Monday, May 4

Rolling in Laughter and Shreadding Tires

Greetings yet again for another installment of "Where's Waldo".

We just love this time of the year and have been busy enjoying it.  From picking out flowers to plant around the house and laying down new landscaping wood chips and watching the fields get turned over and planted with fall promise to fighting over the Kleenex box due to alergies/colds, sweeping up endless amounts of dog hair and picking off woodticks.  Yes, spring is a wonderful time of year.

 With all this newness we have some wonderful new stuff to share and can't wait to get rolling.

 We rolled into Mankato to spend the weekend with the Deep Valley Quilters at their bi-annual quilt show.  They have a nice location and had a perfect weekend for a show.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting many new people and seeing many familiar faces.  We always enjoy catching up with how things are going for you and sharing what new stuff we've been busy creating.

We also started a new tradition.  Most of you who know us know that you can often find us listening to state wrestling, football, basketball, etc. on the radio at certain points in time in our shop.  That weekend we listened to the Wild hockey game.  We even dressed the part.  And no. . .it's not just Lacey that gets into this.  It's a family event and Darci cheers from the couch with just as much gusto as the rest of the group.  We certainly hope they turn things around before tomorrow night!!

Now while we were in Mankato we tend to do what women supposedly do best.
We shop.

We specifically went to Hobby Lobby which is a dangerous place for those of us into anything remotely related to decorating your house, quilting or crafting.  Those who have been there know what we mean.

Well we (Darci) found a group of three baskets that looked like they'd be awesome for kits.  We always fight how to display kits at quilt shows and she thought this was the ticket.

The pro's: It folded up nice and compact so it's easy to tote and takes up little room.  The baskets were cute and fitting of the shop.
The con's: We weren't sure how many kits it would hold and the baskets were round.  It also didn't carry around real well. . .either that or Lacey was a poor caddy.

We bought the basket and as we were walking out the door the item shown above caught Darci's eye and the following proceeded to happen.  

Darci: Ooohh...Lacey look at this!  This would be AWESOME for kits.  I think we could get a lot packed into this.  It folds up easy.  It's lightweight.  What do you think.

Lacey: (rolling her eyes) Yep it probably would but we just bought the baskets.  I don't think we'd have enough room in our booth for it but if you think it would work get it.  You have better vision.

Darci: Maybe we should return the baskets and get this instead.  What do you think.

Lacey: (unconvinced) It's up to you.

This conversation continues on with a lot of enthusiasm on the piece from Darci and not as much from Lacey.  We load the baskets into the jeep pointing out how easy it is to pack and how compact it gets and leave to find Wild hockey gear at Sheels across the street.  

Upon leaving Scheels the following conversation happens.

Darci: I think I'm going back.  I just think the stand is better than the baskets.

Lacey: Maybe you want to think on it and go back tomorrow.  We can try the baskets out.

Darci: They aren't open on Sunday. (Drive back to Hobby Lobby)  You don't have to go in with me I know it's a bit embarassing.

Lacey: No!  I want in on this.

We go back in and check out the stand.  Decide that it will be better than the baskets.
We go out to the car and get the baskets and head back in, grabbing the stand along the way.
We wait in line. . .and have people budge in front of us in line. . .and finally get to return.

Darci: I just bought this 10 minutes while ago and found something better.

Clerk: No problem.  We will just exchange it.

All this transpired within 15 minutes.  We exchanged the baskets (which weren't in our presence long enough for a photo op) and came home with this stand.  

The best part of the story was watching Lacey load kits into the stander when we got back home and admitting that it worked great and was the better choice.  

See. . .mom always knows best.

 In Continuing on our laughing adventures. . .

Last Friday night we decided to celebrate the end of Lacey's last clinical rotation.  We headed to Montevideo to have chips at Toppers.  This was a handy choice as it was not too far from the junkyard where the first car Lacey ever drove was headed.

Paintless Pete was cleaned out and loaded up and on it's way to car heaven.  It lived a good life on the road and the end had come.  Things were rolling along quite smoothly until we reached the railroad tracks that lead to Highway 212 in Montevideo.

Quick flashback with me for a moment while I refresh your memory.  Last fall us Pastthyme Gals headed to the winery with the Handyman and hit a piece of galvanized metal and had a flat tire which resulted in us limping down the road and driving through an plowed beet field to get to the driveway to go home.

Well. . .the pickup missed the metal piece poking up from the tracks but the trailer apparently hit it.
We knew when we got to the stop sign that there was a flat.  The Handyman desperately hoped it was the trailer or a tire on Paintless Pete and not his pick up and was excited to report upon pulling out onto the highway it was indeed the trailer.

We didn't make it very far before the noise picked up and he could see bits of rubber coming off the tire.  We motored on down the road to the tune of a flat tire that was losing rubber and waring on the rim thankful the junkyard was not real far away.

Lacey pointed out it was maybe just a bad omen.  The three amigos had a similar incident the last time they went to have supper together and tonight was no different.  Never a dull moment.

It was then we realized we had to drive by Duffy's eating establishment.  It was a nice evening.  There were people outside.  All of whom had to have heard us coming and had quit what they were doing to watch the rig go by.  The Handyman waved. . .and so did the biker's outside.  Awesome.

We rolled it into the junkyard and left it sit.  Trailer and all.
That car was always special. . .and truly went out with bang.

 We have also had a good laugh over the new addition to the family.
Nope Lacey's isn't getting married or having kids. . .and neither is Joe.
Beatrice had kittens. . .again.

Lacey asked the cat the a few weeks ago if her kittens were still alive and a few hours later the dogs started going crazy by the door.  When we looked out she brought 3 kittens up to show us.  We admired, congratulated her (cuz we are nice like that) and she took them to her hiding spot again.

Last week Lacey again asked Beatrice about the kittens and the next day there were four of them by the stump in our flowerbed.  They have been there ever since.  They love our dogs, think Daisey is a fun person to play with and LOVE climbing the stump and exploring.  If anybody is wanting kittens we will keep you in mind for when they are ready to go!

And speaking of new additions. . .here are a few in our shop.
 Evening Mist by Sentimental Studios 

This black, white and grey is absolutely stunning. 
We are in LOVE with these bolts and can't wait for some free time to play with it.
The cream would be awesome for any embroidery background.

 Dublin Dance by Pastthyme Patterns

We have three quilts with this pattern.  You can use the pattern to create a mini version with candy packs that finishes 18" x 18" in size or large version with charm packs that finishes 42" x 42".

We have Kansas Troubles and Holly's Tree Farm (shown above) available in the shop.
You can find more pictures on our Facebook page, website (candy patterns) or Etsy site.

Doe Cee Doa by Pastthyme Patterns

This large lap quilt (56" x 84" size) is a great charm pack pattern.  It uses the fun fabric by Sweetwater called Feed Company.  It sews together real quick and features a fun focal piece of fabric that has recipes on it. 

Kits and pattern info can be found on our Etsy site.

When we came home from Mankato we had the fun task of hanging our packed goodies back up.  We enjoyed a fresh new look to keep us inspired and to show off the fun new goodies we've been doing.

We apologize for the delay in posts and while we hope to settle into a regular routine it's hard to say when it will come.  We hope to squeeze in another post after Lacey's graduation as President Obama is the speaker (no joke. . .it's real) and Quilt Market where we are vending and the youngest family member's high school graduation party.  All of which take up our next three weekends.

Because of the quilt market push you will find our pattern website nearly updated with live links to kits and patterns on our Etsy site.  We hope this will make any online purchases much easier for those of you who don't live real close to us and want to find the new stuff. 

We are doing Internal Quilt Market in Minneapolis next week May 13 - 17.  We feel like we have a wonderful group of things to bring with us and that we have grown smarter since our last adventure there five plus years ago.  We are thrilled to be doing a school house session for Marcus Fabrics on Thursday afternoon so if you include people in prayers or thoughts say an extra that we don't get so nervous we freeze up!!  Ha.  We will post as many pictures of market as possible, but ask for patience until our next post arrives.

Piece and Blessings until next time,
Darci & Lacey