Wednesday, June 3

Graduating into June

That sums up what this post is about.
Maybe, more specifically, moving forward with lessons learned from experiences. 

May rushed by and to be honest, both of us Pastthyme Gals feel like it may have run us over.
Run over by a bus. . .or runaway train. . .something big. . .
But we have dusted ourselves off, pulled the tape off that held our eyelids open and sewn on.

But let's recap, shall we. . .
because despite feeling run over. . .May was a flat out FUN and EXCITING month!! photo credit

 May began with graduation.  Lacey's graduation from her PTA program in South Dakota.
Those who read this blog may recall that the school announced the President Barack Obama was named to be the commencement speaker and while she thought it was a joke at first, it proved to be true.

Whether or not you like the guy, he is the President of the United States.
One of the most powerful man in the world.
A man who comfortably spoke to all of us packed in the Watertown Gym. photo credit

 The whole thing was surreal.  We went through airport security to get into the gym.
The secret service was all over town, and they dress just like you see them in the movies.
The address was broadcasted live on South Dakota television stations.

The half-hour long speech was easy to listen to and our President seemed relaxed and at ease.
Saving the "best for last" state of South Dakota to complete a rare task of visiting all 50 states.

This was truly an experience that none of our family members will ever forget.
A once in a lifetime moment to say the least.

When asked. . .you'll be told he didn't shake the hands of those walking the stage.
However, Lacey was given her diploma by the Governor of South Dakota who personally congratulated each student by name as they shook his hand and accepted the diploma.

Finally. . .she's finished!

Five days later. . .we left for International Quilt Market

This is our second attempt at cracking into the wholesale world in Minneapolis.
I wish we could find "flash back" photos from that first time.  
Oh, how we've learned!!

 We arrived at the Minneapolis convention center to find isles upon isles of this.
Roadblocks of goodies.
Crates from big fabric companies who had to ship these to the show.

We bobbed and weaved our way to booth #404.

 Doesn't it look great?!  Soooo us, right?
This space would become our cozy home for the duration of market.

We like being able to do things ourselves. . .but know when to take help.
That's why we brought the handyman with.  He's handy!
We, I mean he began by laying down the floor.
This is why you keep extra flooring from home projects. . .it comes in handy!

Next we put up the drapes.
I must give a shout-out to our Jack of All Trades gal who tackled the job of ironing all of these bed sheets.
Extra care was taken to make sure they didn't get wrinkled during the commute to the cities! 
Now. . .you know the whole measure twice and cut once philosophy?
Well. . .it failed us. We calculated out queen & king bed sheets to fit our poles.
And we were short.  By a bit more than a smidge.

And we laughed.

And then had a brief moment of panic.

And then more laughter.

And then the handyman said he had an idea.  We'd just overlap them in the corners.
Which is what we did.   And prayed the pole slots would hold with sheets in the space.
Which they thankfully did.

See. . .this is why you take handymen with you!!

 Now every good road trip story has a "forgot it at home" part to it.
This was ours. . .only we remembered it was left behind about 5 miles from the shop.
Lucky, huh?

Tried and true this banner was the frosting on the cake for our cute little booth.

Once the banner was up, the curtains in place and the floor secure it was time for lights.

These were a spur of the moment choice by the handyman who told us to pick the system up from behind the shop on our quest to get the almost forgotten banner.

A few hundred zip ties later we had lights.
Luck.  Sometimes it comes down to luck.

The floor and lights may have been disasterous with the Pastthyme Gals behind the zip ties and hammers.
This is why you need a handyman.

A long afternoon and brief morning and this was our booth.
We have found a good use for our panoramic photo option on our phone!!
Candy projects.  Charm projects.
Marcus Flannel Applique projects.
Wool projects.  Crazy Quilt projects.

Home sweet home.
 Thursday was schoolhouse.

Schoolhouse is something we always attend to learn about new things to share with you.
This year, it was our turn to teach.

This was something that Darci had always wanted to do and something Lacey thought would be neat.
So we did one.

MarucsFabrics were gracious enough to sponsor us for 
Mini's. . Just the Start of Something Big

We spent thirty minutes sharing various projects with the group of ladies and gentlemen who joined us.

There of course were many laughs in preparation for this.
Darci was able to do the speaking and Lacey the modeling, with fellow Marcus "family".

The Marcus group is really a lovely and wonderful group of people who made us feel like family.
We have nothing but wonderful things to say about them and are so thankful to work with them.

We also have to give a huge shout-out to a group of shop owners from southern Minnesota who came and sat in the front of the room for the session.  The friendship of these gals means a lot to us and their presence provided the calm that was needed to get through the first schoolhouse we've ever done.

So even superheros come to market.

Lacey seen the guy above dressed as Spiderman on Saturday. 
 She wanted so badly to take a picture or video what was happening in front of her but decided against it.  

Just imagine this dude dressed in skin tight leotards. . .facing the gal taking a picture in the booth across from us (his back to us) and picking a wedgie.

 Lacey is pretty sure his get-up was too small.

Here's a few more interesting experiences we had while in the cities

-We got yelled at by the bike taxi guy for j-walking a mere 30 seconds into our first venture to eat.
Guess it's obvious we live in a little tiny town

-Walking to Hell's Kitchen on Thursday night with friends proved to be eventful.  There was a gentleman lying on the sidewalk, unresponsive.  We had the fire truck rescue guys zoom up and hop out in front of us to tend to him and met the ambulance.

-The Juicy Lucifer burger at Hell's kitchen is dangerous to eat sitting next to people.  Cheese squirts out.'s simply delicious.  Ask Lacey...she ate two of them.

-We got stuck in a parking ramp on the last day trying to leave.  Apparently the handyman was given a ticket to park in the church lot but was full and you couldn't get to the other lot.  So...after turning the ticket over, and over and over and over and feeding it into the machine were we approached by security.  Who insisted the ticket wasn't for that ramp and we'd have to wait for the manager.  Who insisted it wasn't possible to have gotten the ticket and parked in the ramp we were at.  And that no lady was working there like he said there was.  And that he'd call and ask what to do.  Lacey, who is usually patient was about to split at the seams.  She was stir crazy and desperately wanted to leave. She may have had smart remarks out of earshot (thankfully) from the manager.  And after 15 minutes of waiting...we were free to leave.  
Moral of the story, stay home.

Market was successful and we did feel smarter.
We are glad we went and are anxious to see what the future holds.

Five days later we had another graduation.
The youngest Pastthyme Family member graduated high school.

It's hard to believe just how quickly time goes by.
It seems like just yesterday that this sweet little boy went into the Kindergarten room and suddenly walked out with a black gown, Achievement student roping and a diploma in his hand.
I'll say it again. . .time flies.

Back in to the routine of things. . .
We have since settled into the swing of things and have started sewing up new samples.

Stroke of Luck
We decided to redo this pattern using Kansas Troubles and gave it a new twist by making it completely scrappy.  We LOVE the results!! This sample uses the new Heartfelt by Kansas Troubles.

(see photo below for the original)
Amazing what color can do, isn't it?!! 
 This was our original Stroke of Luck.

We are headed to the Aberdeen Quilt Show this coming weekend.
We seen a thing about doing a demonstration and won't lie, they aren't our favorite thing.

We can't ever decide what to demo!  We think too much into things.

So. . .we decided to demo Chenille-It. 

Because we think it's fun stuff to play with and adds a fun flair to things!

Normally we place the strips on the seam line and sew but this time we decided to step out.
We drew on these fun wavy lines over a fun new focal piece of fabric that arrived.
We sewed the strips of Chenille-It over our drawn lines, bound the project and washed it.

Waaa-La.  Fun. Simply. Easy.

This is a new pattern without a title at the moment.
It uses Rue Indienne fabric by French General.  A charm pack to be specific.

The lace around the edge gives this a unique flair.

Mini Peaks and Valleys
We just love putting this project together!  And this color combination just might be our favorite.
We used the fun "True Luck" by Stephanie Ryan.  Just one candy pack!
This goes together really quick and can be completed in a day.

Country Squire
This quilt uses the beautiful Country Squire plaids by Marcus Fabrics.
For an Americana group, we can't think of anything more American than that of the barn.
We love our country roots and seeing our surroundings the iconic barn.

Fir Douglas

This lap or wall quilt uses the new holiday plaid collection by Marucs Fabrics.
It's easy to piece and requires no seam matching!


Double Stuff
This is the newest sampler quilt pattern using beautiful civil war fabric by Marcus Fabrics.
The photo doesn't do it justice!

Nestle Thyme
Done up with Union Blues by moda fabrics using just one candy pack...and some neutral yardage!

Dublin' Dance
Well this is almost done but we just had to share! This two charm pack project is just sweet.
We are adding Chenille-It in the inner border after it gets quilted.

This finishes about 42 inches square and would be cute on a table, couch or for a baby quilt!

Here's a peak at a hot off the machine item.
This fall lap quilt or wall quilt uses the new Perfectly Seasoned fabric by Sandy Gervais.

We have fabric on it's way for this quilt so if you are interested in a kit let us know as numbers may be limited.  It's estimated the cost will be close to forty.

Hot off the long arm is this elegant two colored throw.
Patchwork Garden done up in tan and black make for a beautiful throw quilt for any gardener.

The strip piecing and focal print of this quilt make it a super quick sew.
Well. . .that is all for now.
We continue to work on new things and will be anxious to share them with you soon.

Piece & Blessings until next time


  1. Congrats to the graduates. And great story and pictures.

  2. Wonderful to see the grads' special days. Kudos to them; now on to the future! Love all the patterns and quilts. The French General one with lace is magnifique! There's several patterns that certainly peak my interest.