Thursday, December 4

Day #7 on the countdown...all about JOY

  JOY: the feeling of great happiness

Aren't there so many things that bring all of us joy?
(at least I hope there are)

Simple joys like the smell of fresh bread from the oven, hearing a person laugh, seeing a person smile

Maybe hearing your favorite song on the radio, getting a phone call from a friend, receiving fun mail

Or maybe spending time with loved ones and friends, or being crafty with cotton/wool/pain/yarn

This new cotton wall hanging brought lots of joy to us as we pieced it together.

This you will probably see done up in our shop for fabric groupings to come as it is super versatile in changing out the center word and applique shapes.  PLUS it's charm pack (or scrap) friendly.

You'll get to see it's "mom" version tomorrow as it would use a layer cake and takes on a totally different look.

This rings joy. . .with the bells. . .or maybe the wine?

This simple and quick little woolfelt candle mat has turned multi-purpose in our house.

It can be used above showing off a bottle of wine during the holidays.

It can be the center piece for a candle or bowl of Hershey kisses to reside on the table.


It can set just like it is in the center of the table.

It too is perfect for using up wool scraps and is a quick one to make.

Today's letter...."A"

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