Friday, July 25

Ride of a Lifetime

We are the kind of gals who will randomly bust out laughing at a random event that happened yesterday.

Well, the dust has settled on a memorable trip to our sister state of Iowa last weekend.  The "Pastthyme Bus" departed from our shop bright and early Friday morning with thirty of our quilting friends for what was a very memorable trip.

Have any of your readers ever seen the movie RV with Robin Williams? If you have you may choose to skip the YouTube clip, (tho we still find it quite funny) but for those who haven't we strongly encourage you to take a moment before you continue.  We hope you find some humor in this and believe those on the bus with us will. Laughter, after all is the best medicine.

Funny, isn't it?  We were so incredibly fortunate to have with us thirty ladies whom all have a fantastic sense of humor.  This was not the smoothest trip that Shades of the Past has ever taken, though most of the incidents were out of our control, but it was truly a memorable one.  Regardless of the fact that we took the longest way possible to get to a couple places, literally had more dust shooting into our bus than my kids sometimes experience at the racetrack, and a toilet that wasn't recycling its waste content, all of our passengers kept a smile on their face and had a good time.

The first stop of our trip was to Old Alley Quilt shop in Sherburn.  Sharon and Becky have become good friends of ours during our quilt show vending experiences and Quilt Minnesota.  Both of us gals were stoked that we got to see them and catch up on life a bit.  It was also a treat to see some Quilt MN quilts up in their shop. 

Both of us gals have been talking this week about how different this week has been for us.  No longer are we burning the midnight oil trying to get quilts bound, directions typed and the shop rearranged for us quilter's "two best weeks of summer".  We will truly miss seeing so many smiling faces come into our shop this year as THAT truly was the best part about Quilt Minnesota, but hope to see familiar faces out and about on our random travels during the hop this year.

We also visited the quilt shops of Merry's Stitches in Jessup, which was a wonderful little shop off of a gravel road.  We may have been a bit too flustered to remember to take photos after our first stop.  If you are ever in the Jessup area, this was a bus favorite and truly had a wonderful variety of fabrics and woolens.  It's also home to Patchability patterns.  We also visited The Quilted Forest in Forest City which was home to those little Pieced Tree patterns the first day and ended at Fern Hill Quilts in South Amana.  Fern Hill was part quilt shop, part gift shop, part antique shop as it was three stories.  It is home to Stephanie Brandenburg fabrics, which are fun and bright and filled with flowers.  Stephanie, from our understanding, paints her images for fabric design. 

We started our second day off in Amana at Heritage Designs.  Amana looked to be a fun town and one that a person could easily spend a good portion of the day at.  This shop was also a fun one as it had a large variety of cottons, embroidery, punch-needle and cross-stitching.  Most of us ventured over the bakery or coffee shop and enjoyed fabulous home baked pastries.  Us Pastthyme Gals walked down to the woolen mill and checked out the looms making wool blankets and picked up some wool yarn to play with back at home.
Our second shop was the Woolen Needle in Williamsburg. All lovers of civil war, primitives, wool and punch-needle would absolutely love this shop.  Both of us gals commented on the fact that their shop was "picture perfect" in regards to the spread that was done with them in the Quilt Sampler magazine last year.  We were a bit envious about the washer and dryer they had right on site to felt wool, and were shocked to see that they die their own wool right on site.
Lacey enjoyed chatting with two little kids on bikes that watched all of our gals unload from the bus.  The children were probably around ten and twelve.  The kids asked her where she was from when she got off the bus and when she told them the little boy replied "Minnesota?!!!  (giggles) that sounds like a small can of pop!"  Sometimes it's the simple things in life like the funny one liners from a kid that can make a person's day.  Again, laughter is always good for the soul.

To anyone who likes jerky...yep, here we go again.  There is a locker plant conveniently located right next to the quilt shop.  Can it get much better than that?!  Lacey didn't think so.  She (and a few others) took in the place with a big "Jerky" phrase painted in the window and enjoyed a wonderful treat to eat the remainder of the day.

Our third stop was at Block Party Studios in Nevada.  (Correctly pronounced Na-veigh-da...not like the state that Vegas is located in!!)  This is home to the hand printed fabric panels. We were soo excited as the owner was home printing fabrics and let us crazy gals come back and watch him.  Super fascinating to see, especially considering we work with that fabric a lot in our shop.  We were excited to bring home some new panels to play with and can't wait for a quiet day to sit and sew some.  They also had some very unique plants out front of their shop.  One never knows what will peek their curiosity when out quilt hopping.

The last stop of the day was at Country Threads in Garner.  We had toured this place before and found it unique that they have three buildings with quilts to check out.  Animals also have free reign at this place and Lacey spent most of her time "drooling" over a HUGE dog named Moses.  Moses was a moose (tho she thought he would look great riding shotgun in her truck) and was part black lab, part golden retriver, and quite possibly part moose as he was one year old and a miniature horse.  Lacey tried to convince his owner who had been out fishing, to let her take him home, but the gentleman wasn't willing to part with his dog. 
We all arrived home safe and sound on Saturday with laughs about the memories that had taken place.  We again just want to thank all of the gals on our bus for allowing us to have such a fun weekend.  We both truly, truly enjoy getting to take quilting trips with each of you and are thrilled that you allow us to let our hair down and have fun with all of you.  Thanks once again for the fond memories.

The UPS man delivered a fun package to us this week containing "Sample Spree" stuff.  This means that you can work with fabric groups that will ship out yardage to us this fall.  We are thrilled to bring in the following stuff to offer:
Fancy by Lily Ashbury (candy packs) 
Persimmon by BasicGrey (candy packs)
Richmond Reds (candy and charm packs)
Rambling Rose by Sandy Gervais (charm packs)
Redwork Garden by Kathy Schmitz (charm packs)
Paisley Park by Kansas Troubles (charm packs and candy packs)

A sneak peek of our "Little Miss Sunshine" table runner using (2) Fancy candy packs.

After getting home from Iowa, we began the process of cleaning up our back room.  Those who come into the shop are told to steer clear of the back room.  One may wander into that dreaded room and not make it out alive!  Both of us gals worked hard Monday and called in trooper Phyllis to assist in getting the remainder of the room done.  We bagged up LOTS of wool, fabric and kits and had us a garage sale.  Nothing on our sale was over $10 and we were blessed with an absolutely beautiful day.  Our back room still isn't all cleaned up, but we can at least enter without a helmet and emergency call button in hand. We had so much fun laughing at projects we found and are looking to do a fun post showing off just how far we have come in our pattern writing days.  You ought to see the progress we've made in our covers!  Thanks to all who came out to our sale-we hope you enjoy your goodies.
We ended our work week out in Wisconsin.  Us gals crashed a racing parts drop-off trip to Ladysmith and Rice Lake and brought with all of the shop staff (aka: Daisey). 
While the mechanics had a meeting of the racing minds, us gals deliberated what to do. One cannot bring a dog into a quilt shop that is not yours and it was hotter than we thought to stay in the truck.  Lacey noticed a younger gentleman walking quickly and waited for him to pass before opening up the door with Daisey.  And wouldn't you know, she no more than got the truck door open and he was running backwards (literally backwards) faster than either of us had ever seen a human run backwards to ask if she had a cigar for him to borrow. (haha--Lacey dumbfoundly replied no and we sat sort of dazed before she shut the door and we laughed about how random that was)  Don't you all think we look like cigar smokers?! ha.  We were thrilled when Jerry came out and asked if we cared to join the racing group in the air conditioned shop.  We quickly went and checked out the quilt shop across the street and then sat and stitched.  Memorable trips follow us no matter where we go, I guess.

We also want to mention that we are in the planning phase of a quilting cruise through out shop.  We look to cruise around Lake Minnetonka and do a hand sewing project while on board.  We decided that once the dust settles on this trip we want to give water a try! (haha)  Watch for details on a trip that we think will be great fun.

We are off to go Beachin' with Jake Owen up at the Firefest concert in Cold Spring tomorrow.  We hope to share some pictures of our adventure there with you all next time.  We wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Piece and Blessings to you all until next time

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  1. Enjoyed the post Darc, you are quite the writer. Love the Cruise & Stitch idea. In Arizona at my mom's park, they have "Stitch & Bitch". I think that is funny. Lori