Friday, December 5

Day #8...the final day

 On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me. . .
The panel to makes this 12 days of Christmas quilt!

I know. Those aren't the right words, but sharing that seems mean.
We'll all just have that song on repeat in our heads for the rest of the night.

Daisey the wonder dog even got involved with the photo op.
Maybe not the best of help, but it amounted to a good laugh.

Letter of the day: "Z"

Thanks for joining along.
Remember we are open tomorrow (Sat. Dec. 6) from 10am - 3pm
and will have all these (and more) projects up on the walls with kits and patterns available.

We are also having that sample sale.  First come-first serve.
Samples on the table out front of the shop.

Thursday, December 4

Day #7 on the countdown...all about JOY

  JOY: the feeling of great happiness

Aren't there so many things that bring all of us joy?
(at least I hope there are)

Simple joys like the smell of fresh bread from the oven, hearing a person laugh, seeing a person smile

Maybe hearing your favorite song on the radio, getting a phone call from a friend, receiving fun mail

Or maybe spending time with loved ones and friends, or being crafty with cotton/wool/pain/yarn

This new cotton wall hanging brought lots of joy to us as we pieced it together.

This you will probably see done up in our shop for fabric groupings to come as it is super versatile in changing out the center word and applique shapes.  PLUS it's charm pack (or scrap) friendly.

You'll get to see it's "mom" version tomorrow as it would use a layer cake and takes on a totally different look.

This rings joy. . .with the bells. . .or maybe the wine?

This simple and quick little woolfelt candle mat has turned multi-purpose in our house.

It can be used above showing off a bottle of wine during the holidays.

It can be the center piece for a candle or bowl of Hershey kisses to reside on the table.


It can set just like it is in the center of the table.

It too is perfect for using up wool scraps and is a quick one to make.

Today's letter...."A"

Tuesday, December 2

Frozen surprises, masks, pie, new quilts and selling samples.

  Well now that our Thanksgiving food coma has wore off we have hopped back into the saddle.
We started our Christmas Countdown off with a bang and then went bust (unless you follow us on the wonderful book of faces. . .or facebook.

So let's pick up and fill you in on a couple of the adventures us gals have had the past few days.
Us...adventures...can't fathom that can you?!!

So this past week has been cold. Really Cold. 
Lacey questioned the inventor of dress pants on Monday morning. Clearly the person who created them didn't live in a place that experienced negative air temps AND wind chills.  
Hooray for heated seats!!

But back to the mats. . .which were our Day #2 feature.

These little mats have a pocket conveniently located on the side to place that hot cocoa packet and spoon and enough room for the cup to set on.

 You can even roll up one or two (or more depending on the cup) and place them and a couple of spoons or packets of hot cocoa in the cup. 

We are all about finding fun presentations for things sometimes and were thrilled with how cute this looked all put together!

These are quick little mats to sew up and would make fun little stocking stuffers for the holidays.

So a quick time out to share some laughs. . .hopefully. . .with some quilting in-between

 Oh Miss Daisey
Oh man do we love the addition she has made in our family, we simply love both of our canine companions.  But Daisey got to have a girls weekend while the 'queen Bea' went hunting with the guys out west.  We are sure if she could talk she'd have quite the story to tell you. . .

On Thursday night she road home with Lacey so her and Abbey could play outside and while they all get along well together, nothing beats her momma.  She ran outside all excited to see her momma upon her arrival home and when she was let back into the house blew by Lacey and ran into the family room.  

Nobody thought anything of it. Our canine companions lay on the rug in the family room so they can be close to us.  (Never did that occur until Miss Daisey joined the group. . .she also thinks she is a little lap dog)

It was Lacey who found the reason Daisey blew by her.
Not only was her chew bone laying on her rug. . .but also a turd.  
A big, frozen, turd. The reason she blew through the house so proud.

Lacey tried to act all tough with "Daisey! What. Did. You. Do?  GROSS!!!!" but upon putting the turd back where it belonged (outside) she, along with Daisey's momma burst out laughing.

Never in the history of our family having a dog has one done that.
A frozen turd brought into the house. . .oh Daisey.

As if losing her prized possession "the frozen turd wasn't enough" the poor dog had to take in Black Friday shopping with us. . .which we are sure she would say sucked. . .but was made better with the reward of french fries on the trip back to the shop. 

She's a keeper and fits right in by keeping life interesting.

 Thanksgiving Pie.
Who doesn't look forward to pie at the holidays.  We volunteered to bring pie this year.
The last time we made pie was a couple years ago.

(flashback with us)
It is 9:00 and we are making our pies.  We get everything in the mixer for Pumpkin pie but the evaporated milk.  We hunt and hunt and hunt and hunt for a can and come up empty handed.
The internet search finds us outta luck for a substitution.
The guys...volunteer to drive to Willmar and pick us up cans at 9:30 so we can finish.
Needless to say...we now make sure we have a stock of evaporated milk.

(flash forward to Wednesday night)
We make our pie crust by scratch.  This is the job of Gal #2.
While pokey pete worked on the crust, Gal #1 starts making the vanilla pudding, from scratch, for banana cream pie.   As she gets close to finishing, we realize the hot pudding needs to go into the baked pie shell.  The pie shell?  Isn't formed yet.

This was our first sign that we may need to practice more.

Pokey pete finally gets two pie shells done.  The first one goes into the oven.  She grabs the fork and starts poking away at the second crust before Gal #1 can stop her from ruining the pumpkin pie crust.
Gal #2...starts to smush the dough back into place to cover up the holes.

The second sign we  she need more practice.

We decide that we might as well use up the last wad of dough.
At the rate we are going the we may not want to whip out that pie dough real soon.
Gal #2 digs out her pie plate which is heavy and deep.  She squishes the dough into it.
Opens up the can of cherry pie filling. . .and it fills it nearly half full.
We stare at the pie in a bit of a panic. . .praying to the pie angles to find us another can.
With flashbacks of two years ago dancing in our heads.

The angels answer and we find the last can in the house tucked away in the basement.
We dump it in and settle on it being nearly full.
Lacey sprinkles it with sugar and sets it on the stove.

The Handyman has come home and both he and Gal #1 stare at their daughter.
For fruit pies require a top.

The third sign we  she needs more practice.

Gal #2 sighs and brings the pie back to the table.
She groans when she realizes there isn't enough for a full top and if she is going to do a lattice top, she wanted fun crinkle edges.  After searching and coming up empty handed she gave in and did the normal straight edges.  And then had a proud "maybe someday I can really be the pie lady" moment.

We claimed success and enjoyed not one, or two, but three delicious pies.
We shall take a break and become pie legends within our own minds.
Really this is just Gal #2 who hopes to be that "pie lady."
Thanksgiving was wonderful. . .we hope yours was too.

Daisey spent Saturday at home and was dubbed the new nickname "Beaver" while both us gals hit the road with family to go antiquing in Litchfield and Hutchinson. (Leave it to Beaver to scratch up the door...and rip off the curtain above it)

We had a wonderful day out with our family and visited some very fun antique shops.  It was also Small Business Saturday so we enjoyed some fabulous deals.  What person doesn't like a sale?!?

 Pastthyme Gal #2 was fascinated by the old antique wheelchair, which might be due to learning about them in school, helping people who are in them, and strolling around campus in one of them to know what it's like. Pastthyme Gal #1 thought it was kind of creepy.
Needless to say you won't find this at Shades of the Past anytime soon. . .

We are positive the gals who joined us know nothing of these pictures until they popped up on our Facebook page. . .and now on here. If we are going to be embarrassing, we try to keep it between us.
You know how you usually look to see who just saw you almost fall or trip?
Well we do that when we are being goof balls. . .maybe out of fear of getting in...trouble.

As you all well know we like to have fun.  And laugh.  Life's too short to not to.
So. . .having both of us gals antique shopping at the same time can be lethal.

It all started with this quilt.  Gal #2 came running (not litterally, we aren't marathoners) over to Gal #1 exclaiming that she had found the next "big" pattern for Gal #1.

Now. . .you all know there are LOTS of lovely old quilts that make wonderful inspiration for patterns.  While envisioning a true winner (in our book. . .no offense to anyone who likes the photo below, but those that know us know this doesn't really fit either us!) and found her proudly pointing at this:

 Somebody was proud of this upon completion and honestly put in tons of work with the applique.
But the look on Gal #1's face was not of wonder and awe.
Must have been the fish. . .or the birds. . .

Either way, it made for fun scoping the place out to find companions to this "next big one" 
Which happened to be this purse.

As if laughing about all of the ideas we had for the quilt and beaded purse wasn't bad enough
Gal #2 (who is usually the instigator of stuff you'll see below) popped around the corner laughing and motioning for Gal #1 to join her.  

When Gal #1 came around the corner she found this:

 Oh what a proud mom moment.
We hooted about how lovely the gold accents around the eyes were.
And how the peacock feathers gave the appearance of another set of eyes on her head.
And how it looked like she had crazy hair.

And being the good sport that she is. . .

 Gal #1 picked out a pheasant feathered hat (in the spirit of the hunting trip the men were on) and struck a pose as well.
Isn't that such a lovely color and look?  
If only we had known this look would be so cute. . .

Upon getting home (and seeing the pile of wood shavings from our door that the beaver left for us) we decided to make caramels.  We got to try the most delicious caramels in the Hutchinson mall and decided to give it a whirl when we got home.

Between the two of us what should have been simple turned into an memorable event.

We started off strong and then the wheels fell off the bus.
While we waited for the caramel to boil to a brown color we hunted for an appropriate sized pan to line for the delicious treats to be poured onto.

When it started to turn brown Gal #2 panicked and didn't know what comes next and instead of pouring the milk mixture in slowly Gal #1 dumped it all in at once.  Upon grabbing the thermometer we realized that it only went up to 100 degrees. And so Gal #1 frantically searched for another one while her daughter stirred the pot.  All the while praying we hadn't just burnt our goop.

We found a thermometer and stuck it into the pot.  We took turns wiping away the steam so we could read the temperature and when it reached that magical mark, we removed the thermometer. . .and the metal clip fell into the boiling pot of goop.

Ever had that happen? 
Well if you have, you're not alone.
We...just looked at one another and burst out laughing.
And then fished for it as we poured the goop into the pan.

The caramel dish (which turned out delicious we might add) was a perfect item to set upon our
Day #4 Countdown to Christmas project. . .

 Here's the scoop on this fun little guy
that you can sew up while you're on the fly.
Insulbrite batting for this is the key,
to set your hot food dishes on for all guests to see.
For this can just be a simple and fun decorative top,
or a multi-purpose hotpad for your good food to plop.

Wasn't that a fun little poem?!

 Day #3 brought this little Cute as a Button tree wall quilt.
It is a quick little project that works well for scraps (hooray) and wool pieces.
We are all about quick holiday quilts for this fun little countdown.

 Day #5 (brings you up to speed) and is of  our new
Poinsettia Candle Mat

Isn't it amazing how you can now find Poinsettias in not only traditional red and occasional pink but orange, blue and purple now, too?  We always stop to marvel at how pretty those plants are but know we'd never be able to keep them alive.

These are done with traditional red and are quick to complete as the edges are dimensional.

So far. . .the letters of the day have been:

Day #6 (makes you a day ahead!) 
and features one of our Game Day Trio projects!

This turned out cute enough it wouldn't have to be used to play games on, but it's original intent was to be a checkerboard to set on the table and play the game of checkers on or chess.

Just a fun little twist on a traditional game--and one that is quiet--and festive and quick and easy to sew up for a gift on your giving list.

Letter of the day: "D"

And last but certainly not least. . .

We are still coming up with a name for this beauty but it is a mini-charm (aka: candy) pack project.  It also combines our love of wool applique (in the hearts) and the embroidery (in the words).

Despite what the picture shows, this is really a petite topper that would be cute set on the table with a fun old dish, candle or vase of flowers.

Well. . .thanks for sticking it out until the end here with us and being patient with the addition of the Countdown to Christmas projects.  

We will be having a mini Sample Sale in conjunction with the Christmas Open House
from 10am - 3pm in the shop.

Remember that if you bring in the grouping of letters that have been given on our Countdown to Christmas you will get an ornament (while supplies last) and find all of our featured projects in pattern and kit form.

The samples that we have accumulated the past year that we can no longer use in the shop (or didn't take home to use) will be put up for sale on a table in our backroom.  They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.  

(This year's grouping is smaller than in the past due to the turnover of the shop to all PastthymePattern creations.  At this point in time we don't plan to part with our original creations. But a couple of boxes of 'retired stuff' none the less will be priced to go!)

~Piece & Love Until Next Time~