Wednesday, November 19

D.I.Y & Murphy's Law

Ever have one of those days?

Days where you sometimes think you should put those warm comfy pajamas back on, crawl back into bed, pull the covers up to your armpits and stitch. . .or read. . .or sleep. . .you get the idea.


It started in the morning.  We joked about how "hard" the job of a weather man must be.  "Less than an inch of snow accumulation (they said) starting around 10:00am (they said)" and here it was 8:30am and snow was falling (and did almost all day)

Pastthyme Gal #2 borrowed the jeep that was in the garage because she was running late for a meeting and didn't have time to scrape the truck windows.  While at the meeting, the jeep needed to be moved.  Another person hopped in to move it. . .no big deal, right?
Well. . .when Gal #2 got into the jeep to go home the seat was a mile away and she didn't know for sure how to move it, so she waited to let Gal #1 put it into the right spot and drove home with extended arms, tippy toes on the gas.  Gal #1 couldn't move the seat.  It was stuck and so she drove arms extended into town to have the "handyman" look at it.  His determination: the person moving the seat moved the seat off the track, causing it to 'wedge' sideways on the rails. . .super. Just exactly how does one manage to do that anyways???

After filling the "Handyman" in on the jeep situation, we fired up the computer.
Computers.  We all love them, right? 
Ours. . .decided to. . .quit/crash/whatever it is they do. And despite a heroic attempt by Gal #1 (darci) to solve the problem, we had to acknowledge defeat. We sat and stared at one another while we racked our brains trying to decide if we had all the important stuff backed up.
 (Luckily, we have gotten better at this and were hopeful we have it all)
We chose to not panic (too bad) and call our local computer wizard who said we needed a new computer.  We cringed, but know that she has done us well, and cheered when we heard he would be able to save our files. Like I said...a wizard...or maybe genie?

We eventually decided leaving the shop might fix old man Murphy and to Willmar we ran, in hopes of getting patterns printed to fill an order, do some retail therapy, to attend a church service and go out for supper.

The patterns. . .what should have taken 10 minutes took almost a half hour causing us literally skate (cuz remember it's still snowing and the crazies are out driving through red lights at night) into the parking lot right before the church service started.

What had the potential to be an uplifting or inspiring sermon (who doesn't love a talk about using those God given talents we all have?) turned out to be a video about giving money.

 While the company at dinner was good. . .most of our food was cold and the waitress nonexistant.

And retail therapy? 
Well Herberger's was closed despite their "open to 11 o'clock add"

So we picked up movies and headed home.

And the first movie we chose. . .a total dud...go figure. (Don't rent Barefoot)
  Rent "Million Dollar Arm" you can't go wrong with Disney! That was good.

We were excited when 10:30pm rolled around and we could call it a night.

We decided that when indeed days like that are happening, the bed, couch or chair with stitching, knitting, reading or sleeping just might be the best option.  Wouldn't you agree?
And how wonderful it is that we are given a new day the next day!!

 'Tis the season to look for samples.

We do this every year. Go through our stack of samples to see if there are any we can live without. The answer is always the same. No. We try, but talk ourselves into neatly folding them back up.

We know this looks ridiculous but this is what we've kept the past eleven years.
We have a beautiful stack of BasicGrey quilts. . .Kansas Trouble stuff. . .Christmas stuff. . .stuff that is just fun and not themed. . .and brights.
Yes. You read that last word right, brights!
Or as the youngest family member put things "umm...they don't go in this house."

Our goal was to sort through it all and see if we had anything we couldn't live without.
We are tossing around the idea of a sample sale (with our suit-case samples at the shop) in December so if you are interested in it, please check back to see if we find we have enough for it. If you don't see it advertised, we didn't have enough to make it happen this year and will try again.

But isn't it fun to reminisce?
 If you haven't done that, you should with your quilting projects. 
We had a good laugh over the fact that we have more quilts than we do wall space and coming up with fabulous justifications as to why we *need/must* keep them.

After all, this is Minnesota, and we wouldn't want to be cold. . .right?!?
Can you imagine that headline? 
"Family of quilt shop owners freezes due to extreme cold"
(nope-neither could we)

At the rate we are going (and the fact we feel we need to keep all of our original creations) we suspect that Miss Lacey will need to buy a gigantic house in which she can show off the creations.
And then invite all of us over for a quilting weekend. So we can make more.
 Sounds reasonable, right?
 Let's all tell her to get on that!

While the younger Pastthyme Gal folded and stacked our projects the older Pastthyme Gal and the "Handyman" went to work and put up tiles in the kitchen.

The gang redid the kitchen waay back when Lacey graduated (well not that terrible long ago) and are doing some minor new details to freshen things up.  Fun details to show at the youngest family member's graduation this spring. (Yikes. . .time does fly!!)

Of course us gals thought this would be an easy-peasy weekend thing.  How hard can slapping up some cement and sticking on squares be??  The problem was we just let it sat too long and well, can anybody see us running equipment with blades that could potentially cut off our stitching fingers in an effort to trim down some of those squares?

 (Yeah, neither could we.)
That's why the 'handman' and Gal #1 did the project.

The counter tops were covered with plastic to avoid any cringe worthy stinky cemented goop from getting stuck on them and the walls were sanded/scuffed to make sure that stinky cement goop would stick.  

With many laughs about the stench of the cement. . .drops of that goop onto the tiles before they got up on the wall. . .and slight "oh no" moment when the cement was setting up faster than tiles could be placed. . .the work was done and finished in a solid afternoon.

The results. 
As Martha Stewart would say were "a good thing"  (or at least we all think so!)

There it is.  
Amazing what a little work can do to change the appearance of a room!

Okay...we know we shared a lot of non-shop related stuff. 
We are holding out on you so here is a little 'carrot' to dangle before the BIG REVEAL next week.

We have sent a huge stack of stuff over to our Busy Binder. 
Our machines have been busy sewing to get ready for our Countdown to Christmas.
(Therefore you only get a sneak peak. . .can't share it all too soon ya know!)
But at least you know we are still sewing while these cold winter winds are blowing.

Thanks for riding along with us on our Murphy's D.I.Y journey!

We hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week and are able to be surrounded by all those you hold near and dear to you.  While we all can get caught up in the minor things of the day we all have soooooo much to be thankful for.  Despite what we sometimes think, we are truly blest.

Piece and WARM blessings until next time,
Darci & Lacey

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