Thursday, October 2

On The Road (take 2)

Happy Fall Y'All!!
I seen the other day on Pinterest a funny blurp about how wonderful it is that fall is here.  We can put away any desire to think we have to get fit and trim down to squeeze into a swimsuit or shorts and whip out those baggy sweatshirts and sweatpants's fall.

Both of us Pastthyme Gals like this philosophy.  We are more than happy to pack up the short sleeves and whip out those sweatshirts and long sleeved shirts and sweaters.

But. . .we've had a laugh tonight as shortly before we sat down to try typing about our adventures in quilt show land, we have heard we are suppose to get snow.  Yes.  October snow.

 So. . .just what have we been up to?  
Well. . .we have put frequent flyer miles onto our vehicles the month of September and by the looks of our blog post numbers, well it shows.  As the title indicates this is "take 2" as "take 1" fizzled out about two weeks ago. . .

We will share a bit of our adventures with you all about our stops in both Dakota's and in northern Minnesota.  As well as some stuff going on in our shop back at home. So without further ado, we invite you to momentarily buckle your seat belt and join us as we take a trip down road trip lane.

 We start our adventure in Brookings, South Dakota at Wiskey Creek wood fire grill.  
We found this gem of a place to eat at the state show in Rochester a few years ago and take any opportunity to hit it up when we find one.  Beings Brookings was on our way to stop number one: Sioux Falls, we took advantage and hit up happy hour.

No...we didn't really hit up happy hour but we did take advantage of their deal on the most delicious bacon wrapped shrimp that has been grilled over a wood fire.  They were delicious!!

Sioux Falls, SD

We were very excited to spend an evening with the very fun group of gals who meet at the Sioux Falls Quilt Guild.  We brought with us two trunks plump full of samples to share, all of which have been designed by us in our shop.  We thank you gals for the enjoyable evening, the fun show and tell and the lovely comments you all had.  It was a blast and it was fun to see some familiar faces in the crowd while we presented.

As we drove around trying to decide what to eat...sometimes this takes us a while...we hashed over how we both were blown away by how the night went.  Neither one of us would have ever believed that we'd be standing in front of a group of ladies (and gentlemen) sharing stories about the quilts or wool projects we'd designed in our shop.  We can't express enough gratitude to you all for your encouragement along the way, it means a lot!

We spent Friday morning and afternoon with a group of gals who were eager to learn about wool. And as much as we don't (and wouldn't) have to admit it, it appeared we were a bit...inexperienced.  We were lucky to have a group that ladies who could roll with the punches and laugh through our hiccups along the way.  We enjoyed our time with each and every one of the gals and hope that they not only enjoyed their time, but are more importantly enjoying their creations with wool.

Jerky Selfie Anyone?!?

Yep...I'm sure some of you seen this coming didn't you? 
Well when we left Sioux Falls we had two route options to get home.  We chose the Hwy. 23 route.  It just so happens that the town of Ruthtown is on that road.  And you know what that means?

J-E-R-K-Y (yum! yum!)
We were feeling very generous and even bought a bag big enough for the guys at home to try some.  

Yes, we know...we have a problem.....

Fargo, ND

The following week we headed north to Bison country.  We were excited to check out the Fargo quilt show as we had heard good things about it and really had a great time while we were there.

We talked about how awesome it was to see everyone walking around in Bison gear or with green and gold on as their beloved football team won their game.  We noticed this in Nebraska as well, tho it was the Huskers and game day color red.  I'm sure that enthusiasm exists in Minnesota as well, but we seem to live too far in the sticks for the effect to reach us.  Very cool and we noticed!!

We are going to share some of the quilts we talked about from the show.  If you are into long arm quilting this is a show to check out.  We LOVE all of the shows we go to...they are all so inspiring and very unique in their own way. This one was unique with the type/amount of quilting. . .

A unique take on the 'Twas the Night before Christmas story

This was a quilt that caught both of our eyes. 
We both play piano, so that just might by why!!  
Notice the quilting in the upper right corner (the treble cleff) and 
the lower right (piano staff) you see more as you look at it but those two seem to jump out.

 The Sedona Star quilt was Lacey's favorite.  
She says she'd never attempt one but admired the work and loved the colors.
It was all done using Whimsicals fabrics...and we like those!!
 This was Darci's favorite quilt.
We always admire those who tackle a Laundry Basket pattern.
They are beautiful and complicated and this was very nicely done!!! We loved the colors!

 This is just fun...and springy...and a unique take with the wavy vine between the blocks.
And...the quilting.

We want to take a quick moment to acknowledge the tragedy that happened while we were up in Fargo.  We both were shocked to learn of the student who had disappeared and was later found.  We cannot imagine the loss his family, friends and community must feel and hope that answers can be found.  One just truly never knows and we realized, yet again, that we sometimes take life for granted.

Half-way home!

 Walker, MN

 Darci flew solo on the trip up to the land of the pines to visit the gals in Walker at their lovely fall quilt show.  It again was a weekend full of inspiration both with quilts...and with the beautiful colors that were surrounding Leech Lake.

In Other News. . .

We loaded up with bug spray and hit the trails to take some senior pictures.
I know.  Time goes by just way to fast!!

Aside from the mosquitos that were out in well on full force...the afternoon was gorgeous!
The leaves were starting to change and our surroundings were just awesome.
If this tree had less foliage on it you'd see an eagle sitting near its' nest.

Our final destination was the slough the guys hunt on during the season.
Luckily the mosquiots left us alone long enough to get a few good shots (pictures) in!

It's amazing just how refreshing it can be to recharge the batteries by spending a nice chunk of time out in the midst of the nature around us.  The rustling of the leaves...the sights of trees that have been eaten by beaver...eagles flying over head...mosquito's buzzing in our face...and the sight and sound of the river running alongside of us.

In Quilting News. . .

When we got home we decided we needed to update our shop walls and show off some of the newer samples.  It was time for a fresh look and we feel more rejuvenated to work.

We also were wanting fresh walls for those coming out to do the Inaugural Highway 23 Road Rally that starts next Thursday and ends on Saturday. (Oct. 9, 10, 11).  

You can plan to start your engines and keep them running from 9am - 5pm on all three days.

Pit stops will be at the quilt shops in Marshall--Grantie Falls--Clara City--New London
Paynesville--Waite Park (St. Cloud)--Foley

At each quilt shop you'll pick up a pattern to create a quilt row and you'll also have the option of doing a make-it/take-it project.  Upon completion you'll have (7) row patterns and (7) make-it/take-it projects to enjoy.

You'll also be eligible to win (1) of seven $50 gift certificates.

We are also excited that Lacey didn't happen to have class those days and will get to enjoy the hop with us in our shop.

Our shop hop quilt is the quilt shown in the upper left corner that is done
 with green, red, cream and black.

We were really excited to get our "Storm Watcher" quilt back in the shop to take on the road with us.  It's been so much fun to hear the comments about Mr. Elmer the snowman.  Oh the places he has been.

For those of you who don't know, this quilt was named after an old gentlemen who would come and have his vehicle repaired with the Handy Man and come over and chat with the quilting ladies.
His name was Elmer.

Elmer would bring us garden goodies during the summer season, and would always bring in hand warmers to make sure the lady with the cold fingers had warm hands.  He would always deliver those in the winter with a red plaid hat.

When it came time to name our snowman, we had the perfect name.
We often wonder what he'd think, knowing that "he" is traveling to so many homes to be enjoyed.

A little random with our story. . .but sometimes it's fun to know the story behind the name.

A few more new samples...see if you can spot.

This is our newly stocked wool cupboard.  
We are really liking the new Marcus wool that has come into the shop.  The colors are wonderful and the feedback we've heard would agree.  Get your $7 fat quarters before they are gone.

Some new fabric arrivals that we'll share "closer up" later include:

Castlewood by Jan Patek
*The five bolts shown above to the very far right--green, red, gold and focal brown*

Richmond Reds by Barbara Brackmann
 (one of Darci's most favorite fabric lines that has graced the shop walls in a really, really long time)
*We have an extensive grouping from this line*

Prairie Paisley by Kansas Troubles
*We have a couple gold bolts, brown and blue--a couple have a nice focal print and a couple are good stash blenders with their color and print**

We again want to give a HUGE shout out to our group of ladies who came into our shop for stitch therapy last month.  While they usually stitch, they decided to help us fold and pack over 600 patterns to take with us on our quilt show road trips.  We were both so unbelievably blown away by their generosity and willingness to help us out and cannot begin to thank you for the help.  You will never truly know how much it meant and how much it was and is appreciated.  

From the bottom of our hearts,
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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