Thursday, July 31

Leading Light Finale & Sizzling Summer Samples

 It's so hard to believe that we are a few hours away from bringing July to a close.

The past week, we have had the machines a running, computer keys a typing, and the binding needles stitching.  We are so excited to end July on a high point and are excited to share the additions to our family. 

Meet Persnickety
 Persnickety joined our family with the addition of Persimmon fabric by BasicGrey.  
She shows off a lovely aged color palate with blues, orange, rust, gold and marshmallow.

If you would have been sewing with us you would have known this was a laughing project of us gals.  See, we sometimes are persnickety when it comes to a creation turns out.  This project? Not what we had in mind.  So we did what all quilters do, we laughed through it.

If you ask Lacey, she would tell you she could have put it under her tires and ran it over due to the frustration.  But now?  Now we both like it, so it's a good thing we didn't give up on it.

That's our tip today. . .never give up. It might not be what you were expecting, but if you stick it out, good things will come in a differently wrapped package.

Meet Flight of the Honeycomb
 The honeycomb (hexagons) flew around in our shop for a while before landing themselves into this new project.

These hexagons are huge and just fit onto a charm square.

We think the addition of silhouette dragonflies added such a fun element into the project and while most of you know this to not be our 'norm' we are both just in love with it.

Lacey also notes that she fell in love with her Sew-line glue pen with this project.  We learned that fusible batting works awesome for this project as well.  The glue pen tho, it does a fantastic job at holding those backing edges into place when they are turned over.  It also does wonders at holding the quilt top in perfect alignment while finishing off the edge of the project and eliminates the need for pinning every two inches.  

The whole top was sewn together with the machine, only the individual hexagons were done by hand.  Better yet?  Check out the moda honeycomb pre-cut hexies. . .you can cheat and eliminate that hand work should you choose.  

Meet Little Miss Sunshine
 Little Miss Sunshine joined our family a little over a year ago.  Normally she has sashing between the squares, but we decided we wanted a simple variation and chose to leave it out.

She showcases the new fabric arrival of Fancy by Lily Ashbury of moda.

The fabric fits the name of the pattern. . .with a name like Little Miss Sunshine, one can't be dull.  Fancy adds a perfect pop of color to any dull day and would be adorable with a bouquet of freshly picked daisies on it's center.

Little Miss takes (2) candy packs or works good with scraps. . .should you have any of them in your piles at home.  (Not that quilters have piles of fabric. . .or scraps. . .)

Meet Centerfold
 Centerfold is the only non-Pastthyme pattern shown today.  We don't hold it against him.

This Pieced Tree Pattern is a good one for showing off a nice focal piece of fabric.  If you have paid attention to our posts you would have seen it done in a snowman color scheme a few weeks back.

Centerfold is quick to assemble and doesn't require a boat load of fabric.

Meet Compass
 Compass was taken hot off the machine last night before we called it quits for the day. 

Compass uses that fun 60-degree triangle ruler and we promise that despite what you may be thinking or saying when you read the next line. . .is quite easy to assemble.  Trust us, we wouldn't have continued on if it sucked to sew.

We did (to be honest) scrap the start of the first attempt before getting those outer triangles cut perfect.  There is not trimming, it is an exact fit.  We are so eager to quilt this table topper and work on another.

Watch for more to come of Compass in the next few posts.

Compass (and Centerfold) show off some fabric by Katie & Birdie of moda. We are just in love with the 'clean' look these projects have.  There is something so refreshing about a orange sherbet color with white and soft grey that has us wrapped around their finger.  The tones in this gals' fabric are just sweet.

Meet Daisey.  AND Diamond Charm
 Little Miss Daisey thought she needed to get in on the photography session today.  Jokingly we asked her if she would be willing to sit pretty with this project. . .and she did.

It was a eureka moment.  She looks proud.  We were proud.  And she was rewarded with food. She seems to fit right in with us Pastthyme Gals as she enjoys eating potato chips, cheese curls, candy, trail mix and anything else we want to share.  (She also to Darci's dismay likes to eat wool, rocks and cardboard boxes.  Hey. . .not everyone can be perfect!)

Diamond Charm was one of our first charm patterns.  We have done it numerous times and seem to say upon completion "This is the best one".  

But seriously.  This one might take the cake.  We both love the color tones that Sandy Gervais presents in her Pine Fresh collection.

Diamond Charm looks good on a table and cute on a wall.  It requires one charm pack and some coordinating yardage for borders.  It's fun to piece a bonus we 'accidentally' found a source for the remaining pieces of charm square left after cutting out the diamonds.

This new project is under secret wraps.  
FYI #1: It just isn't done.  And we aren't decided on it's destination of appearance.
FYI #2: It may take some time before you see it.  Aren't you glad we teased about it?
FYI #3: It's uses a new ruler that Darci found at market. . .
Ok...we'll stop now.  Stay tuned for more at a later time.

New Members to the Pre-Cut House
 As you know. . .we LOVE our moda pre-cuts.  We have added the following to our shop

Fancy by Lily Ashbury ~ candy packs
(see Little Miss above)

Persimmon by BasicGrey ~ candy packs
(see Persnickey above)

Atlier by 3 Sisters
(charm packs. . .showing a new tone of grey)

Patchwork Garden by Kathy Schmitz 
(charm packs. . .reds and creams)

Rambling Rose by Sandy Gervais
(new look!!  charm packs)

Richmond Reds by Barbara Brackman
(candy & charm packs. . .gorgeous colors)

Paisley Park by Kansas Troubles
(candy & charm packs. . .classic KT)
**Did anyone happen to read about Lynne in the newest copy of American Patchwork and Quilting?! What a fun article into the look of how she started Kansas Troubles!!

Heavy Snow Happens
 BirdBrain Designs has started to design fabric. This is scary as we all know just how darn cute their embroidery patterns are.  Now. . .well now they are in cloth!

These little snowmen are simply irresistible.  We LOVE them.  They are just too cute.

PLUS...the panel can pass for embroidery, just frame it and hang it and call it good.
There is an adorable border stripe that arrived with these cute panels and we have two bolts of really cute red that match them as well.

We can't wait to work with it. . .even if it is snowmen!!

Lastly. . .here are the last two steps you need for our quilt along!  Thank you to all who have been participating.  We'd LOVE some show and tell.  Leave us a comment, e-mail a picture, tag us in a Facebook photo or post it on our facebook wall.  Show and tell is always fun :-)


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