Tuesday, May 4

The pages that time forgot. . .

 "There is a past version of you that is SO PROUD of how far you have come"

I can now see that it has been FIVE YEARS since our last post on this blog.  And my have things changed, but according to an email from google, we still have people who check this out, and for you faithful people, you deserve to know the updates since then.

In the five years since our final post on here, life for the Pastthyme Gals has changed...a lot.

In February of 2017 the repair shop next door, home to our handyman started on fire.  The building was a total loss.  It was a dark day for our family and yet somehow in the midst of all of the chaos there was a tremendous beam of light.  Nobody was hurt.  It reminded us that material things are just that, material and when you get to hug your family and thank all of the fireman, first responders and those assisting in getting our family pets out of the building, it is a very, very good day.  Small towns are great.  The support was amazing.

Following this, the quilt shop changed.  Lacey finished her PTA degree and started working full time and Darci began a new chapter with a seasonal, turned more year round job in town.  And with this and a few health issues, it was decided that work can wait, family cannot.  Our days are precious and are to be spent wisely.  In 2017 we celebrated Thanksgiving with extra special hugs, knowing that the table could've been missing a few people that year.

Following this, we sold the shops.  The lot in Clara City that people once loved to visit is now empty.  It's an odd sight and yet a sight we are all at peace with.  We moved home into the house and a year later, had a shop built (see above) to move our repair and sewing studios into.  And we LOVE it.

Last year we celebrated a wedding as Lacey got married and following this moved to South Dakota.  She and her husband are expecting their first child this fall and we are excited to spoil and love this new little bundle. 

We continue to venture out and participate in quilt shows in MN, SD and WI when COVID allows us to see all of you.  We continue to design patterns in wool and cotton and invite you to follow our Facebook page to see the latest creations as well as personal videos from "Thelma & Weezer".

  Our new website is also home to a blog and various shopping for you to enjoy in the comfort of home.  (www.shadesofpast.com) as well as various FREE downloadable patterns for your enjoyment.

We hope that time has treated you well.  We are so proud of the accomplishments and growth that has occurred over the past very fast five years.  And we very much look forward to what the future holds.

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