Thursday, March 17

Penny Rose Wool Love: "Thyme Gone By"

Welcome to Day Four of the Penny Rose Wool Love Blog Tour! 
(And a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!)

Before we leap into our project for today we thought we'd let those of you who are not familiar with us "Pastthyme Gals" have a little background info about us!

 We are a mother-daughter/partners in crime duo from rural Minnesota who design patterns under the name of Pastthyme Patterns in our quilt shop Shades of the Past.  (You can read more about that here if you'd like)

Darci (aka: "the mom" shown bottom right) is the wool guru. All of the wool creations are designed by her as well as many, many cotton and flannel quilts.  Her box remains a nice comfortable constant with warm earth tones and traditionally pieced patterns.  

Lacey (aka: "the daughter" shown upper left) joined her mom when she was in high school and mostly works with cotton and enjoys English paper piecing and often jokes about not having that famous "box".  

We are perfectly imperfect people who are usually found with a can of pop in hand, beef jerky and chips by the sewing machine, the seam ripper close by, our canine companions by our feet and a hockey game on in the background.

But on to bigger and better things. . .such as the reason you stopped by.

 "Thyme Gone By" by Darci Schipnewski

Crazy quilting has become a passion and an addiction! There is nothing better than sitting in the chair with a blank crazy quilting canvas in your lap and thread to color the lines in.  Crazy quilting gives the imagination lots of room to play and my mind almost never quits.  It, much like aged wine, gets better with time!  The more you stitch and add the better it gets.

This form of work also allows you to dive into the scrap pile that quickly collects. . .not that us wool lovers know anything about scrap collections!! And gives us the chance to put all sorts of good stitches to use. My favorite stitches to use (that were used on this project and many others in the shop) consist of the Feather, Fly, Creatin, Herringbone, Satin, Stem and Colonial knot.

This project is set up to allow you to use a handful of your favorite wool pieces for the background and gives you many seams to cover with your favorite stitches as well as allow for adding some variations to give the work extra dimension.  Patterns for this project will be available for sale on our Etsy site.

We thank our friends at Penny Rose (the sister company to Riley Blake) for their supply of beautifully hued wool to create this lovely "Thyme Gone By" piece out of the brown, black, dark green, red and blue.  The colors for this project blended together beautifully and coordinated with my variegated thread perfect.

I decided to share the items that are faithfully kept in my "wool tool box" as I travel or teach.
Because they work well and are must have items for me I've decided to pass them along as tips to you.

~Heat Press Batting Tape~
This stuff works two-fold. . .you can use it not only for pressing together left over batting scraps, but it also doubles for adhering your wool crazy quilt pieces together. I use this to fuse my background pieces into place.  The tape is placed on the wrong side of the wool covering the seam line and pressed into place.  This helps to ensure your pieces stay "nested up" next to one another.
~Clover White Ink Pen~
I like this particular pen because it faithfully irons away upon completion.  I use the pen to free hand text onto my wool pieces.  When I teach crazy quilting to groups of eager learners, I find that often those who like more uniform "perfect" (if you will) crazy quilt lines will draw a white line on either side of their seam lines to use a guide for how long to make their stitches.
Who would guess that the common stapler would provide assistance for wool work creations!  I have tried about everything. . .from mini applique pins to glue but find the stapler to be my favorite.  I never fuse my wool. . .it's certainly not wrong to fuse I just don't like to add that agent into my work.  I staple all of my pieces into place.  The staples pop out of the wool great, leaving no marks of where they were put in and keep everything flush.  I no longer have pins stabbing my leg when I carry my work bag or lose pieces because glue dried.  
We use these sheets in our shop for the vast majority of our embroidery.  Simply transfer your text onto the Transfer-Eze sheet, cut around your text and stick it onto your wool work.  This works great for adding text to dark colored wool or for transferring unique and extensive designs onto the wool.  When you are done you simply soak the wool piece in water and let air dry and the Transfer-Eze will dissolve away.
~Thread & Needles~
It always makes me laugh when I get asked about needles. . .not that it's funny but the honest answer is that I pretty much stitch with the needle that I can get the thread through.  I happen to like the Bohn company because the needles are sharp. (Maybe I should add a BandAid to my toolbox...)  I also love working with Valdani thread which is 100% hand-dyed 12 wt Pearl Cotton.  The variegation is heavenly.  If you are ever in doubt of the thread I suggest testing the waters with P9 which goes with about everything!

But most importantly. . .
Nobody is perfect and neither does your work need to be!
The best part about Crazy Quilting is the opportunity for it to be a one of a kind and
 unique piece. . .just like you! 

We sincerely thank you for stopping by to visit us!! 
And again a huge thank you to Penny Rose fabrics for the wool to play with!
We are off to eat some Birthday cake as today is Darci's birthday!

Make sure you keep touring on!!

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Take the weekend off to stitch on wool!!
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Take the weekend off to stitch on wool!



  1. Happy Birthday, Darci! Fun project - I love the stitchery on your crazy-patch. And thank you for sharing your favorite tools and tips! I'm always on the lookout for something new, and a stapler?!? Genius.

  2. Happy Birthday, to you Darci! Your "Thyme Gone By" piece is beautiful and I loved all your tips...thanks!

  3. Thank you for the great tops! I would never have thought of using a stapler! Your project is so pretty!

  4. Thank you for the great tops! I would never have thought of using a stapler! Your project is so pretty!