Monday, March 30

Back in the Saddle

 I feel like the theme from the Twilight Zone should be playing.
Is there anybody out there?!? 
With our last post coming in January I feel like I may hear crickets.

But just like the fresh new spring buds on the tree outside of my window, we have started to pop out of our winter shell and are ready to share and maybe get back on a more faithful posing tract.

So. . .this is what we now look like.  Cute, huh?!

Darci (red cruiser) has been busy planning out our market booth for May's international quilt market that will be held in Minneapolis.  We are SO excited to be doing a schoolhouse teaching session on wool for MarcusFabrics.  We have a wide array of new wool and flannel projects with their upcoming goodies as well as many new projects with Moda's latest and greatest and upcoming fabric lines as well.  We will be anxiously awaiting their completion to share with you our samples :-)

Lacey (blue cruiser) has been busy finishing up school.  She is done out in Watertown (hip hip hooray) and finished up a six week orthopedic location close to home and has since started her last six week rotation in the field of pediatrics.  Often asked what she'll land on, she'll tell you "the right spot will open up when I'm licensed" and that's what she's sticking to.  (Tho outpatient is what she hopes to find. . .)  She has also been busy working on new projects to join the market booth in the free time she can find. 

 Our household has also been WILD crazy.
We all went to our first game in February and have been hooked ever since.
We had amazing seats up close to the ice and despite losing the game had a fantastic time.
We are all hoping for a play-off run in the new few weeks!!
Spinning in Circles

No, we really haven't been doing that, though anybody reading this and looking at our last blog post date may think that was the case.  This little hunny is out of Sandy Gervais' newest grouping that is just what we needed after winter's last resurgence last week.  This is a perfect charm pack pattern and can be finished off with a straight edge, or funked with the curves.

Charms and Fabric are in the shop now.

Wishes & Weeds

Lacey is still obsessed with working on hexagon projects and this is her newest addition.
A project perfect for a candy pack or scraps from a quilt and combines not only love for hexies but also embroidery with the fun wavy edge and french knots.

"Fresh Cut" is the newest grouping from BasicGrey.
We like the one charm pack plus border idea for a springy table cloth. . .or adorable little baby quilt.
We plan to add Chenille-it strips to the project but had to share a peek before it's finished!!

Charms & Fabric are available in the shop now.

 Hardwick's Chick
One of SIX new wool patterns. . .so far. . .by Darci.
This little guy fits perfect on a six-inch Ackfield stand and is a quick little guy to stitch up.
It's inspired by it's "sister" quilt that was found in Keepsake Quilting out of flannels.

 Heartfelt Crazy
We are still in love with crazy quilting and love the look of this new little heart.
This is also part of the six-inch collection of wool projects this spring and is perfect for using up those scraps!

 Crazy Quilted Pincushion/Scissor Keeper
Keeping with the crazy theme comes this fun and unique little pincushion that uses an old antique ice cream dish as it's base.  Perfect for collecting threads, holding pins and keeping the scissors. . .and perfect for scraps.

We want to leave you with the newest news from the shop as this has really been quite an exciting week for us.  We feel oh so very blessed to have two projects come out in magazines this week.  The first can be found in American Patchwork & Quilting and the second in Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts.  Never would we have ever guessed our journey would lead us to pages in these places and we are so excited.  Many people have been asking for details and so here they are. . .it's awesome having so many wonderful friends cheering us on.  We can't put into words how much more exciting the whole experience is knowing that. 

Cherry Street
 Photo Credit: Fons & Porter (Click here for link)

A bundle of "Elementary" fabric by Sweetwater graced our shop and Lacey took to it and this was her finished result.  We are so excited to have the anticipation of this quilt come to an end and see it grace the pages of the 2015 Summer edition of Easy Quilts that hit newsstands today. 

 Smooth Sailing
American Patchwork & Quilting (photo credit: click here for details)
Kits can be ordered on our Etsy site (link to it here)

We have had so many laughs over this and those who know Darci know this isn't her normal style.  But none the less we are beyond thrilled this 'set sail' on the Summer 2015 American Patchwork & Quilting magazine.  This little guy is done up out of woolfelt, but would work wonderful in wool as well.  It's quick to assemble and perfect for the summer months ahead of us.

 Lacey commented last week on a picture in one of the buildings she was in.  

There were two signs about success.  The first had a nice and perfect straight line that held a caption stating something on the likes of "this is what we think success is."  The second sign had the start of a straight line, a mangled and tangled messy center and then the arrow with the caption stating "this is what success really looks like."

She had to smile and we think it's true.  While we do have those straight line success stories we find most of ours in the mangled and tangled mess.  

Believe us when we say we aren't about having our name known in a magazine, that's not why we share our news.  We are just flattered other people like our stuff and want to share it.  

The excitement lies in what it is like to know rejection.  Pattern designing didn't come easy for us.  Everybody has those things that don't come easy and if we all quit when we hit rejection (which is sometimes easier said than done) we wouldn't be very far.  In whatever you are doing, don't get down at the sight of defeat.  Keep working. . .trust us. . .you just never know when your luck will change and you can smile knowing your hard work and persistence paid off.  Don't let anybody squash your dreams or think they are silly.  

Keep going.  If we can do it, so can you.