey being back in the shop for about another month we have had the machines just a flying.  We have had LOTS of exciting things happen in the shop this past week that we will share more of in the future. For now we will show off some of the newest fabrics that have come in as well as samples and information on an upcoming quilt along.

Trader's Dice Night

We invite you all to mark your calendars for the first Wednesday in August to join us in our third night of Trader's Dice.  Dice drop on the table at 6:30pm and we play for fabric.  Last month eight of us played for Christmas fat quarters.  We had an absolute hoot as we munched on chips and enjoyed a nice beverage while we traded, borrowed and stole fabric from our neighbors.  
 August 6th at 6:30pm is our next shindig and we ask that all participants bring with (5) fall fat quarters to play with.  You will start the game off with one fat quarter to trade around and we play until all fat quarters at the center of the table are sitting in front of our participants.  We then set the timer for 15-30 minutes and trade/steal each others fat quarters until the timer dings so you collect and keep as much as you can.  We promise we have had lots of fun and invite you all to join in our new found craze.

Add caption
One of our faithful crew, Bev, brought in show and tell a mere week after we had met!!  The project was quilted and bound and we were quite impressed.  The fabric in the upper left corner was some of the fabric she won at our Trader's night and she added in fabric from her stash to complete the quilt top off.
Inspired by Bev's quick work, Lacey took one of her fat quarter's from that evening and crated a table topper.  

We invite you all to grab some fabric and sew along with us on our 2nd quilt-along.  We will start our colored tutorial (one step per day) on Monday July 28 and end on Friday August 1.  (Watch for a new tab at the top of the page)

Supplies for the 17 1/2" square table topper:
(1) FQ focal (shown black paisley, includes borders)
(1) 1/3 yd star/borders (shown red and includes binding)
(1) FQ background (shown cream)
(1) 2 1/2" strip of THREE coordinating colors (shown dk green, lt. green and solid black)

 New Fabric Arrivals

BasicGrey decided to expand upon their grunge collection.  Those who know us know we love our grunge.  I mean, it goes with everything!!!  We stepped out of box a bit with this group as it's much brighter than you usually see in our shop but we are happy with our finished result.  We did a variation of our "Truffles" pattern and can't wait to show off the quilt on our next post.

Pine Fresh by Sandy Gervais is a fun new holiday (winter) collection that we are anxious to start creating with.  This grouping has the potential to create a really neat "stack and whack" quilt for anybody who has ever thought about doing one of them.  She seems to have knack for doing fabric that fits that (we have one at home from a shop sample a year or so ago) and did it again this year.  We have charms, candies and a few coordinating yardages for borders, binding and background to check out.

Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings introduced a beautiful new grouping called Homestead Gatherings.  We love the scale and coloring of all her collections and think you all will be pleased by this new gem.  We have a few yardage bolts and candy packs and charm packs.  We started a row quilt for an upcoming shop hop (details in our next post) to show off to you all as well as a new version of the "Days of Togetherness" quilt (also be seen at our next post) that have been done using this great fabric group.

The Prayer Shall quilt is always a popular sample that adorns our walls and we swung into a different color grouping for this one.  It uses the beautiful 'cool' batik charm packs from "Snowbird" by Laundry Basket.  We love the variation of blue hues in the fabric and the beautiful designs that Edyta created for her fabric.  This is such a fun quilt to sew as it's super quick and makes up as a wonderful gift.  We do have the prayer shall panels back in our shop for those of you who have expressed interested a while back :-)

It's hard to think of snowmen when the calendar says July but the fabric guy says it's time.  These little guys are just cute.  Plain and simple.  This table runner is a great one for focal fabric and sews up in a snap.  We had sew much fun we sewed up another one (to be seen on our next post) using a totally different color scheme that is not seasonal.  If you are ever in need of an easy runner that requires little yardage this Pieced Tree pattern may be one to invest in.

The 3 Sisters were at it again when they created this elegant holiday grouping called Winterlude.  It makes me think of music when I hear the name, and to those of you observant in the picture, you can see it doesn't disappoint.  The main focal fabric contains our beloved music notes in it!! 
Speaking of the 3 Sisters we finished up a new table topper using some of their fabric!! Their Wintergreen group had such a beautiful floral focal piece with birds that it made a perfect fit for this charm pack friendly project.

We have also had fun working with the new Woolies layer cake squares by Bonnie Sullivan (All Thru the Night).  She came out with a group of patterns that use up one of these gems, and we have part of a lap quilt started showing off the beautiful tones of the fabric and sweet designs that look like we are working with wool.  We are also in the process of finishing up her "Birdie" block of the Month quilt that we hope to show off in the next post or so.

(We may have spent part of our 4th of July weekend at the races...cheering on a couple of friends...anybody shocked by that?!  I'm thinking those who know us are shaking their head saying 'nope'. haha)

We pray that our bus and the thirty ladies riding it with us will have a fun and safe adventure into our southern neighbors.  We head out early tomorrow to visit nine quilt shops in Iowa.  We are super excited and can't wait to share some of our adventures and finds with all of you on our next post.

We also invite all of you to enjoy our Sizzling Summer Garage Sale that will be held next Wednesday July 23 from 10am - 5pm.  Imagine step into our back room (and if you are lucky you'll come out alive) as you sort through boxes of fabric that has accumulated over the past TEN years of business.  Items WILL be priced to sell so we can get stuff out of back room.  Watch for pictures to be posted next Monday and Tuesday as we prepare.
We have kits...patterns...books...wool that has. got. to. go.

Thursday, July 3

What is the 4th of July?  Is it just another day off from work or does it really have a deep meaning.  I never was much for history when I was in school and it still is not my strong suit!!  I decided to type in "what is the 4th of July" in the google search bar and learned that it became a federal holiday in 1941 but the actual tradition dates back to 1776 when a historic document drafted by Thomas Jefferson was adopted by congressional delegates. From 1776 until the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence, with typical festivities ranging from fireworks, parades and concerts to more casual family gatherings and barbecues.  I also found it interesting that John Adams believed that July 2nd was the correct date on which to celebrate the birth of American independence, and would reportedly turn down invitations to appear at July 4th events in protest. Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826--the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. So there is your history lesson for today - no tests - just a fun little fact!!  
Last night we spent evening with great friends/customers playing Trader's Dice.  If you haven't joined us for this event, mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 6th at 6:30 pm.  Bring (5) fall fat quarters to play with.  We played for Christmas fat quarters last night.  We don't know if the fat quarters will ever turn up in a completed project but we sure had exchanging and fighting for them last night!!  Watch our facebook page for our next "quilt along" project using fat quarters coming soon!!  We will be starting "Stitch Therapy" on Wednesday, July 9th. Please call the shop if you are interested in joining us!!
  Look out Iowa, here we come......  We are also very excited about our upcoming bus trip to Iowa.  If you have been contemplating this trip, make sure to call us and get your name on the list.  We are visiting Old Alley Quilt shop in Sherburne, The Quilted Forest (home to Pieced Tree Patterns - those little laminated cards) in Forest City, Iowa, Merry's Stitches(home to Patchabilities) in Jessup, IA, Pine Needles in Cedar Rapids, IA, Fern Hill Quilts (home to Stephanie Brandnburg -Frond Designs) in South Amana, Heritage Designs in Amana, Iowa, The Woolen Needle (Quilt Sampler shop) in Williamsburg, IA, Block Party Studios in Nevada, IA, and Country Threads in Garner Iowa.  We leave on Friday July 18th and return home Saturday, July 19th.  We will be making history in Iowa with a great group of ladies!!  

We hope that your 4th of July holiday weekend is filled with relaxation, friends and family, a new puppy to dig up the flowers and unroll the toilet paper, a smore, fireworks in the night sky, and happiness.  We will be unveiling our new fabric arrivals next week.  Until then, happy sewing and God Bless you today and always!