Monday, September 8

All Aboard the Struggle Bus. . .

 Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!

We sat down at the computer over the weekend and realized that it had been a whole month since our last blog post!!!  Here we thought we would do so great after making some visual changes on here, but life got in the way.  Hopefully there are still some faithful followers who haven't thrown in the towel on us. . .

 In light of many conversations that took place in our shop on Sunday, we invite you to join us for a ride on the "struggle bus" as we bring you up to speed on what's happened since...well...30 days ago.  As you can well see, Miss Daisey will be our navigator, and so without further a-do, let's get this tour started.

 We have experienced a couple of "last" first time things in our house this year.

As many of you know, Miss. Lacey headed off to finish up her final semester of school in South Dakota.  She was not ready to hit the books again with the fun stuff happening in the shop but off she went and has established a some-what balanced routine.  She is thrilled to be **finally** be close to done and absolutely loves what she is doing.  Physical Therapy...who would have thought.  We all think this has and will come in handy.  Massage anyone?! (haha)

And the youngest member in our house started his senior year.  Where does the time go?  We all have had a wake up call about this "little guy" being done with high school as it seems like just yesterday he started Kindergarden.  Time sure goes by's definitely important to take your time by making the most of it!!  He keeps busy and fall is his favorite and busiest time of the year and he's stoked it's about here. . .

Lacey spent her last "free" day out musky fishing with her dad.  Those of you who know her know she loves to fish.  (Her family would tell you she's pretty good at it)

They had a very successful day...with a couple northerns and a couple musky.
This musky (notice it has spots not stripes...tho her first musky she caught had stripes) and she had told her dad in an irritated voice that she kept snagging weeds.  Turns out it was this fish biting the spinner at the end of her hook. . .what a pleasant surprise!!  

How big was it? was about 38" away from being a keeper :-)
But a fish (particularily a musky) is a fish and she was stoked!!!

 We ended our summer by having a family gathering at "The River" a few weeks ago.
As you can well tell, we have had some rain in our neck of the woods, and the river was a bit high.

It's always a nice break.  It's quiet, peaceful, soothing and a perfect spot to recharge the batteries.

 We of course have excellent hosts.  
They graciously invite the whole gang down and we don't turn the offer away. 
They even let our pets crash the party. . .and our dogs...they both LOVE the water!!!!
 We all pretty much pulled up a chair and relaxed and chatted
Darci even got in some stitching. . .

Of course no river gathering would be complete without some action in the water
 Joe and Jacks enjoyed hanging out up by shore on the shark.
Believe it or not. . .we all rode that sucker behind the boat.  
Well. . .maybe Lacey did this time, she sort of skipped out last year and felt obligated to.
It may have been a bit too embarassing for further photography...let's just say she isn't real graceful.

 Two of the older girls tried their hardest to get the littlest one of the bunch to touch mud.
We all grew up not giving two hoots about being dirty.
We all loved (still do) taking our shoes off and letting the mud squish up between our toes.
The littlest one...not so big on dirt of any kind.

So the older girls laughed about making mud pies while the younger one, clearly, thought we were beyond insane. Those two worked on getting her shoes off and getting her to poke her finger into their mud pie. And were the successful, you may ask? 

I think Lacey's face in the picture below says it all. . .couldn't have been a more perfect (or hilarious and slightly embarrassing as she'd state) picture

 Yes.  The answer is yes!!!
She not only poked in the mud...she took her shoes off and walked in the water.
Eureka!  Eureka!

 Miss Ana usually has a thing for Miss Lacey and Lacey takes and enjoys all the time that she can get before she's "too old" and "not fun".  I think we all can relate to that!!

 Bubbles.  Always fun, aren't they?

 These flowers were just too incrediable and we had to share.
These hibuscus were the size of a large dinner plate!!!  And just vibrant red.
We love summer-thyme flowers. . .and these didn't disapoint.

Now. . .onto QUILTS!!!
We have a fun and busy schedule the next few weeks and invite you to stop by and say hello if you are in our neck of the woods for one of our events.  Dates are found at the end of the post.

"Crossroad & Variation" by Pastthyme Patterns
This quilt (and the one below) are from the Black Cat Crossings by Maywood Stuidos.

This project is a perfect table cloth size.  We are in love with the fun border.
(Better to see spooky fabric...then spooky werewolves...haha)

 The 'variation' part of the pattern creates a nice sized table topper.
Perfect to keep out throughout the fall season.

 HarvestThyme Pumpkin by Pastthyme Patterns

My apologies on the name. This one isn't 100% certain but for the time being it will be!
We have had so many good things said about our crazy shamrock project we decided to dabble in the fall.  This project keeps on with our love of wool applique...and crazy quilting.

It's a nice, manageable size that is easy to finish for the fall thyme season ahead.

 Crazy Witch's Hat by Pastthyme Patterns

Again...not sure that name will stick but at any rate we are super excited about this one.  Halloween can be a fun holiday to create projects for and this 'takes the hat' (ha--sorry! couldn't resist)

It too, is quick to stitch up and would be an adorable addition to your house for the end of October holiday.  And notice...happy faces :-) not scary ones!!!

 Knottingham by Pastthyme Patterns

This pattern has been a favorite of ours because it's quick to assemble.  We are also in love withe fabric tones in Castlewood by Jan Patek.  That outer border has such good color tones in it and is a great sized/scaled piece.

We have a couple of more quilts that ended up in our busy binder's stack.  Boy was she glad she came home! Haha.  Those hands will be busy stitching as we prepare for a few shows/events.

We hope you enjoyed your ride with us.  We really didn't struggle through our show and tell.  That was just our sewing abilities on Sunday.  One of us couldn't calculate binding strips to save her life (aka: Lacey) and the other fought quilting (aka: Darci).  

As we laughed about our struggles Lacey asked Darci if she was driving the "struggle bus" today and was answered with the reply of "yep...we are going to Crane Lake."  Lacey laughed...and then seen what Crane Lake was.  And laughter again filled the quilt shop.

May your days be filled with love and laughter until we share again.

 Come join us!  Stop and by and say hi. . .
Thursday night...trunk show in Sioux Falls SD (9/11)
Friday morning...wool class in Sioux Falls, SD (9/12)
Fargo Quilt Show...Fargo North Dakota (9/19-21)
Walker Quilt Show...Walker, Minnesota (9/26-27)

Almost forgot...we have adorable little kittens!!
One of the five is spoken for. We need FOUR more homes...or one person to take the remaining four.
They are cute, playful and curious and need a safe place to call home!
Let us know if you are interested. . .

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